Sunday, January 04, 2009

Democrat Strategist Predicts Democrat Scandal Streak in 2009

James Carville, brash and vitriolic strategist for the Democrat Party, known for his brutal verbal assaults on anyone opposed to the Clinton's during the 1990's, is predicting more embarrassing scandals will hit the Democrats in 2009.

Stating his opinion on CNN, Carville says,

"I firmly believe that there are streaks, and that political scandals happen in clusters. The Republican Party had its fair share of scandal and charges of deeply imbedded corruption preceding the 2006 election and leading up to the 2008 elections."

Carville bases his prediction on 'simple math,' "More Democrats in elected office increases the likelihood of scandal."

As I see it, it is more likely that with more Democrats in office, their natural corruption will be harder to cover up.

This also assumes that the dying lamestream media, the propaganda mouthpiece for the Democrats, will actually report on exposed corruption within the majority party.

I find it difficult to believe they will actually do so as exposing the natural tendency for corruption within the leftwing might taint their messiah, B Homey.

Carville shows this by saying,
"The current [scandal] streak, however removed from President-elect Barack Obama, doesn't bode well for Democrats in 2009."

We are still being led to believe that a politican, reared in the dirtiest political machine in the nation, Chicago, spent years mired in that corruption and remained untouched by it.

Carville goes on to predict,
"2009 will be a year in which the Republican Party will be confronted with a near catastrophic ideological rift. There is no obvious Republican leader on the horizon."

Perhaps Mr. Carville slept through the conservative base becomining energized by Alaska's governor, Sarah Palin.

While there may well be a rift within the GOP, conservatives remain steadfast and will land on our feet, in spite of efforts by the left and their dying dinosaur media to paint 'alls well' within the left and 'alls ill' within the right.

Carville did his best to poo poo Clinton Corruption and scandals. That he now sees 2009 as a Democrat year of scandals is somewhat astonishing. That he states it in public is surprising. If the media actually reports any of it, that will be shocking!

Following his prediction, Bill Richardson withdrew his bid to be commerce secretary amid a grand jury investigation into how some of his political donors won a lucrative state contract.

Hillary's appointment as Secretary of State may be in jepoardy as news that "a developer in New York state donated $100,000 to Bill Clinton's foundation, around the same time that Hillary helped secure millions of dollars in federal assistance for the businessman's mall project."

News of homes built by Jimmy Carter's Habitat for Humanity crumbling and causing illness to inhabitats is leaking out.

Democrats seem to be reembracing their racist roots as Senate Leadership is announcing they wil not seat the only Black to the Senate.

B HO's silence on Gaza is causing concern. But, he did announce he will add 600,000 government jobs to the tax rolls.

After all, if Democrat corruption isn't reported in the lamestream media, is it really a scandal?

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