Thursday, September 21, 2006

My God, What Have I Done?

September 21, 2006

This closing line spoken by the character of Colonel Nicholson, played by Sir Alec Guiness in the 1957 movie, “The Bridge Over The River Kwai,” is one I can imagine being uttered in the future by those who have been supporting the Democratic Party in their quest to unseat George W. Bush ever since he won the election in 2000.

Thinking back to the movie, Colonel Nicholson (Alec Guiness) unwittingly collaborates with the Japanese captors holding him and his men in the jungles of Burma in World War Two in the designing and building of a bridge spanning the Kwai River. Desiring to prove the British could build a better bridge than his Japanese captors, he becomes obsessed with the building of the bridge, losing sight that he is a Prisoner of War and completion of this bridge would help the enemy forces holding him and his men win the war against his country. Acts of sabotage are ceased and he directs the men to build it to exacting standards, to be a testimony to British skill and worth.

Towards the end of the movie, the bridge is completed, but unbeknownst to Colonel Nicholson, a group of commandos have showed up to destroy the bridge before the first Japanese train can cross. The Colonel discovers the plot and following the detonation cord up river, he finds a commando ready to detonate the charges and destroy the bridge. He fights the commando, killing him, but is attacked by another. After another fight, he returns to his senses and realizes that he has been helping the enemy fighting his country, as he utters the famous line, “My God, what have I done,” before falling on the detonator, blowing up the bridge.

Unlike the ending of a movie, what Democrats and those virulently opposing President Bush won’t have is a detonator to fall on to destroy what they have been building. There will only be those words as they realize how they knowingly gave up the very Liberties our founding fathers worked so hard to give us when they realize their support for the radical leftist agenda of the Democratic Party has brought the country to ruin. As terrorists engage in their tactics within our country, they will realize that it was they and their agenda of opposition that empowered, protected and blocked every effort to discover and stop the very ones that will be trying to kill them.

We have recently seen two small despotic leaders of third world nations show up on American soil and engage in their rhetorical bashing of President Bush at the United Nations. One even made speeches in Harlem before an audience of Americans that gave him a standing ovation as he stated Bush was the Devil. The other vaguely insinuates Bush and Americans should convert to his religion, while we strongly suspect his country is secretly striving to develop nuclear weapons. We do know his country has a long history of supporting terrorist acts against America. What they state really isn’t that much different than what we have heard from Democrat Party leaders in the past few years.

We have heard Democratic Party leadership using every opportunity to denigrate the President, accusing him of lying, concocting a war, hating Black Americans, betraying the country, playing on fears, of being stupid, yet misleading all the elite Democrat leaders on Weapons of Mass Destruction and the War on Terror. They have accused him of targeting American citizens, intercepting their everyday telephone calls and violating the civil rights of these same citizens. They accuse him of fraudulently stealing the Presidential elections and of orchestrating the horrific September 11, 2001 terrorist acts that took the lives of nearly 3,000 innocent people.

Conspiracy theorists have concocted some of the wildest theories of how he destroyed the buildings in New York and sent a cruise missile into the Pentagon, all to justify a “needless war.”

Much like the Bridge that was built over the Kwai River, Democrats and moderates, the Colonel Nicholson’s, accept these conspiracies and lies about the President by the Democratic Party leaders, the World War Two Japanese captors. The lies and conspiracies become that Bridge they wish to show they can build much better, but have lost sight of the greater purpose of America, liberty and freedoms for all, personal responsibility and the opportunity to build wealth, if you work hard enough.

As they build their Bridge Over the River Kwai, we are being tested and scanned by terrorists as to where they may execute their next attack. Granting Constitutional protections to the terrorists captured and imprisoned, giving them legal rights to representation in our courts and ensuring they receive better protections than do our Military Service Members, just lengthens the span over the river. Using our Constitution to undermine the very principals our country was founded on, saying you are protecting freedoms and civil liberties, while you fight others freedoms and liberties, erects more spans of that bridge.

Just as the bridge neared completion, connecting both sides of the river, or a Socialist America, along comes the commando, George W. Bush. After the attacks of 9/11, he saw the need and attacked those that murdered our citizens. Like Colonel Nicholson, the left has seen the detonation cord attached upriver and are fighting the Commando that is trying to destroy the bridge and return America to its original principles, as well as preserve it.

Our Colonel Nicholson’s have yet to realize what they have done and are doing. Should that bridge ever be completed and totally span the river, there will come the day when they realize their tax rates are astronomical, their parental rights are gone, their freedoms of thought and speech as well as ownership of a gun, has been stripped by the new Japanese captors. Every time they vote one of these Socialist Democrats into office, they add planks to the bridge and bring it closer and closer to the other side of the river. They fail to see these Socialist Democrats have slyly maneuvered them into building the very bridge that will strip them of the freedoms and liberties, losing the war.

On the day this realization hits home, they too will look around uttering, “My God, What Have I Done?” There may not be a detonator hooked to explosives on their bridge by then, for them to fall on.

If we don’t support the commando trying to destroy the bridge, if we become complacent and think someone else will support the commandos, it’s too hard or too dangerous to fight, we too may wake up that same day in the future and realize, “My God, What Have I Done?”



Anonymous said...

very well said
the left is composed of 1/2 that KNOWS exactly what they're doing,other 50% divided among total idiots,followers and inflated egoists that think they're just so highly evolved.
Thye all better pray,meditate or whatever they do to effect change because if anything happens here again.....
there IS a detonator right at their fingertips and they will enable those that want to kill us all.
they have no conscience or feelings of guilt.

LewWaters said...

Agreed. It is those in that other half, the fence straddlers and "moderates" that keep falling for whatever they are told we need to reach. More need to think for themselves, as difficult as tht may be for some and hopefully wake up and see where they are taking us all.

Hey, I can always hope ;)

Anonymous said...

Lew-Your analogy is right on the mark. How do liberals like Rosie, Penn, Harkin, Reid, Pelosi, Clinton, Clinton II, et al propose we fight back against extremist in our midst? What ever happened to opposition with solutions in mind? It is one thing to oppose a war, a policy, a belief, but true free thinking Americans also find a way to offer a solution to the problem--besides walking away and sweeping it under the rug i.e. Iraq. We molify our elected leader, and compromise and coddle our foreign heads of state. I PRAY, yes I pray (whacko looney right winger that I am), that when the lections roll around in November, that the vast majority of those in the middle will wake up from their laced left kool-aid coma and make the Right choice.

Anonymous said...

Saw this link from a comment left at hotair.

Very good post.

I see the parallels between reality and that movie. I just cannot imagine how that much blind hatred can be spewed just because dems are out of power. They have sold their souls, and hopefully will never gain it back.

Terrorism will never go away, so our way of life has gone through a paradigm shift. The left has take their position, and that is terrorism should be dealt with as a law enforcement issue.

We will be hit again for sure.

LewWaters said...

Treating terrorism as a law enforcement issue only confines that individual terrorist, at our expense. It leaves us wide open for another attack or hostage situation, as happened in the 1980's as they highjacked aircraft and ships demanding the release of imprisoned terrorists.

While we will never totally end terrorism, much like we cannot totally end Nazism or the Ku Klux Klan, we can and must reduce it to the level that few wish to join in.

Demosthenes said...

I'm around the moonbat left all the time, and I'm certain that they don't know what they are doing. They simply don't understand the world. The only exceptions that I can even think are muslim ACLU members, but I even if they are somehow self-deluded aslo.

Anonymous said...

very clever analogy, but your way off man. all your doing is creating seperation amognst the people with the left and right b/s. i dont understand how someone arrives to a point where your war mongering has completley taken over your mind set. wake up, you have more of a chance of dying in a swimming pool accident then you do in a terrorist attack. fighting terrorism with terror just creates more terrorists. the son whos seen some american soldier blast his moms head open is the same guy thats going to be ramming his car into americans. your own people are the ones killing you and you dont even know it! i like how you called chavez a despot, even though hes been democratically elected. when was the last time you saw bush walk around his people in harlem? you dont cause if he did he would get murdered. what does that tell you? when a president of a another country has more respect from the people of america than its own president. oh god i pray for america and i hope you guys can turn it around before you ruin this world.

"the left is composed of 1/2 that KNOWS exactly what they're doing,other 50% divided among total idiots,followers and inflated egoists that think they're just so highly evolved."

hahahah those are some good facts, what book did you get them from? oh yeah thats right...straight out of your ass

LewWaters said...

Well, well, another leftist moron chimes in. Thank you, I do appreciate your comment showing what idiots you people really are. Your total lack of intelligence betrays you with your own rhetoric.

First, you accuse me of causing separation. Yet, it is people like you that engage in demagoguery of Bush at every chance. Recently, the DCCC sent out an email to supporters begging for donations and such for the current campaigns. All throughout the email we read of how the Republicans are dividing the country. Yet, they title it “The Difference Between Us and Them.” Since Bush was elected in 2000, every move he has made has been condemned. He is labeled as ignorant, stupid, chimp, you name it. Then, we hear he has a low I.Q., yet he is then accused of slyly and deceitfully misleading all of the Democrats into a war by lies and fabricated intelligence. Then we hear that he has masterfully orchestrated 9/11 to justify a war he had pre-conceived long before he was elected to office. You dingbats accuse him of surrounding himself with a bunch of “yes-men,” yet when these so called “yes-men” disagree and hash our differences of opinion, moonbats like you are now crying that his administration is disheveled, fractured, unable to get along and such. Sorry, you can’t have it both ways.

As for terrorists, yes, at the current time we have little to fear. How long will it remain like that? Do you propose we wait another 30 years enduring whatever they throw our way before we take action? Maybe the words of Afghanistan’s President were meant for dunderheads as you when he replied to a reporter, “Do you forget people jumping off the 80th floor or 70th floor when the planes hit them? Can you imagine what it will be for a man or a woman to jump off that high? Who did that? And where are they now? And how do we fight them, how do we get rid of them, other than going after them? Should we wait for them to come and kill us again?”

Sorry, but Chavez is hardly the great man you think. Bush is free to go anywhere he wishes and like any other President, is required Secret Service protection. Fools like you don’t even realize that visiting dignitaries, like Chavez, are also surrounded by Secret Service when here. You wishful dreaming of Bush being murdered if he visited certain parts of the country are best left to the movies. Ain’t gonna happen.

As for the rest of your rhetoric, pull your head out of your ass and open your eyes. First, I am a Veteran of Viet Nam, seen war first hand. Talking out your ass like you are just makes you look like the leftist coward you are. Second, I am also a Lifetime Member of the Disabled American Veterans. Seen and done what you could never imagine, but never what you think we have. Blind hatred of someone won’t stop those that have been desiring world domination for centuries now.

America is on the correct path again, the same path that lead the world to greatness and helped stop former terrorists in Europe and Japan 60 years ago. Then, as now, shitheads like you also opposed standing up to despots like Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo and such. How many lives did it cost to stop them once the free world finally had enough? How close did they come to not stopping them because they almost waited too long?

I’ve seen your type many times, as has history. Whine and bitch all you want, but the world will be saved and cowards like you won’t stop us.

Disregard what I said earlier about your head. Keep it firmly planted up your ass, we are better off when you are in that position and don’t have you appeasing those that desire to kill us. Also, when terrorists finally do arrive at your door, don’t call us. Just sing them a chorus or two of Kumbaya. We will be busy saving others who deserve to be saved.