Sunday, December 17, 2006

Message to John Kerry: “We Are Winning”

December 17, 2006

Apparently still campaigning for President, Massachusetts junior Senator and self proclaimed hero, John ‘F’in Kerry, decided to take it upon himself to visit with leaders in the Middle East and then to visit with some of the “poor uneducated” troops who are “stuck in Iraq.”

While in Egypt, he couldn’t pass on taking a swipe at President Bush while discussing matters with Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak, where he said, "I have always believed that the Middle East peace process is the critical issue of the region, and it has not been focused on for the past 6-7 years adequately," adding to reporters, "I think there has been a huge loss of opportunities."

Expressing agreement with the recent release of the Iraq Study Group, amounting to a virtual surrender, Kerry added, "I think it is important to talk and have a dialogue, but you don't give up our principles and you don't make deals that are against your larger interest. Syria needs to understand that and also Iran, but I think it is important to begin a discussion."

Bear in mind it has been Syria and Iran funneling weapons and support to the insurgents in Iraq killing our troops. If by ‘dialogue’ he meant an ultimatum to them that if their support continues, they too will be decimated, I might tend to agree with him. But, as his stance since the 2004 campaign has shown, that is not his interest.

The Boston Herald’s Jules Crittenden sees the actual intent of Kerry’s trip with an editorial today, “Kerry rewrites U.S. foreign policy to fix Iraq wisecrack.”

Since Kerry’s ill fated campaign in 2004, where he became notorious with statements as, “I actually voted for the $87 billion before I voted against it,” and “wrong war, wrong time, wrong place,” he has made constant calls for withdrawal of the troops before their mission is finished. While feigning support of the troops themselves, but opposition to their mission, somewhat reminiscent of his anti-Vietnam calls in the early 1970s, he has tried desperately to paint the battles in Iraq as a failure.

On the October 15, 2006 Fox News Sunday show with Chris Wallace, when asked about North Korea, he replied about the War on Terror, “…, they're living in a world of make-believe, Chris. They're living in a complete fantasy with respect to the foreign policy they put in place…It is a failure. It's a failure in Afghanistan where they have a sort of cut-and-run policy of not completing the job…”

In an April 6, 2006 email sent out during the mid-term campaigns, he said, “I believe that American combat troops should come home from Iraq in 2006 - not the distant future as President Bush does.” Again, in a June 2, 2006 email he said, “The violence continues to spiral in Iraq. But, instead of a deadline to bring our troops home and put the future of Iraq in the hands of Iraqi leaders, we get half-hearted comments about past mistakes, and cynical political calculation… Last month, I introduced Senate Joint Resolution 36 which calls for the withdrawal of our combat troops from Iraq by the end of this year.”

An August 16, 2006 email in support of “cut and run” Democrats, he again said, “Each of these strong leaders has forcefully spoken out in favor of a clear timetable for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq,” adding, “They aren't afraid to talk about why the war is wrong and what must be done to change course and start doing what is best for our troops and our country.”

And then, in October, just days before the election, was his alleged “botched joke,” “You know, education, if you make the most of it, if you study hard and you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, uh, you, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq.”

Hoping to wash over his gaff, he now has visited Iraq promising to apologize to any troops that may have been offended.

Personally, I feel that maybe he should try listening to some of them instead of his own political rhetoric.

As I noted in an earlier post this week, outgoing Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, in a glowing reception by these same troops, was asked, ”Why am I more patient than someone sitting at home in Fort ‘Livingroom’?”

In another of his frequent visits with the troops, retired Marine Lt. Col Oliver North was told, by a young U.S. Marine Corporal, “We’re here to win,” who then added, [winning] “That’s when these people don’t need me to guard this street so their kids can go to school — when they can do it themselves.”

Think of the wounded Marine Secretary Rumsfeld met with at Bethesda Navy Hospital who said to him, “If the American people will only give us the time, we can do it. We’re getting the job done.”

On a recent Sean Hannity program, a young Soldier said, "A politician saying that we can't win the war, that to me is telling me they don't have any faith in us. They have no faith in us. They do not believe in us, and they cannot put their trust in us." He added, "We can win. But the politicians … It's the sergeants and lieutenants that are here fighting that are going to win this thing.”

Contrast those statements to Kerry’s and his latest after meeting with a few troops in Iraq when he claimed his, visit with American and British troops had helped in "crystallizing" his views about the situation in Iraq.

Here, he states, "Today was very informative and very helpful in crystallizing some of my thoughts insofar as what we can negotiate ...,” and "I certainly learned more about what the troops can or can't achieve," and finally, “the most important challenge now was to achieve ‘whatever success is possible.’"

Curiously, but not surprisingly, missing from his statement were words such as, “WIN,” “VICTORY,” or “WINNING.”

It is obvious to me that our troops are winning and they know it. Defeatist like Kerry, for whatever reason he has, must not want us to win in this war. After all, defeat was snatched from victory in Viet Nam due to the actions and conduct of many left leaning persons, including Kerry when he made his lying and slanderous performance before the Fulbright Commission in 1971.

You were wrong back then, Senator and you are wrong today. Victory comes slowly in this new war. Victory was to be had in Viet Nam. Why does a Victorious America threaten you, Senator? Why does the prospect of a free and democratic Iraq bother you so much?

It has often been said, “Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way.” Senator, just get the hell out of our way.


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