Sunday, January 25, 2009

Federal Prison Riot: Where's Obama?

News is breaking of a riot in Central Florida at the Coleman Federal Correctional Complex, which is approximately 50 miles northwest of Orlando and 35 miles south of Ocala.

Early reports claim several victims of gunshot and stabbing wounds.

Where is Barack Obama? No calming words from him. No reassurance to the community and nation on how he is handling this major tragedy. He offered us all "hope & change" and obviously these deprived citizens feel wronged under his administration to cause this major unrest.

Is this how his administration intends to handle matters? No doubt he is hiding behind the White House sneaking a cigarette while people are being harmed.

Where is Obama? Why isn't he acting on this?


Anonymous said...

I am trying to figure out whether you are being serious or facetious.

I will take it at face value. OB is the President. He can't be bothered with every little thing, the cat stuck in a tree will be handled by the local authorities. In this particular case, maybe Bush's brother can manage it. Then again, maybe not if he is anything like George.


LewWaters said...

Canuck, Jeb Bush hasn't been governor of Florida for over a year now.

But, did we not see every little thing blamed on Bush and his lack of response and caring? The common reason was "it is on Bush's watch."

Well, this is on homey's watch and where is he? Aren't we told that Blacks are disproptionately imprisoned? If so, there is a better than even chance the wounded include Blacks, no?

Kanye West accused Bush of "hating Black people" over Katrina. Does B HO's lack of response here prove he "hates Black people" as well?

What is see is just another "el doble estandard" in the media, from politicians and from supporters, especially those infested with BDS still.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Lew, you're grasping at straws. It's just a prison riot, there are people who are in jobs to handle that. The state of Florida must have some competent people. Don't need the POTUS flying down to talk to the rioters.

Ok, stand corrected on Jeb, did not know, can't be expected to keep track on all those governors, I'm just a Canuck.

PS: It is -20deg C (-4 deg F) here as I write. We canucks will be sending some of that cold front to you Mercans. Brace yourself.

LewWaters said...

Canuck, Dems had control of Louisiana and New Orleans when Katrina hit and did nothing for the people there. The Dem mayor of New Orleans was actually reelected afterwards!

They had plans, facilities and everything else to get those people out, but sat on their butts and blamed Bush, along with the lamestream media and the Socialist Demokratik Politburo.

One standard fits all, no?

Juan Williams, a Black Liberal Columnist says it better than I can.

You can keep the cold weather. Just a couple weeks ago I was shoveling over a foot of Global Warming off my driveway ;-)

Angie Lee said...

Local authorities had "control" of the aftermath of Katrina; had Bush stepped in and moved on it without invitation, he would have been crucified for overstepping his bounds (yet, now we find him singled out and blamed solely for "failure" to control THOSE ISSUES WHICH FALL UNDER STATES' RIGHTS).

Obama feels a need to pry away control of issues including healthcare, immigration, and jobs creation (among countless others)... RIGHTS reserved by the Constitution to the States and to individuals, not the federal government - so why not control of the penal system?

It is just not glamorous enough.

Anonymous said...

Lew, I read William's article and consider it thoughtful and on the mark. However your labelling him a liberal has to be an error, he seems to be an intelligent middle of the road conservative. Not that there is anything wrong with that.


LewWaters said...

Canuck, Juan Williams is awell known Liberal who frequently appears on Fox News. He also appears on PBS (Public Broadcasting System), a Liberal entity that is "public supported."

I will give Jaun credit as he seems to be gradully moving into the center.

Perhaps because he had his butt handed to him too often by Brit Hume? ;-)

At any rate, I welcome Juan into the light as he keeps opening his eyes.

Ms Calabaza said...

Tt's all Obama's fault. Why? Because it used to all be Bush's fault. We continue to deny any responsibility for our actions because our nanny state tells us so. . .

Anonymous said...

Dern boy: you need to learn a little about prisons and prisoners before pontificating about what goes on> As a life-long conservative and a retired Federal Bureau of Prisons employee I can speak to the subject with a little knowledge. Prisons are bad places to be in, inmates will gripe about the ice cream served on Sundays! The majority of American prison can take care of the disturbances that occur on occasion, without the assistance of any outside help, especially the President. You were obviously being Facitious on this event... Come on, get real!

LewWaters said...

Dern yerself, boy.

If President Bush was held accountable for every little thing that happened during his administration, them B HO should be also.

Surely you don't advocate el doble estandard?

As far as prisons, yes they are nasty places. But, this is a FEDERAL prison and that doesn't releive homey of his oversight, does it? It happened on his watch, after all.