Monday, September 25, 2006

James Carville - They Got It Wrong

September 25, 2006

In an email received today from the DCCC, James Carville, fire-breathing Cajun for the Democratic Party, claims “They Got It Wrong.” Of course, he means the “Republicans” got it wrong.

“When George W. Bush snuck into office almost six years ago he got a gift from the other two branches of government.”

First off, Bush could hardly have “snuck” into office with all the media attention focused on the debacle the Gore camp was making of the endless recounts, of only 3 counties, down in Florida as they tried in vain to steal the 2000 election. If that is “sneaking,” I wonder what he classifies the 2004 selection of Washington States governor, Christine Gregoire who attained the office only after the third recount in a closely contested race here?

What does he classify King County discovering some 3,000 more ballots than registered voters, in their county alone?

“The Supreme Court gave him the election.”

No, Mr. Carville, they forced the Florida Supreme Court to uphold written Law already in the Florida Constitution and prevented them from rewriting election laws during a contested recount to favor one candidate of the Democratic Party.

“President Bush's first priority was a tax cut.”

Democrats really hate that we get to keep more of our money, even though tax receipts have increased due to the tax cuts.

“It created such economic havoc that it gave Bush the excuse he needed to try to destroy Medicare and rob the Social Security trust fund.”

Medicare has been destroyed? Increased funding, a Senior Citizens Prescription plan giving them better coverage is destroying the program? Maybe they see streamlining Medicare payments to where really needed to be “cuts?”

And, Social Security being robbed? Who wants to give Social Security benefits to Illegal Immigrants? Who thinks that those who never paid into the fund are entitled to drawing money from it? Giving benefits to those not entitled to it seems like some pretty heavy “robbing” to me.

“Then came September 11th, 2001. Then, instead of finishing the job of driving Al Qaeda out of Afghanistan and finding Osama bin Laden, President Bush and the Republican Congress invaded Iraq. They misled the public for their reasons for invading. And now we find ourselves in a nightmare of a war with no clear exit strategy.”

1. James, finding and killing Osama, although preferable and definitely a morale booster will not stop terror.

2. Democrats also supported the invasion of Iraq. They may be trying to distance themselves today, but they can’t. You say you wanted Al Qaeda driven out of Afghanistan, what about driving them out of Iraq? Maybe we should worry about driving them out of America as well?

3. No one misled anyone on invading Iraq. In fact, if you weren’t such a Liberal stooge, you would realize that he has acted as Democrats were calling for Clinton to act long before Bush won the election in 2000. Please get some new talking points. These tired old lies just don’t wash any longer with thinking people.

4. James, there is only one acceptable “exit strategy.” Ronald Reagan voiced it long ago. “We win, they lose.” Is that too hard to understand?

From there is the usual litany of begging for donations and justifications for wasting your money on Democrats.

To date, Democrats have not proposed any solutions, just obfuscations and “new direction” which is nothing more than the tired old head in the sand attitude that got us to where we are today.

He ends with,
“I don't want to spend another day ashamed of my government.”

Neither do I, James. That’s why I don’t want the likes of Kerry, Pelosi, Murtha, Reid, Kennedy, Boxer, McKinney, Jefferson, Clinton or the rest of the Socialistic clowns of the left representing my country again.

My vote will go against Cantwell this year. In 2008, you can bet it will go against whoever the Socialist left proposes.


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