Monday, March 03, 2008

Eco-Terrorists Pollute The Earth, Not Save It

Groups like the notorious Earth Liberation Front have a history of destruction and vandalism against what they claim is polluting the earth. Like spoiled children throwing tantrums, they actually do more harm than good to the earth.

ELF has taken credit for the $7 million damage outside of Seattle, Washington this morning, as luxury homes were set ablaze, destroying three and damaging another. Left behind by the eco-terrorists was a sign saying, “Built Green? Nope black! McMansions in RCDs r not green. ELF.” “RCD” stands for “rural cluster development.”

Arson appears to be a favorite of this group of radicals as they have a long history of torching what they don’t like, especially if a luxury the wealthy may come to own.

A 2005 statement from Senator James M. Inhofe (R. Ok) elicited the remarks, concerning ELF and their sister group of terrorists ALF (Animal Liberation Front),

“ELF and ALF are terrorists by definition using intimidation, threats and acts of violence, and property destruction to force their opinions of proper environmental and animal rights policy upon society. ELF and ALF resort to arson, sabotage, and harassment in hopes of using fear to attain their goals of hampering development and free commerce. In fact, ELF and ALF are responsible for, estimating conservatively, over $110 million in damages and 1,100 acts of terrorism in the last decade. ELF and ALF’s weapon of choice is arson, placing instructions on how to effectively set fire to “animal abusers” on their website.”

Their history in the U.S. reveals they have torched a Ski Resort in Vail Colorado in 1998, burned several Hummer vehicles at a Dealership in Oregon in 1999 and set part of the horticulture center of Washington State University ablaze when they mistakenly thought they were doing genetic modification to trees.

While others show their concern for the environment by suggesting ways to cut down on smoke pollution, the ELF eco-terrorists create polluting smoke from burning of the materials in these homes, the plastics, paint and other materials in the SUV’s and even the homes they burn.

If, as we are told, burning wood in fireplaces causes pollution, how much more is caused by the deliberate arson of complete homes, including carpet, insulation, PVC piping, wiring and such? And, it doesn’t mention the distinct possibility of setting the very forests they claim a desire to save from destruction of being destroyed by the very fires they set.

A 2002 article written by Elaine Close, spokesperson for ELF, justifying their eco-terrorism for Mother Jones magazine, the statement was made,
“The ELF/ALF are not focusing on public opinion. They are focusing on actually stopping the destruction of animals, the environment and ourselves. Property destruction targets the motive behind environmental destruction: profit.”

Close also said,
“I don't consider damaging property to be violence. The end goal of the ELF is to save life on this planet….”

For a loose knit group concerned for the earth, expressing your displeasure by polluting the very thing you claim concern for seems counter-productive to the announced goals of the group.

Some today have referred to this group of radical misfits as “ecological activist.” Wanton destruction of other people’s property isn’t “activism,” it’s a crime!

While the degree of pollution caused by these acts of arson over the years is apparently unknown, these people are not “activists,” they are just another bunch of radicals jealous over someone else working successfully and bettering their lot in life.

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