Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Second Amendment Assault Continues

January 10, 2007

Now that we have the leftist Democrats seated in power in Congress in both Houses, it didn’t tale long for Mayors Thomas Menino of Boston, Massachusetts and Michael Bloomberg of New York to decide to approach newly seated ‘Queen Bee’ Speaker of the House, Nancy ‘Stretch’ Pelosi to “push for stricter gun laws.”

Says mayor Menino, "We need to convince Congress to pass common sense gun laws -- laws that punish immoral gun dealers and protect our citizens." He also claims, "Guns create fear that can kill our communities." How often have we heard this continual cry from left?

As during the Clinton administration, we once again are told we need “tougher national gun laws” and also that “Attempts at tightening gun laws are opposed by advocates of unrestricted access to firearms, led by the National Rifle Association.”

In typical leftist disinformation, no article advocating taking our rights under the Second Amendment away from us will miss a chance at dissing the NRA (National Rifle Association). A visit to the NRA/ILA’s A Citizen's Guide to Federal Firearms Laws website shows us: “Under federal law supported by the National Rifle Association, the use of a firearm in a violent or drug-trafficking crime is punishable by a mandatory prison sentence of up to 20 years. A second conviction, if the firearm is a machine gun or is equipped with a silencer, brings life imprisonment without release. Violating firearms laws should lead to very real punishment for violent criminals, but the laws first must be enforced.

Before blindly accepting the left’s charge of “we need stricter gun laws,” I urge all to visit the NRA’s website and read actual gun laws currently on the books and not being enforced, as they should be.

Obviously, if the NRA “supports the Federal Firearms Laws” listed, they DO NOT advocate unrestricted access to firearms as claimed by the left. But, as we see time and time again, the left has no scruples when it comes to matters of personal integrity in furthering their agendas.

For the record, I own guns and have been exposed to guns my entire life. I acquire them legally and keep them maintained in good condition and safely put away so my grandsons won’t accidentally find one and have an accident. I do not have a concealed weapons permit as I don’t carry. The size of my .357 alone would keep it from being concealed, anyways. I do not belong to the NRA, although I think I will be joining shortly to help counter the assault on my constitutionally granted right to “keep and bear arms.”

We need to take notice of the city of New Orleans as the flood waters began to recede after Hurricane Katrina and city officials started started confiscating legal guns from citizens, leaving them unarmed in the face of increasing violence from criminal elements. New Orleans now won’t give them back, even though they lost the Federal Lawsuit and motions to dismiss.

New Orleans, as was well reported, is a traditional Democrat City. Once they enter your home and take your legally acquired firearm, you won’t see it again. Bear in mind, these are not illegal firearms, machine guns, stolen weapons or assault rifles, but legal firearms, some being in families for decades and passed down and used only for legal hunting or self protection. None have been used in committing crimes or were being brandished amount senselessly. Still, they were confiscated, never to be seen by legal citizens again.

I do not advocate everyone owning a gun. That would be ridiculous as not everyone is entitled nor should be entitled to a gun. That is why we submit to background checks when purchasing one. Of course, that is when one is acquired legally, not the way criminals acquire theirs. What good are stiffer laws when current laws aren’t enforced and criminals still operate outside the law to obtain them?

As I noted above, “the use of a firearm in a violent or drug-trafficking crime is punishable by a mandatory prison sentence of up to 20 years.” I haven’t heard lately of any criminals receiving the maximum sentence, have you?

After Morton Grove, Ill banned all guns in their city in 1981, Kennesaw, Ga. passed an ordinance requiring heads of households "to maintain a firearm" and ammunition "to provide for the civil defense" and "protect the general welfare of the City and its inhabitants."

Morton Grove hasn’t seen much change in their crime rate, citing "We were fortunate to have a low rate of violent crime before the ordinance was passed, and we are fortunate now that the rate is still low.” In Kennesaw, not far from Atlanta, crime plummeted.

One of the more staunch advocates of controlling our rights to gun ownership is Senator Ted Kennedy, (D. Ma.). To date, Senator Kennedy’s car has killed more people than any of my guns.



u∃∃l!∃ said...

I need to get myself an M16 semi-auto rifle. That is the only weapon I feel I have had proper training on.
I need something with a long barrel because it gives more accurate sight alignment. I wouldn't want to miss my target.

I have concerns that I might get crazy (crazier?) as I get older, and might someday shoot at one of the passing cars blasting their stereo so loud it shakes my house. Of course I would aim for the speakers, which is why it is critical I have a weapon I am a good aim with, and not a typical hand gun.

But your title give me an idea for a post I was thinking of doing at some point.
"Fourteenth Amendment Assault Continues". Although despite the cry from the right, no one has actually proposed legislation to abolish this one yet (at least I don't think so).

LewWaters said...

I too wouldn't mind an M-16, but last I checked, they are over a thousand dollars. A little rich for my budget.

Your dream of blasting car speakers too loud reminded me of my desire to blast away at horn blowers in Florida. They would start honking their horns at the instant the light turned green. If I was feeling ornery, I'd sit there until the light turned yellow, then go on through, leaving them stuck with a red light, again.