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Democrats United Behind the Troops? Don’t Bet On It.

October 3, 2006

Astonishing statement, isn’t it? I too was a bit taken back when I read that in Rep. Jack Murtha’s latest begging email I received today. Of course, claims as what I titled this appear at the very end of his email under a P.S. The rest is the usual distortion and even contradictions we have gotten used to from them.

From his email, we read; “I am sick of this blame game. President Bush blames the Democrats for the quagmire in Iraq saying our approach is helping the terrorists win.”

He’s sick of the blame game? What have Democrats been doing ever since President Bush sent the troops into Afghanistan and later, Iraq? What Democrat, other than maybe Joe Lieberman, has given President Bush any support whatsoever in this ongoing War on Terror?

He adds, “The war in Iraq is the number one concern of American citizens today. Inaction is no solution. And passing the buck is not a strategy.”

Tell me, Jack, just what is the strategy in opposing every single step in the war? What is the strategy in demanding withdrawal of the troops? Or, as you said, ‘redeployment’ some 5,000 miles away for a “rapid deployment force?”

President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, not one of them has passed the buck. They have been striving to succeed against sometime insurmountable opposition from you and your left-winged cronies. From the very beginning each has stated this will be a long fight, a hard fight and a necessary fight.

Pointing out that your constant and very public opposition isn’t passing the buck, it’s trying to get you to bring your head back out into the sunshine to see our enemies are once again seeing the opposition as their way to defeating us again. You served in Viet Nam and saw the effectiveness of the anti-war crowd in causing us to abandon a worthy ally in their time of need. You saw the dishonoring of the 58,000 names of those who paid the ultimate price trying to help the South Vietnamese remain free. You saw as North Vietnamese tanks rolled through Saigon and through the gates of the empty U.S. Embassy and Presidential Palace as the curtain of darkness closed around the South Vietnamese.

In Congress, you read the reports of the “reeducation camps” saw the “boat people,” those who fled Communism, as they suffered and many died, seeking the freedom we decided they weren’t worthy to have. You have the history, Jack, just look at it and see why the Bush Administration keeps telling you how your actions will hurt not only us, but the Iraqi and Afghani people too.

He continues, “Three and a half years with no accountability has left us with almost 3,000 dead, 20,000 wounded, and Iraq on the brink of full blown civil war.”

Jack, did you forget three and a half years of opposition? Three and a half years of undermining? Three and half years of complaining? Three and a half years of politicizing?

Those young men and women volunteered, Jack. They saw something honorable in performing their duty to their fellow man to help them seek freedom. And you would dishonor that again by reverting back to the failures of Viet Nam and abandon another ally?

I grieve for each of those who sacrificed their lives, Jack. I also look upon them with a degree of pride that they felt the same sense of duty and honor I felt 35 years ago, and I assume you did as well, when we were in Viet Nam. They gave their lives for a noble cause, Jack, a cause that you now desire to turn your back on, again.

Is political power so important that you and the other Democrats would spit on their graves again? Have you no shame or sense of duty and honor any longer?

Odd you now say Iraq is “on the brink of a full blown civil war.” Back on January 12, 2006, you outright stated, “[the] Situation in Iraq Is Civil War.”

According to your own words, “It IS a Civil war,” yet here it is some 9 months later and it is “on the brink of civil war?” Isn’t that sort of regressive? Or, did you merely forget your previous assertion?

Maybe your constant rattling and opposition has befuddled your thinking, Jack?

He closes with what I titled this as, “Let there be no doubt that Democrats are united behind the fight against terrorism. Democrats are united behind our troops. And Democrats are united behind a strong America. When Democrats win on November 7th -- we will take America and Iraq in a new direction.”

Yes, jack, you are united, but not behind the war on terrorism. You are united in your quest to re-seize political power in Washington D.C. We have also seen your parties “united behind the troops,” most recently from Senator John ‘F’in Kerry as he stated, “You know, education, if you make the most of it, if you study hard and you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, uh, you, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq.” You and he can try to claim it was a botched joke, Jack, but we all see it different. We see it, along with his many other anti-troop statements, for what it is, just another anti-military taunt.

We saw the “united Democrats” as you accused a squad of Marines of “cold blooded murder,” before they were even investigated, much less charged. We saw it as Senator Dick Durbin compared them to Nazi’s, Soviet Gulags or Pol Pot’s regime.” We saw it as Senator Kennedy said “Saddam’s torture chambers were reopened for business, but this time, under the U.S. Military.”

We saw it as Democrats continued to vote against Military appropriations; voted against new weapons systems, some that they are using today and we especially saw it as the Democrat party, under Al Gore, worked so hard to deny counting absentee Military ballots in the Florida recounts in the 2000 Presidential election. You are “united behind the troops,” alright, but it appears to be against them, not for them!

We have seen the Democrats “direction for America,” too. For 40 years, your party controlled the House and look where we ended up. Outlandish taxes. Restrictions on rights, when it suits you to control others. Demands for civil rights of captured terrorists, while you embrace the wanton slaughter of our unborn. Out of control illegal immigration that even the Republicans have joined you in turning as blind eye.

Your direction reduced the Military to shadow of it’s former self, cut intelligence budgets and opened Veterans care up so even phony Veterans, some who never served at all, qualify.

We’ve had your “new direction” and seen your party’s unitization against the troops, Jack. We got sick of it in 1994 and booted you out of power. Only by camouflaging your true intentions and goals could you regain power.

We will not allow that this time.


Kerry Should Resign

Update: In further proof of Jack Murtha's support and backing for the troops, in January 2006, he was quoted as saying, "I worry about a slow withdrawal which makes it look like there's a victory when I think it should be a redeployment as quickly as possible and let the Iraqis handle the whole thing."

We Have Nothing to Fear But Victory Itself

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