Sunday, October 01, 2006

Yes Nancy, He is Still The President

October 1, 2006

As anyone who knows me personally is aware of, I sport stickers on the back of my truck stating my opposition to Jane Fonda (I Will Forgive Jane Fonda When The Jews Forgive Hitler) and indicating that I am a Veteran of the United States Army and Viet Nam. I also retain a left over “W” in 04 sticker; proud that who I supported won the election, both times.

I am also aware that our country is still bitterly divided, thanks to the extreme efforts of those in Congress that are out of power and want nothing more than to return, regardless of the cost. They have no shame, no honor and no conscience, as is indicated in the shameless politicization of the War on Terror and in Iraq.

They have even shown it recently in their exaggeration of the misconduct of Republican Representative from Florida, Mark Foley. Calls for investigations, testimony of Republican leadership, under oath, and cries of “child molestation” before it is even known the extent of Foley’s misdeeds are even known go beyond bizarre as it was these same Democrats just a few short years ago that circled the wagons around another exposed scandal that was actually lied about under oath and just as despicable, if not more so, than Congressman Foley’s emailing and IMing a former Congressional Page in what has come to be described as a “Sexual Manner.”

Just last week, as we all saw the “meltdown” of former President Bill Clinton on Fox News’s Fox News Sunday, it was an almost immediate circle the wagons once again as the Democrat Spin machine started spinning the temper tantrum of the former President into he planned it and Democrats aren’t going to tolerate “attacks” any longer. All over probably the very first hard ball Question Clinton ever had to face in his career.

That isn’t really the reason behind this essay though, so I’ll let that “scandal” to play out and let the chips fall where they may. Suffice it to say Democrats have once again shown their total hypocrisy over scandalous conduct in government, when it isn’t one of them.

While I thought the left prides themselves on being protectors of Freedom of Speech, one can plainly see it is only ‘THEIR’ Freedom of Speech that matters.

During the 2004 campaign season, I had Bush campaign signs ripped out of my yard, an American Flag stolen from my outside my house, paintballs shot at my house, adults with a child come to my door Halloween night, asking for candy only to shove a Kerry campaign flyer in my hand as they ran back down the driveway and one even decided they could plant a Kerry Edwards campaign sign in front of my Bush Campaign signs.

I cleaned off the paintball, replaced my American Flag with a larger one more secured to the house, put up new Bush signs, burned the Kerry flyer and taped over Edwards name on the Kerry sign and replaced it with the word “TRAITOR” and placed it back in my yard.

Getting back to my truck, as I said, I proudly show my support of the Bush administration, the troops and my own US Army service. Any divisions of the country are readily apparent, seeing some of the reactions I receive to my little display.

Naturally, I receive glad hands, thumbs up and shouts of support from those on the right, including recently an Army soldier in uniform one recent morning on his way to work nearby.

Looking in my rear view mirror, I can always tell the lefties, though. They give me the single finger salute, scowls and dirty looks. One time, a Black guy in his fairly new BMW stopped just behind my truck, in the next lane. After reading my stickers, he pulled up a little ahead of me, rolled down his window and spit on the right front fender of my truck, just before he floored it and sped off turning right.

A couple nights ago, my wife and I were driving home in my truck when we heard a horn honking. Looking around, we spied some younger people waving their “impeach” sticker out the window. They didn’t even have it on their car. They too hurriedly turned to the right and sped off.

I fully realize the Democrats frustrations at not succeeding in stealing the 2000 elections in Florida, or the 2004 election in Ohio, as they did the Governors race here in Washington State. Thinking they were sure shots for office, and being unable to pull their usual tactics of stuffing ballot boxes, recounting forever until enough people from the cemetery and illegal immigrants get their votes for Democrats counted, after doing everything they can to block and deny out uniformed Military Service members the right to have their absentee ballots counted, I can see their disappointment at not being able to complete their Socialist agenda on America, as they have been doing for the last few decades.

Seeing their endless claims of scandal, fear mongering, inappropriate conduct of Republicans, lying President, inefficient Secretary of Defense, trying to make a scandal out of a hunting accident of Vice President Cheney, inappropriate speech of Republican candidates, parading of a small handful of retired ex-Generals and former lower Military personnel, who somehow have more “moral authority” to speak than rest of the millions of us Veterans and current Service members who support President Bush and the Republicans, cries of being “swift boated” when a brave group of decorated Viet Nam Combat Veterans openly opposed their boy Kerry and coddling of dictators and despots from other countries that wish to see the fall of America. Maybe it’s time for the Democrats to realize that George W. Bush is still the President.

After the way they dishonored the office of President, they further strip it of honor by these childish antics and temper tantrums they feel will win them the mid term elections this year, all so they can launch endless investigations to impeach President Bush over any trumped up claims they can manufacture.

Additionally, they have stated they will raise taxes again, stifling a burgeoning economy with the lowest unemployment in recent history. They will cut of funding of our troops in harm’s way, forcing yet another embarrassing retreat from victory and handing another enemy that victory. This time, though, the deaths from abandonment will not be restricted to the Middle East nor will it be a small number. You can expect millions to die in the ensuing holocaust as radical Islamofascists force their oppressive perversion of a religion on those today struggling to set up their own free countries.

That is what we have to look forward to should these shameless Democrats return to power in Congress.

Should that happen, somehow they fail to realize that all they can do is tie up our government in severe gridlock, waste millions more tax dollars on endless and unnecessary investigations, impeachment hearings that will go nowhere and drag our brave Military through the mid once again.

In the end, Bush will still be President. If they succeed in ousting him from office, in what would actually be an attempted coup de tat, our Constitution sets up the next President as Vice President Cheney, someone they hate even worse. They don’t get to install Kerry or Gore, they lost. Sorry Nancy, but even if you were to become third in line for the Presidency, you won’t be able to steal the White House as Adolph Hitler did in the 1930s.

You will have to campaign and run for election as everyone does. You will have to express actual ideas. Display real values. Show a conscience. Show actual plans for bettering the entire country, not just raise entitlement programs for your favorite group. Believe me, after two years of seeing what the Democrats will do to our country and as they strip our Military, once again, allowing terrorists to openly operate inside the country again and be set free by technicalities by our liberal courts, you won’t stand a snowballs chance in hell of actually winning a fair election.

Sorry, Democrats, but George Bush is still the President and will remain that way through the end of his term. Get over it!



Anonymous said...

Great essay Lew. Furthermore, I do agree that this country is bitterly divided. Sadly this lends credence to the saying, "united we stand, divided we fall."

If the liberal faction continues in the present vain our country surely will see much more upheaval than we see now.

Yes, W is president and will remain so until the end of his term, they need to grow up and get over.

What truly concerns me is that should they 'not get over it' what will become of our country.

This insanity is suicidal and fosters destruction of the worse kind. It begs the question do these factions really have the good of our nation in mind or is it all just about today's hate.

I voted W both times and worry what will happen in 08. I may not agree with all W has done, but the alternative would have been far worse had Kerry won. Also, back to 08, I dread what that election year brings and I pray we have a strong constituency that will support the Republicans.

We cannot lose this war on terror or cut and run as so many Dems would love to do. As for Nancy-she is worthless and as poor a representative of our country as is Dean, Kerry, Kennedy et al.

LewWaters said...

We became bitterly divided back during Viet Nam. The left still hasn't grasped how Communists and leaders of our own leftist socialists manipulated them. Sadly, the country never really came back together.

Viet Nam veterans have carried the stigma they placed on us for over 30 years. The left forced the abandonment of that war and even down to today they never miss a chance to accuse us of losing it.

The far left gradually took over the Democrat Party and now brazenly show their socialistic mannerisms and goals. They call themselves Liberals or Progressives, but in reality, they are the same Communists they have always been, hell-bent on bringing down the greatness of America and rebuilding it into a shadow of the failed Soviet Union.

Good for America isn't in the cards for the left. Good of the socialists is.

Their goal is and has been to divide the country to ruin it so they could grasp permanent power.

What they also don't grasp is that the Islamic Terrorists have not aligned themselves with the left, as they may think. The left may feel their best hope is to grab power while the country is distracted by terror, but in the end, should they succeed, the terrorists wish to kill them as much as they do the rest of us.

The Soviet Union may have fallen, but Communism is alive and well within the Democrat Party.

Ms Calabaza said...

Well said, so true.
I was at the mall in DC this weekend for the National Book Fair and was not shocked that liar/brain-dead Bob Woodward had the largest audience. Don't people connect the dots with regard to the timing of these lies? These people hate Bush more than our enemies. Amazing.
With regard to Foley, this is very disappointing. However, could someone explain to me how Barney Frank got away with having a 17 year old living in his basement brothel? This month is going to be interesting as the Dem's are going to throw everything they have and don't have to destroy Republican candidates. God help us.

Anonymous said...

Lew said, "The Soviet Union may have fallen, but Communism is alive and well within the Democrat Party."

This is so true but many are not even aware of this or the back drop of what really happened during the Viet Nam Era.

During "Desert Storm" sixteen years ago I remember attending a fuction at Chicago State University when I still was living back home. I recall at that event there were students and professors actively promoting the "American Socialist Party" and encouring all to support it and put an end to "Capitalism." I reject their evil motives then and now.

Americans that only listen to the sound bites and tip bits from the news had better wake up and educate themselves. America is in danger of fufilling the real posibility of a socialist government.

You know, "while they were sleeping" and America hopefully is begining to wake up.

Jeremayakovka said...

I like the part about burning the Kerry flyer. In an older post, Michelle Malkin has a rogue's gallery of mug shots of Democratic Party activists (incl. the children of elected officials) who've damaged property, threatened or assaulted Republicans around election time.

The more exposure of this stuff, the better.