Saturday, August 05, 2006

9/11 panel doubted Pentagon’s story

Once again someone comes out with their "authoritative" tell all book trying to make it appear that President Bush was incompetent or inept. If they actually feel the response was inadequate, why don't they look back a few months to how the previous administration decimated the military, demoralized them with their anti-military shenanigans as well as deployed our troops more than any other administration and for no real reason of National Security. If "our" foreign policy contributed anything at all to the attacks of 9-11, shouldn't that also be on the previous administration as the Bush administration was only in office just short of 8 months. At least one of the panel members should not have even been on the panel, but she should have been being questioned critically by the panel. If blame is to be placed on the White House then the Clintons have to be assigned their share of guilt for their actions, policies and conduct of the previous 8 years. Bush inherited a mess and has also received all the blame.

Source article: 9/11 panel doubted Pentagon’s story

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