Tuesday, August 22, 2006


August 22, 2006

In a recent discussion with one on the left and whom I assume to be anti-war, due to brash comments against President Bush and the ongoing battle in Iraq, I was struck by a comment made, “I want victory, something that you and your ilk, despite numerous representations and promi[s]es, have been unable to provide.”

Yes, at least one on the left wants “victory.”

I’m not too sure of their definition of victory, but no one has ever said this was to be a fast and easy victory. Not in Iraq and certainly not in the overall War on Terror. President Bush has repeatedly stated it will be a long hard fight, possibly covering a generation or more. The second day of the invasion in Iraq we started hearing "quagmire" bandied about in our drive-by leftstream media as well as from those opposed to the action we undertook in liberating Iraq from Saddam Hussein. Right off the bat, the left started doing everything imaginable to oppose, ridicule, belittle and at times, outright interfere with the War Effort in Iraq.

Do they really want victory? Then they need to “back the attack.” Show some support. Both for the troops and the war effort. Demand that Congress appropriate what the troops need to attain victory. Oppose those that demand a cut and run policy, which is surrender, not a victory. Stand up to those that speak against the war and the troops.

We cannot achieve victory by tying the hands of our Military with Political Correctness, scrutinizing every little move they make and accusing them of "cold blooded murder" even before they are investigated.

Blind-siding our Commander in Chief will not attain victory. He is not fighting to protect only Republicans; he is fighting to protect all Americans as well as the lifestyle of the West.

Don't forget, Viet Nam was prolonged by 5 years at a cost of nearly 40,000 additional American lives and untold numbers of Vietnamese, due to the efforts of the anti-war left. They gave the Communist North the will to sustain massive losses and hit us with harassment fire, attacks and massive propaganda. All they needed to do was simply kill a few Americans, any way they could, make sure the willing accomplices in the American media knew about it, which wasn’t hard, then feed the anti-war left anti-war talking points. They played to the news media as if they were the victims instead of the attackers. They cried it was just a civil war when it wasn't. You know the result.

Victory seems to be a fleeting goal for America after the Allied Powers stunning victory over Nazism and Fascism in World War Two. Ever since, we seem to have lost the stomach to finish a fight when we step in to help a friend. Korea, Bay of Pigs, Viet Nam, Lebanon, Somalia, the First Gulf War, we have stopped short of finishing the job. We can never have a victory again as long as we continue to abandon allies in their struggles for freedom. We become known as a "Paper Tiger," having no will to fight while our enemies slaughter innocents and us, all the while growing stronger and stronger.

In the end, we will sacrifice thousands of American lives for naught. We give our enemies cause to ridicule us and attack us again and again. Then, we sit back and hear all the catcalls of the anti-war left as they puff out their chests, bragging about how they stopped a war when they actually caused it to be lost, not victorious. We will even hear about how “we” lost another war, but that was the goal of the anti-war left, to make America lose. The one thing you will not see in this scenario of the anti-war left is a victory for America.

How can you expect victory in the face of all the opposition of the leftstream media, Democrats, the anti-war left as well as Europeans?

Walk away from this one and we just leave a mess for our children and their children to clean up, at a cost of possibly millions of their lives. I much prefer to shed the blood of the radical Islamofascists that are behind all the terror in the world instead of that of my children and grandchildren.


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