Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Democrats Retake Power, Prepare to Throw in the Towel

January 17, 2007

It is barely over a week since the Democrat party regained control of Congress and ruminations emanating from them sounds like they cannot wait to throw in the towel and surrender to terrorists. In a maneuver that totally escapes me; the Democrat party after World War Two seems to have lost any desire to win any war we become involved in.

Korea wasn’t fought to a finish and we still have troops there and a shaky peace, at best, with the North Koreans now testing and threatening the world with nuclear weapons. Viet Nam was abandoned and allowed to fall to Communism, dragging Cambodia and Laos with it, for a short while. Cuba has been a thorn in our side ever since Castro won his ‘revolution’ nearly 50 years ago. Our embassy was attacked and occupied in Tehran Iran in 1979 and we didn’t respond for many months. And then, the response was so ill thought out that it cost American lives without the rescuers even getting near the hostages that were held for well over 400 days.

Since then we have been under steady terrorist attacks, mostly abroad, but twice on our own soil now. A U.S. naval ship was nearly sank by terrorists. Two embassies were attacked with a large loss of life. A humanitarian mission to Somalia was changed to a more Military mission, under the United Nations leadership and as soon as a couple of our troop’s dead bodies were drug through the streets, we tucked tail and ran.

We bombed the daylights out of Bosnia, protecting the Muslims there from ethnic cleansing that turned out to be exaggerated. Yet, we turned a blind eye to the genocide happening in Rwanda at around the same time.

Within a week of invading Afghanistan to throw out the Taliban regime and seek Terrorist Osama Bin Laden, we started hearing articles relating the War on Terror as a “quagmire,” “another Viet Nam,” and “Bush’s folly,” after seeing nearly 3,000 innocent civilians die in the most horrendous terrorist attack to date.

Following protocol and the desires of the left, President Bush approached Congress and the United Nations about Iraq, a rogue state the entire world believed was sitting on a stockpile of Weapons of Mass Destruction, in an effort to eliminate those same WMD’s. Over a period of about six months he sought resolutions and made intelligence reports public that showed who all said they were there, including prominent Democrats. After a six month warning, the WMD’s were gone when we got there to secure them.

This immediately spurred outrage from the same Democrats who had been saying they existed years before Bush won the 2000 election and the politicization of the War on Terror started. Cries of “Bush lied” were heard all over during the 2004 campaign, with no mention of the Democrats who also must have “lied.”

After the removal of Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq, the call came from the Democrats of “not enough troops,” “Bush didn’t commit enough troops” and so on. Last week, he announced sending another 21,000 troops to Iraq and now the Democrat cry is “No more troops.”

In a startling move at usurpation of Presidential powers by Congress, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, junior senator from New York, is calling for a cap on current U.S. troop levels in Iraq. Just in August of 2006 she tore into former Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, with “You did not go into Iraq with enough troops to establish law and order. ” Earlier, in November 2005, she said, “We never sent enough troops and didn't have enough troops to control or seal the borders.”

And now, she says, "The president's team is pursuing a failed strategy in Iraq as it edges closer to collapse." Trying to sound presidential, she added, "We need to change course."

Hillary is hardly alone in her quest to make the War on terror in Iraq a failure. Senator Chuck Hagel, a turncoat RINO said, "We are no longer just going to quietly stand by, as we have done for the last four years, and let our young men and women be thrown into this conflict when they cannot affect the outcome." That the GOP hasn’t excommunicated this person is a great disappointment to me.

Hagel adds, "I will do everything I can to stop the president's policy as he outlined it….” In this regard, he has helped DemocratLawmakers draft an anti-Bush Iraq stand non-binding resolution, joined in by another RINO, Olympia Snowe, from Maine.

Snowe says, “Now is time for the Congress to make its voice heard on a policy that has such significant implications for the nation, the Middle East and the world.” But, does she consider the implications of throwing in the towel once again and letting Iraq fall under another Taliban style regime?

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki sensing the shift in Washington D.C. stated Give us guns and troops can go, adding, “I wish that we could receive strong messages of support from the US so we don’t give some boost to the terrorists and make them feel that they might have achieved success. I believe that such statements give moral boosts to the terrorists and push them towards making an extra effort and making them believe that they have defeated the American Administration, but I can tell you that they haven’t defeated the Iraqi Government.”

Seeing America’s history of abandoning fledgling allies, I’m sure he see the towel flying through the air as the Democrat led Congress decides to take presidential powers upon itself to sell out Iraq, again, as they ended up doing at the end of the previous Gulf War in 1992.

President Bush, in a grave disappointment, seemed to have surrendered to the Democrat led Congress today as he announced letting a secret but independent panel of federal judges oversee the government’s controversial domestic spying program. Erroneously labeled as “domestic spying,” this electronic eavesdropping of suspected terrorist contacts within our borders in contact with known terrorists outside of our borders has been instrumental in curbing another terrorist attack. When the next attack occurs, guess who will be the first saying Bush should have done more to discover and stop the attack?

With public opinion favoring the construction of a fence along our southern border, to curb the influx of illegal aliens, along with suspected terrorists traversing through Mexico, the newly elected Dems are in no rush to build a border fence. Yet, again, let terrorists slide into our country and succeed in another massive attack, will the Democrat Congress be blamed? No, blame will fall upon President Bush, sure as can be.

In the meantime, Democrat Robert Kennedy Jr. blogs on Huffington Post, For the Last Stubborn Holdouts on Global Warming, and informing us that robins and bluebirds in upstate New York are returning early and Crocuses and daffodils were in bloom everywhere. Somehow, he must have missed the strong winter storms blanketing the nation outside of his office. In a “related news story” immediately under his blog post, we read, “At Least 19 Killed In Nation-Wide Ice Storms... “

Maybe if he and the rest of the Kennedy Klan sobered up long enough and stopped opposing a Cape Cod wind farm in his own backyard, ‘global warming’ might not be the worry he makes out to be. But then again, Democrats have a long history of demanding we give up luxuries and materials they deem inappropriate or causing harm, as long as they don’t have to.

In all, what we are seeing coming out of the Democrats isn’t surprising. In their quest for more power, they are even proposing reinstating the Fairness Doctrine in an effort to silence their critics on talk radio and force the public to hear the message they want you to hear. Give them the chance and kiss Freedom of Speech goodbye.

So far, I’d have to say it’s been an ‘interesting’ couple of weeks since they re-grabbed power. I can only say, “don’t blame me, I voted Republican.”


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