Thursday, January 29, 2009

Smoke and Mirrors

Finally getting around to that response.... For what it's worth.

The men and women we pack off to represent us in Washington, DC, are THE FURTHEST CRY from genius. Smoke and mirrors do not a genius make.... they are merely the tools of the magician (those prestidigitator types I mentioned previously) by which to enslave the unthinking masses while making them believe they are getting a real bargain for the price of admission. Those unthinking masses are ALSO merely tools.... by which to facilitate bringing the rest of us down to the lowest level. Control, deceit, manipulation - drug them into oblivion and gain control, infiltrate what mind remains with thoughts of intolerance and hatred, demand "change" so that we can live in a truly "just" society (but never to be forgiven for the sins of the past).

No, I can think of far more appropriate terms to apply to politicians (at every level of all branches of government - executive, legislative, and judicial) than "genius." After all, we shan't diminish mine by comparing it to what they do. My genius and what they... are, I guess... are two completely different species. What about calling them by what they REALLY are?
Totalitarian Kleptocrats.
Conmen and shills.
Grifters, chiselers, swindlers, scammers, and clip artists.
Malignant narcissists.
Social engineers.
Morally bankrupt psychopaths stampeding through others' lives like a bull elephant in a china shop, with no regard for who they harm, no conscience to be found, and not a shred of human decency.

Much like their ignorant masses, they care not at all for the things OTHERS have bought and paid for, shattering into billions of tiny shards a legacy DEMANDED to be passed from one generation to the next - and offered freely to any who feel an inner burning to claim it as their own and willing to ensure that legacy fulfills its destiny: To be passed from father to son, perhaps a little worn but still intact, the means and method of guaranteeing each of us and all those yet to come the ability to fulfill our OWN destinies - securing the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.

Here is the way I see it. There are few - and I mean FEW - willing to truly lay down blood to protect not just 4400 words on a piece of paper but what those words represent. The ideals of liberty and freedom, individual and States' rights, a guarantee that all may participate in their own protection, and above all the sacrifice embodied in the creation and the preservation of The Constitution of The United States of America. These dreams and promises of dreams will survive even without the paper, embedded in the very soul of America. No matter what kind of magic show they put on today, tomorrow we will still find those foundations amongst the rubble.

These blind believers and their masters, having willfully surrendered the freedoms and liberties so many have fought and died for, do not DESERVE them; so little respect for what has been given to them UNCONDITIONALLY, they are unwilling to protect and defend those liberties and freedoms and instead cast them aside as so much "inconvenience." It takes EFFORT to preserve them, and they would be unable to perpetuate their ME society if they were busy worrying about nonsense like that. (Kind of like they do the living being growing inside the womb - an inconvenience to be thrust aside to further one's own selfish existence revolving around lack of accountability and personal responsibility.)

I always heard tell cockroaches will survive after we annihilate ourselves with nuclear weapons. We, the "lowest" elements of today's liberal society, are the cockroaches. Long after they have destroyed themselves from within by the flesh-eating bacteria they deliberately introduced, we will go on - and so will Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness: They are the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God and nothing man attempts to do to them will diminish their power.


LewWaters said...

My wife had cause to retain an attorney a few years ago and during their conversations, he too revealed that most of our so called "Representatives" are not only "clueless," but often down right dumb. In effect, they amount to little more than store dressing, fronts for other powerful people we would never elect.

We can only blame ourselves because we fail to check them out ourselvesand rely on a media that has proven to be part of one sides agenda.

Angie Lee said...

Isn't that basically what we have in Barack Obama, window dressing, a front for more powerful people we would never elect? Someone we failed to check out (not us, in particular but society as a whole - at home and abroad) ourselves - DEMANDED transparency - and relying on media proving to be part of the left's agenda?

LewWaters said...

That is exactly what we got in Obama and why I often refer to him as "homey." Not only is he a clown, he is a puppet of George Soros, and so many other leftist groups.

Apparently our so called media are beholding to those same puppetmasters.