Friday, February 06, 2009

"I Voted For Obama, I Think I Made The Wrong Decision"

Diane McDaniels lost her son James in the terrorist bombing of the U.S.S Cole in October 2000. 17 American sailors died in that terrorist attack. Ms. McDaniels refused an invitation to the White House to meet with President Obama today.

My sympathies and condolences to the McDaniels family.

This lady has admitted she made a mistake. Like many others, she was mesmerized with a charlatan by the glowing biased coverage from our lamestream media.

She does not deserve to be scolded for her decision in November, as some are doing. Now is not the time for "I told you so's."

She is hurting and with the help of her and others like her, we can take America back, but not by throwing this in her face.

Obama has made a big mistake in withdrawing charges against terrorist suspect Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, being held in Guantánamo. Although it was actually the judge, Susan J. Crawford who withdrew the charges, that she followed B HO's desires is just too obvious.

One by one, those who supported Obama will wake up and realize their error. We need these people to set America right again and I for one welcome their help.

With the help of groups like the National Black Republican Association and Republicans for Black Empowerment, honest hearted Americans, Black and White, can come together as envisioned long ago and wrest the country back from these Socialist.

But most of all, don't blame this woman for her error; blame the lamestream media who refused to do their job!!

Families of Cole Victims Worry White House Meeting Is Window Dressing


Anonymous said...

It's hard to watch that video without tearing up. I cannot imagine being the mother of a child who was killed in a terrorist attack, only to find out that my newly elected president was choosing to let the man responsible go free. Obama should be setting the standard for protecting our troops and he should be demanding justice for the ones we lose - not absolving the enemy and sympathizing with terrorists.

Americans - all Americans - should be absolutely outraged that this is the position our Commander in Chief is taking. I would like to see if he would feel differently were it one of his own daughters that had been killed.

LewWaters said...

What's really ridiculous, Angi, is that he isn't really going "free." They claim he will remain imprisoned and may be charged again.

Isn't that what they cried about for years against Bush, holding the detainees without charges against them?

The whole country was sold a bill of goods and what change we get will be what little we have left in our pockets.

Ms. McDaniels is but one of I hope many who will wake up and see what a phony they were hoodwinked into supporting.

Anonymous said...

Oh okay, I didn't realize he was going to remain imprisoned. Either way, it's absolutely appalling.

I agree, I hope many people's eyes will be opened to the real Barack Obama - the one we already knew was there before he was elected, and the one that (I hope) will be revealed sooner rather than later.

LewWaters said...

Even though remaining imprisoned, once brought into the U.S., provided that he is, and tried in a civilian court by a civilian judge and jury, there is a very good chance he will be ordered released when he begins crying he only confessed because he was tortured.

Homey is opening a pandora's box that is going to cost us all dearly.

In a seperate comment, CNN ran a story about homey meeting with the familes today and no mention of thetwo families that refused to go.

Instead, their story was a glowing account of how wonderful the meet was and included, "Lorrie Triplett, whose husband, Andrew, died in the Cole bombing... appreciated the opportunity especially since the Cole families never got to meet with former President Bush."

Perhaps they just forgot the USS Cole attack happened under B.J. Clinton.

Obama meets with families of 9/11, USS Cole victims

Angie Lee said...

I'm with Angi, hard not to bawl. First she lost her son - she had to bury BODY PARTS, for pity sake - then had to face the reality that justice would be denied by the very man she voted for, in the spirit of "hope" and "change," realizing she made a mistake.

She is 100% correct: This sends out the wrong message - to the American people and to the terrorists who would harm us. It is an open invitation to them to destroy us, our leadership welcoming it with a smile, and it is a promise to us that we will suffer the deepest grievances without any recourse whatsoever.

Dropping charges against terrorists who have murdered THOUSANDS of American citizens, IMO, borders on criminal: Aiding and abetting the enemy in time of war - the very definition of treason, by our own President; and Congress is either too blinded by rage and greed to see or they are holding his hand and helping him to guide us toward more malignant ends.

I think it is rather poignant, a handsome young BLACK man murdered by a terrorist regime, to whom absolution is given by another handsome young BLACK man - a man who ran for office (with his wife) on a platform of uplifting the black people. A young black man making something of his life, not gang-banging or drug dealing or sitting in prison like so many other young black men - a social injustice flogged to death by the left, racial oppression and discrimination based on skin color. So much unrealized potential, gone in a heartbeat, and justice denied by that young black man who promised change....

So much for uplifting the black people, let alone other Americans regardless of race, color, age, sex, religion, or sexual orientation.

Angie Lee said...

I don't get this, though. This crime was an act of war, the terrorists captured and detained during WAR... aren't they prisoners of war? How can they be tried in a civilian court? Shouldn't they be tried by military tribunal?

LewWaters said...

As I understand it, since they are terrorists and not members of a uniformed military of any nation, they are not subject to the Geneva Conventions and technically cannot be POWs, which would grant them rights under the Geneva Conventions.

This has been an ongoing sticky point as this is a whole new ballgame unlike any conflict we have been in before, save the shooting and killing.

Even that, our Troops are not facing a uniformed military, but terrorists who easily blend in with surrounding citizens and who do not desire open battle but to hit from the shadows and from behind women and children, sometimes from within Holy Buildings.

I think Military Tribunals are the proper way to go, before they are convicted and executed, and is what Bush was working towards.

For some ridiculous reason unknown to me, Democrats have wanted them on US soil and subject to civilian courts awith possible release.

They have yet to figure out these people do not sing Kumbaya andhave no desire to learn.

Sharpshooter said...

one of the family members of one of the victims of 9/11 went to Gitmo to see the conditions there. He found these scumbags gloating and laughing about the attack they had done on 9/11 and laughing about the victims. In my opinion all these scumbags should have been tried and if found guilty hanged for their crimes. Not shot but hanged. But there is a chance that Obama and the new Justice Dept. will in a few months let them all go back to their countries of origin. I do not have any hopes of justice being done about these terrorists. There are too many bleeding hearts in these admin. for that to happen. If God forbid any of these bastards turns up again in an attack you will see the finger pointing and wringing of hands but it will be too late. They have already released 66 of them and all of them are back as members in terrorists organizations. So much for justice.

LewWaters said...

You are right, Augustin. Guantánamo is where they should remain until such time as their cases are finalized. Bringing them onto American soil, with the America hating ACLU lining up to pull every dirty legal maneuver they can to free them, is a gross mistake.

Should another major terrorist attack happen on our soil and be traced back to B HO's releasing any of these terrorists, yes, Obama and the Democrats will pay a heavy price.

witchywoman said...

On another board the norm is ridiculing this poor woman. I say we will be happy to have her on our side. We need more of the black community to see Borak for what he is. We need the black conxervative vote.