Sunday, January 25, 2009

Honored By The San Francisco Chronicle

Last weekend, January 18, 2009 the San Francisco Chronicle ran a story in their weekend Insight by Wynton Hall, visiting fellow from the Hoover Institution in which he rated the Four Best and Four Worst United States Presidents, Legacies of the commanders in chief.

The article was on my MSN Homepage and reading it, saw that at the bottom of the article, the Chronicles editors were requesting reader input as to how we rate past Presidents.

Seeing that Mr. Hall said in part, “Great presidents must be great protectors.
The Constitution's call for presidents to serve as commander in chief is clear. What use are rights and liberties if we are dead
?” I submitted my personal ranking.

On Thursday I took a call from the SF Chronicle saying my letter was one being considered for publication this Sunday, January 25, 2009, which I took as encouraging, figuring they must have been deluged with letters from across the nation.

Opening the Chronicles web site this morning, I sought and found the article and was utterly amazed to see that the Chronicle had given me the distinct honor, privilege if you will, to be the lone, sole token conservative defender of President George W. Bush, as I had stated for keeping us safe after 9/11, his name deserved to be included towards the top.

Readers rate the U.S. presidents

All other respondents they included for publishing, all from the Bay Area I do believe, chose to carry over the BDS we have seen over the past 8 years, some even repeating multiple disproved claims against President Bush as they all rated him the worst.

While I do consider it a distinct honor to have been chosen as their token conservative, c’mon now, do we really expect an objective and fair cross sampling of Americans from the San Francisco Chronicle when it comes to President George W. Bush?


Roger W. Gardner said...

Hey Lew! Congratulations! And I really mean it. To my way of thinking that is truly an honor you should be proud of. You are -- as you well know-- not alone. Never give in. Never give up.
Well done.

SR said...

To answer your question, The San Fran Chrnicle was the outfit that has Nanna's interview where she thanked IRAN for the peace and success in Iraq.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Lew! Good job in finding an opportunity to praise a man who did his best to provide a sense of security to a nation. I believe President Bush will fare far better than the folks who have been blasting him for years when things are all said and done. I did not vote for him the first term but did the second completely because of his courage and resolution to maintain a safe home for our nation. I do not see that in ANY of the current admin. I still have the resonating WARNING to the nation by Biden that within months of the inauguration there may be something that happens which will result in a response by the government we will simply have to be patient to see how it plays out. That warning left me chilled and I cannot imagine what Biden knows and the rest of us will learn, in time.

I applaud President Bush for caring so deeply and for doing so earnestly.

Angie Lee said...

How much more deluded and divisive do we expect them to be? They keep telling us "Get over it, your guy lost" but refuse to practice what they preach.

Get over it already. Your guy won, and he made clear that he did. Made clear that he will get his way, no matter what the cost. Made clear that YOU do not matter and will not matter until 2011 when it comes time to mindlessly cast another vote for "change" and "hope."

Be careful what you wish for - you might get it.

LewWaters said...

Thanks, All. I really do consider it an honor to be their token conservative, one I never expected when they said my letter was being considered.

This current crowd is clueless in protecting the nation. As Neville Chamberlain discovered, they too will discover what we face with this enemy.

Allee, you bring up an interesting point. They relied heavily on "hope & change" for their successful coup to succeed. After 4 years in power, 6 total with Congress, "hope & change" can only mean voting them out ;-)

Anonymous said...

Congratultions Lew! Well said!

Continuing where Roger left off:

Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never, in nothing, great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense. - Winston Churchill

ps: IMHO the worst President was Clinton!
Carter only unlocked the doors to todays problems. Clinton opened them! ...and let all the cows out!

LewWaters said...

Thanks, Norm. Needless to say, my letter wasn't well received by other BDS infected readers, which makes it all the more of an honor.

Let's just say I will continue "speaking truth to power" ;-)

Anonymous said...

As for Bush...I can never forgive him for not closing the borders and for him and his father's conspiracy with Carter and Clinton (Kissinger and others) to do away with our national sovereignty. New World Order, SPP, it's all the same...he sold us out!
At one time I stated the GW Bush could go down in history as the greatest president of all time...he had his chance and he failed!
I thanked him for keeping us safe...that's about it!

LewWaters said...

I've never claimed he was the greatest. Just not the worst. But, the rating was partly considered on who kept America safe and even though he failed miserably on sealing the borders, taking the fight back to the terrorists did keep them off our soil for 7 years, unlike the previous nearly 30 were we averaged a major terrorist attack every 2 years or more, 2 upon our own soil.

No, he's not the greatest, but he is far from the worst. Overall, I'd rate him on the higher side of the middle. Afterall, he did try to forestall the current economic crisis, which the Demokrats blocked and now blame him for.

Angie Lee said...

I agree that although he is not the greatest, he is FAR from the worst. I believe that someday, as we discussed before, history will be kinder to him. More often than not, HISTORY is far more objective than the MSM has proven themselves to be capable of doing.

Screaming, delusional, malicious, vindictive libtards do not see what he has done to protect us, by stopping further attacks on us on our own soil (in fact, yesterday I read a piece stating we have had no need for self-protection, not having been attacked since 1812), rather busying themselves with the furious regurgitation of a mass delusion created and perpetuated by the MSM to vilify a President THEY made unpopular.

The media has the means of making or breaking ANY public official's reputation. Going out of their way to cast Bush in a malignant light, at the same time glorifying and DEIFYING their own favorite, it can only be a matter of time before We The People say "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH" in the cesspool of W-DC and the raw sewage being spewed forth by the MSM.

Anonymous said...

Lew, you are definitely marching to a different drummer. You and the other Bush defenders. Eighty percent of Americans think otherwise. History will not vindicate him.


LewWaters said...

Yes, I do march to the tune of a different drummer. I do recall also that it was considered good to do so not all that long ago.

Now, we are to fall into lockstep with the Socialist Demokratik Politburo?

Hasn't you own country of Canada recently moved away from Socialism and towards conservatism?

BTW, that 80% is "of those polled." Polls have been shown to be unreliable, especially when they target certain areas that are predominantly one political view over the other.

Most of us have grown up enough to realize the polls are heavily slanted and biased today.

Other much hated Presidents have had history look kinder upon them years later. I'm sure it will be kind to Bush as well, especially after the fiasco of the next 4 years that is looming on the horizon.

Anonymous said...

"..fiasco of the next 4 years that is looming on the horizon"--Lew

Lew, I hope and you should hope as well that your prediction is dead wrong. For the good of the USA, Canada and much of the world. The man has been in power less than a week. We shall see. If he and his adminstration stumble badly, I shall be critical, I shall be here eating my hat. I am no blind defender of ideology, right, left or wrong. I want good results, regardless of party.


LewWaters said...

Cauck, he is already stumbling miserably by issuing an Executive Order to close Guantanamo, with no idea of where to put the terrorists there. Their countries don't want them and neither do the prisons in America.

My proposal is to utilize their expertise and make them all Secret Service agents, charged with protecting Obama & his family, Biden, Reid, Pelosi, Kerry, Murtha and any other Demokrat who advocates their release.

If nothing else, that should clear the Dems consciecnes as well as remove a heavy weight off of their shoulders. ;-)

With homey & the Dems rapid move towards Socialism, yes I want their policies to fail, knowing full well they will. Face it, socialism just doesn't work, except for the elites at the top.

Anonymous said...

Ref:"Eighty percent of Americans think otherwise"

That's becasue of false reporting by the mainstream media (MSM)...
Did you not know that certain groups including the likes of the ACLU and Harvard University are intentionally trying to change history. I even heard that the ACLU had attempted to have some famous paintings re-drawn so as to remove patriotic figures from the scene. Harvard university was paid 20 million dollars by Saudia Arabia to re-write history text books in favor of the Arabs...they actually had the works ready for publication but the controversy over the content prevented publication and distribution into the public schools.
It would appear that Mr. Anonymous CanuckGuy has been tutored by the likes of ACLU teachers and the press.
Speaking of the press (MSM)...Clinton took control of the media with the passage of the 1996 Communications Act such that we now have only ten owners of the media. This is made up of small corporations that are owned by larger corporations which are owned by even larger corporations just to diversify the conspiracy.
That's why you see the same rhetoric by all the left-wing's called control! And Clinton knew how to do it!
A great example of this is...Show me one newspaper who will print ANYTHING on the Law Of The Sea Treaty (LOST). None! Zero! Zilch! They are not allowed to mention LOST. Subsection G of that treaty places us under the United Nations! And they (the left wing and politic elite) will do anything to prevent the citizens from knowing...yet it's all there at the UN's website.
Expect Obama to get LOST ratified by's in the program!

Pete said...

To be a "token" San Francisco Chronicle conservative is probably less notable than being a long term well spoken conservative voice, compfortable with yourself and your political philosophy, and making a real difference in Northwest political circles.

Good job and congratulations on both accounts!! More importantly, keep up your outstanding service to conservative cause!!

LewWaters said...

Pete, I'll take what I get ;-)

That any conservative at all was published in San Francisco is a good move.

We gotta take what we can get.

Anonymous said...

"Hasn't you own country of Canada recently moved away from Socialism and towards conservatism?" - Lew

It is getting late to respond to an old posting but I will anyway. Well say what you want about our Canadian Liberals but when they took over in 1996, they decided the horrific deficits of the previous 20 years(under both Liberals and Conservatives) had to stop and so made the hard decisions. From 1997 and for the next 10 years until they lost to the Conservatives, they had large yearly budget surpluses in the 3 to 10 billion range and they paid down a large part of the national debt. The Conservatives are presenting a budget with a 34 billion deficit for 2009. However the global financial mess could not have been timed better to enable the Cons to step in a heaping pile of cowshit. All that being said, The Liberals showed fiscal sense. In good times, save. We deserve the Cons because the Liberals did not spend enough to buy our votes but they did right. We did wrong to turf them out. If it were not for a couple of particularly bad corruption scandals, the Liberals would still be in power.

As for our socialism, the only socialism is our medicare system, other than that, we are almost as free enterprise as the USA.

PS: I realize most in the USA have zero interest in Canada. But I expounded anyway.

CyberPastor said...

WTG Lew!

LewWaters said...

Thanks, CP. It means a lot.

Canuck, if Canada has been set up anything like America, moderates calling themselves conservatives join liberals in mucking things up. Then again, if your government is somewhat like Britains, Liberal there isn't exactly like liberal here.

For some reason, and I haven't figured it out why, the two labels don't always agree between our countries.

Don't ever mistake me for someone who looks down on Canada, I do not. Although I haven't visited the country, I hold Canadians, along with most Brits and Aussies, in high regard. Both have been some of our best allies and we there's.