Sunday, April 20, 2008

Fan Brags: I Grabbed Chelsea’s, umm, err, bottom

After a night of Gay Bar Crawling through Philadelphia’s streets, with governor Ed Rendell, Chelsea Clinton won rave reviews from local gays and lesbians, one bragging to friends, “I grabbed her ass.”

Chelsea and the governor “stopped traffic” as they “crawled” the gay bars located throughout Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Gays and lesbians sporting Obama stickers even came out to great the former First Daughter and have their photos taken with her.

One fan yelled out, “Chelsea, the gays love you,” receiving the reply of, “Oh, gosh, I don’t know if everybody loves me,” from Chelsea.

At times she seemed overwhelmed by the mobs that definitely invaded her personal space, complimenting her hair and trying to grab photos with their cell phones, as they followed her down the street.

She was joined by left wing actors Robert Reiner and Robert Grant as well.

Governor Rendell has made the gay bar crawl since the 1970’s, making a similar trek for John Kerry in 2004, who lost his presidential bid to incumbant, George W. Bush.

Chit chat was mostly mild, no questions about gays in the Military or same sex marriage.

Stopping at a bar with an open terrace, Chelsea was asked if she were going inside. She replied, “I don’t know. I’m mostly just following directions.”

One wonders now if Chelsea’s mother will be as upset over someone bragging about “grabbing Chelsea’s ass” as she was when MSNBC’s David Shuster suggested she was “pimping out” Chelsea?

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