Saturday, August 26, 2006

Finally, the Left Gets Their Hurricane

August 26 2006

Well, not yet, but that doesn’t stop the near panic from spreading amongst the left already.

We all remember the catastrophic Hurricane Season of 2005, one of the worst in recorded history. It bred Katrina and Rita, which tore up the Gulf Coast areas, most notably, according to the drive-by leftstream media, New Orleans (Katrina). Damage elsewhere didn’t seem to merit much attention by them and the damage to New Orleans drew the ire of the left in what I see as an unprecedented outrage over a natural disaster.

Of course, the Bush Administration bore full responsibility for the boondoggle during and after, even to the point of Bush admitting shortcomings. Never mind the Federal Government isn’t the first responder or that the President took the unprecedented step of calling the Mayor of New Orleans, Democrat Ray Nagin, prior to the hurricane hitting telling him he better evacuate his citizens. Mayor Nagin waited a mere 12 hours before the Hurricane struck to order and evacuation which fell well short of getting people out. Of course, that was Bush’s fault.

News coverage centered on New Orleans and evacuees that could not get out and huddled in the Super Dome. Reports of mass rapes, murders, muggings and unprecedented crimes proved to be false. Didn’t matter, Bush wasn’t doing enough to protect Mayor Nagins citizens.

Since that storm hit we have continually heard how Bush did nothing to prevent it, as if he could. Global Warming is blamed for an unprecedented number of recorded storm last year and of course, Bush didn’t sign the ill fated Kyoto Protocol that former President Clinton signed onto in 1998, in spite of his punitive stance against America while ignoring nearly 80% of polluters in other nations. Bush pulled us out to save our economy, but that lone act is blamed for a record setting Hurricane Season.

Forecasts have been we are in for an even worse Hurricane Season in 2006. Again, because Bush is causing Global Warming.

We are now over 2 months into the 2006 Hurricane Season and finally, it looks like the doomsayers of the left may get their first Hurricane of the season, Ernesto. So far, it is a Tropical Storm in the Caribbean. Claim that it ‘COULD’ form into a Hurricane and ‘MIGHT’ head back into the Gulf of Mexico are all that is needed to stir up the same doomsayers from last years again.

Claims are already being made that Bush isn’t doing enough to prevent another catastrophic disaster should the Hurricane, provided it becomes one, hit New Orleans again. What they expect of Bush, I don’t know, but it is obvious he can’t win.

Perusing DemocraticUnderground, a far left forum of leftist moonbats, I gleaned comments as:

Jhuth: I find it interesting that on the anneversary of Katrina we now are facing a new Hurricane threat.

WannaJumpMyScooter: Just in the right place and time for a 1-year suprise party for New Orleans. How sick would that be?

Odin2005: If it turns a little to the right of it's projected path it will be Katrina 2.0

Freedomburn: First big hurricane of the season scheduled to hit Jamaica tomorrow It COULD be another Katrina. It seems to be headed that direction anyway. How much does God hate New Orleans?

Considering the storm isn’t a Hurricane yet and it is currently about 310 miles Southeast of Kingston Jamaica, roughly 1600 miles from New Orleans, it would appear to me they have been eagerly waiting for any storm to form to bring out their doom and gloom forecasts again.

As a Native Floridian originally, being born and raised in South Florida, yours truly has seen his share of Hurricanes. In spite of computer models, that have gotten a lot better, Hurricanes remain unpredictable, for the most part. In spite of our sincerest forecasts, they are prone to act as will, moving where air currents and pressures take them. They form and fall apart randomly also. You live with a wary eye on the Atlantic and the Gulf, but panic is not an option. Or, at least, it didn’t used to be.

When one hit we stayed inside until it was over and then left our homes, provided they were still there, and saw who needed help. We did not cry and whine where is FEMA, where is the Federal Government? We did for each other, sharing whatever stores we had until power was restored and stores opened again. We dealt with whatever was sent our way and we got by without the government.

I would hate to see people today that panic as soon as a storm forms had they been there for the Great Chicago Fire in 1871, the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 or the Galveston Hurricane of 1900 that nearly decimated the entire cities. People survived and rebuilt, without FEMA or whining bleeding hearts demanding someone take care of them. It took a long time, as will the rebuilding of New Orleans and other places that weren’t reported as much.

If Ernesto does become a Hurricane and it does make landfall in the US, watch as our blame Bush for everything leftists repeat their fiasco of last year, wondering who will take care of them or provide for them. Watch as the news media again fabricates reports of gloom and doom, to sell their papers.

And, these people who wonder who will care for them should something happen, want us to elect them to public office so they can take care of us? No Thanks!

God help us all if they regain power.


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