Tuesday, December 26, 2006

President Gerald Ford has Died

Just being announced on Foxnews, Gerald Ford, who assumed the office of President when President Richard Nixon resigned on August 9, 1974, has died this evening, December 26, 2006. he was our 38th President, leaving 3 living ex-Presidents now.

Gerald Ford Biography

Washington Post Article

He was 93 years old.

He assumed the office during a very troubling time, declaring upon his inauguration, "Our long national nightmare is over." He pardoned Richard nixon before he could be charged with any crimes. He was also President as Viet Nam fell to Communism, two years after our departure from that conflict.

He was not elected to office and let he be known that he understood that. It is difficult to measure his overall effectiveness as he was only in office two years, being replaced by Jimmy Carter in the elections of 1976.

Let it be known that he was an honest and decent man and did the job of President to the best of his ability.

Rest in Peace, Mr. President.


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