Sunday, April 06, 2008

Recession, Depression, Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Unemployment: Let’s Raise Taxes

Democrats have long cried of how dire the economy is, everything failing, nothing good happening, the country being in deep trouble and Global Warming going to destroy it all. Their answer? Raise taxes!

It was in August of 1966 that the British Singing group, the Beatles, released their album, Revolver, with the opening song, “Taxman.” The lyrics were more prophetic than we ever thought.

“Let me tell you how it will be;
There's one for you, nineteen for me.
Should five per cent appear too small,
Be thankful I don't take it all.
if you drive a car, I’ll tax the street;
if you try to sit, I’ll tax your seat;
if you get too cold, I’ll tax the heat;
if you take a walk, I'll tax your feet.”

The lyrics above from the song describes fairly close to where we have devolved in proposed taxation since Democrats seized control of the House and Senate in the 2006 elections.

All of the gloom and doom they have brayed about for years seem to be coming to fruition this year as we read of airlines going out of business, more people on food stamps and unemployment rising. Cries of Global Warming fit in too as that is blamed for much they perceive as wrong with the world today.

Democrats were barely seated in Congress before they started proposing resolutions calling for a $400 Billion tax increase over the next 5 years.

California has proposed a Gas Guzzler Tax increase supposedly to combat Global Warming. Michigan’s Congressman Dingell floated a 50-cent increase per gallon on gasoline, on top of the already outrageous price consumers pay, which may include over 50 cents tax already per gallon, depending on the state.

One Chicago Democrat even tried to levy a tax on bottled water, leading to cries of “Let them tax cigarettes, not water,” which already has outrageous local, state and federal taxes attached to purchases of that product, and bans on the use of it.

Although proposed in Australia, if the idea of a Baby Tax to combat Global Warming catches on, it is unlikely our tax happy politicians would just ignore that golden opportunity.

To garner support we are told by the Democrats that the tax increase would only effect the “wealthy,” hiding that it hits Middle Class America and has often times hurt those it is supposed to help.

In spite of evidence that the Bush Tax Cuts increased revenues and helped the economy, Democrats desire nothing more than to repeal those same tax cuts while increasing spending, leading Sen. John Cornyn of Texas to recently say,
Everything I hear coming from my friends on the other side of the aisle is, ‘Let’s have the federal government spend more money.’ And that money comes from your pocket and mine. And I think we ought to be careful.”

To ensure easy passage of a recent $70 Billion through a reluctant Senate, Democrats, fearing a Republican filibuster, wanted a parliamentary maneuver to “fast track” it through, requiring only a simple majority to pass.

On the campaign trail, both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton play the class warfare card in calling for increasing taxes on the rich, ignoring that tax increases on the rich filter down to be paid by the middle class in higher cost of goods or even job losses.

As example, even something as simple as the tobacco tax against tobacco companies is paid for by the lower income people in higher tobacco costs and taxes added per pack, hurting the very ones anti-smokers claim they want to help. An American Heart Association study claims,
“smoking prevalence is higher among those who had earned a GED diploma (43.2 percent) and among those with 9–11 years of education (32.6 percent) compared with those with more than 16 years of education (7.1 percent). It's highest among persons living below the poverty level (29.9 percent).”

Every time government decides to tax tobacco products, who are they really hurting?

The above is just a representation of how tax increases hurt the lower incomes that are supposed to be benefiting from the increased taxes, not a defense of tobacco products.

With all the cries of recession, foreclosures, bankruptcies, increased unemployment and such, the last thing America needs is to further hurt the economy and tax payers by strapping even more tax burdens on people already feeling the crunch.


E. Zelinski said...

Interestingly, here in Canada, we pay a lot higher income taxes and we seem to be doing okay relative to the U.S. For instance, we don't have a problem with our Canada Pension Plan as the U.S. does with its Social Security. The reason is that the Canadian government (the Liberal government of the time, I might add, which is more in tune with your Democrats) was smart enough to see that if premiums weren't raised, there would be a major problem. Now our Pension Plan is in great shape.

Many European countries also have much higher taxes than the U.S. and they are doing much better economically.

As an aside, what is wrong with unemployment? Whenever friends or acquaintances tell me that they have either got fired or laid off their jobs, my response is, “Congratulations.” After all, for the truly creative and innovative people of this world, unemployment is an opportunity for them to go on to something better.

Here are two quotes about unemployment to put things in perspective:

Getting fired is nature's way of telling you that you had the wrong job in the first place.
— Hal Lancaster

Unemployment is capitalism's way of getting you to plant a garden.
— Orson Scott Card

Ernie Zelinski
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LewWaters said...

zelinski, was there a aparticular reason you failed to mention that your Canadian Pension Plan also reduced some benefits when they raised rates in 1998? Even if minimal, should any try that in the U.S. the cries from the left would be heard around the world.

It seems that James E. Pesando took a long look at the reforms and that you could soon be facing benefit reductions, raising the retirement age, and partial privatization of benefits once again.

As for unemployment, I too have used it in the past, as it was designed and at my age, hope not to again. However, where does government get that money they pay out? From you and me, in one way or another. It is not an endless well that will never dry up.

That is the basic flaw in socialistic policies that some desire to sit on their asses and draw off of others work, whcih encourages others to sit on their asses nd draw off of others work.

Sooner or late, the ones left working can no longer carry the burden and the system collpases, as socialism always has.

It is great for the lazy in the short run, but bad for the overall economy of those who try to suck on the teat free government money for too long.

For those that use it as a temporary measure to sustain them while they seek or create a better situation, it works great, as that is what it was intended for. But all too many try to use it for too long and it fails.

As for other countries doing so much better, let's just wait and see for how long.

klatu said...

Hi Lew: Interesting that you caught on to
The Beatles "Taxman" a George Harrison song.
He wrote it about the high cost of living and
and how much of a penalty there is to make money
in England. In 1990 George Harrison added more lyrics
to Taxman. He was a Leftist just like all the
Beatles but he definitely didn't like being
Taxed out of House and Home. In 1966 when he wrote
Taxman he tried to make it sound Bi-Partisan.
Republicans have known the effect of Hi taxation
for a long time. To Bad the SocialistCrats don't
Study Taxman and its meaning and effect on Society. Of course they won't cause they have Socialism running through there veins so much.

PS: I linked to your Site from mine. I'll try
to get to your site daily or so. Great site Lew

Rightwingwacko said...

e. zelinski, I believe you folks in Canada have an unfair advantage as you do not have to worry about how to pay the debts of an endless elective war.

LewWaters said...

Wachie, if you ever actually checked the numbers, the cost of the war is a lot less than is the cost of the endless entitlement programs the Democrats use to further push America towards Socialism and buy votes.

Rightwingwacko said...

Then why isn't the cost of the war provided for in the budget? How are we going to pay for it?

LewWaters said...

Spare me, wackie, you know full well how the Democrats have been playing with the cost of supporting the Troops to force their will on it, DEFEAT!!!!

You ought to ask how do we continue paying for so many entitlements to those in the country illegally and who never paid in.

Perhaps if both parties ceased writing in billions of dollars of earmarks and pork barrel spending in needed legislation, the country could one day be prosperous again.

Rightwingwacko said...

You did not anwer the question.
Consider the costs...

$4,681 per household.
$1,721 per person.
$341.4 million per day.

Rightwingwacko said...

The Bush Administration was wrong about the benefits of the war and it was wrong about the costs of the war. The president and his advisers expected a quick, inexpensive conflict. Instead, we have a war that is costing more than anyone could have imagined.

The cost of direct US military operations -- not even including long-term costs such as taking care of wounded veterans -- already exceeds the cost of the 12-year war in Vietnam and is more than double the cost of the Korean War.

And, even in the best case scenario, these costs are projected to be almost ten times the cost of the first Gulf War, almost a third more than the cost of the Vietnam War, and twice that of the First World War. The only war in our history which cost more was the Second World War, when 16.3 million U.S. troops fought in a campaign lasting four years, at a total cost (in 2007 dollars, after adjusting for inflation) of about $5 trillion. With virtually the entire armed forces committed to fighting the Germans and Japanese, the cost per troop (in today's dollars) was less than $100,000 in 2007 dollars. By contrast, the Iraq war is costing upward of $400,000 per troop.

Most Americans have yet to feel these costs. The price in blood has been paid by our voluntary military and by hired contractors. The price in treasure has, in a sense, been financed entirely by borrowing. Taxes have not been raised to pay for it -- in fact, taxes on the rich have actually fallen. Deficit spending gives the illusion that the laws of economics can be repealed, that we can have both guns and butter. But of course the laws are not repealed. The costs of the war are real even if they have been deferred, possibly to another generation.

LewWaters said...

You got an answer, wacky, you just don't like it. Sorry, you do not dictate to me on my blog.

Here's some more for you;

1. $11 Billion to $22 billion is spent on welfare to illegal aliens each year. http://tinyurl. com/zob77
2. $2.2 Billion dollars a year is spent on food assistance programs such as food stamps, WIC, and free school lunches for illegal aliens. http://www.cis. org/articles/ 2004/fiscalexec. html
3. $2.5 Billion dollars a year is spent on Medicaid for illegal aliens. http://www.cis. org/articles/ 2004/fiscalexec. html
4. $12 Billion dollars a year is spent on primary and secondary school education for children here illegally and they cannot speak a word of English! http://transcripts. PTS/0604/ 01/ldt.0. html
5. $17 Billion dollars a year is spent for education for the American-born children of illegal aliens, known as anchor babies. http://transcripts. PTS/0604/ 01/ldt.01. html
6. $3 Million Dollars a DAY is spent to incarcerate illegal aliens. http://transcripts. PTS/0604/ 01/ldt.01. html
7. 30% percent of all Federal Prison inmates are illegal aliens. http://transcripts. PTS/0604/ 01/ldt.01. html
8. $90 Billion Dollars a year is spent on illegal aliens for Welfare and Social Services by the American taxpayers. http://premium. TS/0610/29/ ldt.01.html
9. $200 Billion Dollars a year in suppressed American wages are caused by the illegal aliens. http://transcripts. PTS/0604/ 01/ldt.01. html
10. The illegal aliens in the United States have a crime rate that's two-and-a-half times that of white non-illegal aliens. In particular, their children, are going to make a huge additional crime problem in the US . http://transcripts. PTS/0606/ 12/ldt.01. html
11. During the year of 2005 there were 4 to 10 MILLION illegal aliens that crossed our Southern Border also, as many as 19,500 illegal aliens from Terrorist Countries. Millions of pounds of drugs, cocaine, meth, heroin and marijuana, crossed into the U. S from the Southern border. Homeland Security Report. http://tinyurl. com/t9sht
12. The National Policy Institute, 'estimated that the total cost of mass deportation would be between $206 and $230 billion or an average cost of between $41 and $46 billion annually over a five year period.' http://www.national policyinstitute. org/pdf/deportat ion.pdf
13. In 2006 illegal aliens sent home $45 BILLION in remittances back to their countries of origin. http://www.rense. com/general75/ niht.htm
14. 'The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration: Nearly One Million Sex Crimes Committed by Illegal Immigrants In The United States '. http://www.drdsk. com/articleshtml
Total cost is a whooping... $338.3 BILLION A YEAR!!!

And that is just illegals. Factor in other government giveaway entitlements and it increases even more.

Americans are feeling that crunch, but are told to just ignore it.

Rightwingwacko said...

A pretty lengthy post to not even attempt to answer the question. How do you propose to pay for the Iraqi Occupation?

klatu said...

rightwingCommunist said:

A pretty lengthy post to not even attempt to answer the question. How do you propose to pay for the Iraqi Occupation?

Klatu said: By confistcating 100% of your income,WACKO. That should pay for the IRAQ BATTLE and help out Leftists like yourself that are running for the Unemployment office and Food Stamp counter when they don't really need to.

PS: Wacko, call Billary and Barack Hussein Obama up and tell them to make President George W. Bush's Tax cuts Permanent.

Rightwingwacko said...

Why is Klatu's ISP the same as Lew's ISP? Interesting.

klatu said...

RightwingNutJob said: Why is Klatu's ISP the same as Lew's ISP? Interesting.

Klatu said: It is, Interesting.

LewWaters said...

wackie=> A pretty lengthy post to not even attempt to answer the question.

Like Isaid, Wackie, just because you can't handle the answer doesn't mean you didn't get one. Try your control tactics elsewhere, they won't work here.

How do you propose to pay for the Iraqi Occupation?

This is what I love about you lefty moonbats, wacky. I would cancel as many entitlement programs as I could find that really aren't needed, starting with illegal immigrants. Next, I would institute a liberal tax to cover the stupidity of the moonbat left. Next I would take every bit of profits made in Hollyweird and apply them where they can do the most good, supporting our troops.

But, you didsupply the one comment that makes me laugh the strongest with the looney left, "Occupation."

Funny how you morons always cry "occupying force" in one breath, and in the other cry that the Iraqi's aren't doing what the left thinks they should.

You morons make no sense.

LewWaters said...

Wackie, perhaps you have an opinion on why the Democrats have been crying doom and gloom and braying about people having no money, jobs being lost, companies closes and so, yet they also desire to raise the taxes those same people pay?

After all, that is sort of the point of this post.

u∃∃l!∃ said...

I read this, just as I have been contemplating quiting my job, and seeing if I can start up my own business.
Maybe the next round of layoffs will hit me, and instead of being bummed, I will be estatic.

Thanks for the inspiration.

LewWaters said...

Eileen, if you have come upon a good idea to work for yourself, I hope you do well with it. Many others have succeeded during times of recession and gone on to great wealth.

I sincerely wish you well with whatever it is.

Christophe said...

??? Do you ever pay any attention to anything thats ever happened ever?
I am infuriated by your stupidity in all political arenas.
Its people like you that worry about the issue of 'gay marrige' more than you worry about un-restrained wire tapping.
People like you make me sick.
Obama '08!

LewWaters said...

Do you ever pay any attention to anything thats ever happened ever?

Obviously, that's why I wrote this. Now, do you? Or, like the moonbat you are, do you allow others to think for you?

I am infuriated by your stupidity in all political arenas.

Spoken like a true moonbastic moron. Like other moonbats, anyone who doesn't fall in line with your leftist, socialistic, communist views are "stupid."

But note, you stopped by to read, ROFLMAO!!!!

Its people like you that worry about the issue of 'gay marrige' more than you worry about un-restrained wire tapping.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! "Unrestrained wire-tapping?" It was electronic eavesdropping of identifed foreign calls to and from suspected terrorists. Do you desire to stop another terrorist attack, or try to recover bodies afterwards?

As for "gay marriage," just explain the benefit to society for making such a drastic change, if you want support. Otherwise, I could care less what you stick up your ass.

People like you make me sick.

Glad to be of service.

Obama '08!

For what, Hillary's house boy?