Thursday, February 19, 2009

Nation of Cowards - Part I

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After decades of pump priming by personalities like Bryant Gumbel and particularly Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton spewing racially divisive commentary, it is little wonder that the verbal and emotional assault on the morality of an entire race of people - specifically, white people - continues today with Attorney General Eric Holder calling us a nation of cowards, afraid to discuss race.

Could there be a reason for that fear?

Perhaps we could start with the efforts of one Al Sharpton heading a rally today outside the New York Post offices for a political cartoon automatically decried as "racist" because the monkey (the DEAD monkey, no less) was shot by police and now The Hill needs to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill.

Of course it is racist! It is also a death threat against Barack Obama! Why? Because the man is (half) black and you just don't associate blacks and monkeys in any way because.... well.... it's racist. Fine. I can deal with not associating black people and monkeys (it is disgusting, after all, and utterly demeaning); but I cannot deal with finding "racism" in every shadow, every corner, every nook and cranny and the manufactured outrage at perceived racism where none exists.

This is no more an attack on Barack Obama as a black man than it is a threat against his life. First of all, Barack did not write the "stimulus" bill - that would be the "monkey-see, monkey-do" idiocy of Pelosi, Reid, et al. He made the unfortunate error of "delegating" authorship of this atrocity to the morons running Congress. This cartoon makes "sideways" reference to how poorly masked was the stampede to rush it past the unsuspecting public that ultimately we will discover we would have been better off had it been written by a monkey. It is an absolute reference to Travis, the (drugged-up) monkey shot by police after mauling a lady earlier this week. Had this week's news carried headlines about a (drugged-up) dog mauling a lady, the picture would have depicted police shooting a mad dog, likely bearing the same caption (thanks to the mad-dog politics running rampant in the cesspool of Washington).

The most shameful and appalling aspect of this fiasco is having to face the fact that we will never be a "post-racial" society. There is a certain element that will never allow us to move to that point - and it starts with folks like Jesse and Al, indoctrinating people into thinking they must suffer a victimization complex - or they will never truly be African-American.


LewWaters said...

Angie, you are right. This can't be seen any clearer than what happened recently to a man in Oklahoma City who was pulled over by Police for displaying a sign saying "Abort Obama, not the unborn."

It was considered a "threat" against Obama when it was actually an anti-abortion statement.

Although Police admitted it wasn't a threat, they contacted the Secret Service, who agreed it wasn't a threat against Obama, but still "visited" his home for a "walk through" to "determine if he belonged to a hate group."

We have moved as close as ever to a Police State with this clown in office.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, Ang, you're dead on. I've seen numerous blogs this morning about how "racist" that cartoon is and how the artist deserves to be fired, so on and so forth. One person even declared that the cartoon "appears to be promoting Obama's assassination."

It is SO obvious to me that this was a jab at the actual authors of the bill and how the bill ended up being passed - grossly irresponsibly. As you said, the general implication was that "we would have been better off had it been written by a monkey."

People such as Sharpton, Jackson, Rev. Wright, Holder and, yes, Obama himself, will never be happy, and they're doing their best to indoctrinate as many as they can. They want the best of both worlds - they want to receive equal treatment, but as soon as that happens (Hello, first black president? Hello, first black attorney general?) and people quit talking about color and race, they can't stand it anymore, and out comes the provocative language about racism and how "we all need to open up the channels of communication."

I have black friends. I have white friends. I have Asian friends, I have Native American friends, I have friends FROM and IN other countries. People like Holder imply people like me need to start off every conversation with, "Hey, I noticed you're black, and I want you to know that I believe we are 100% equals. Now, how was your weekend?"

We've come about as close to a post-racial society as we are ever going to get. Sadly, the most influential black people in this country are making absolute certain we never fully achieve that goal.

LewWaters said...

White Guilt Emancipation Declaration

Anonymous said...

Hahah, Lew, I've seen that - love it. :)

Angie Lee said...

Lew: I saw that story yesterday at STACLU and was mortified. A month in, and this happens so you KNOW it's going to get worse. Sorry, but they had no business requesting a walk-through of his home, and that guy was wrong to have let them. No warrant? They had no business in his house, and letting them in sets a dangerous precedent for the annihilation of our right to freedom from illegal searches. What is scariest to me is that I don't even think Barry knows how dangerous he really is (intentional or not). HE will be the end of this country. Period.

Ang: Yeah, I know, and it's shocking. Myself, I would be offended if someone walked up to me and started a conversation with "Hey, I noticed you're crippled, and I want you to know that I believe we are 100% equals," so how - by any rational stretch of the imagination - could it be appropriate to start out a conversation with a person's ethnicity? In fact, if I (as a white person) walked up to a person of color - ANY color - here in Saginaw and said something like that, I would probably find myself in the ER with a knife stuck in my body, if not a bullet, at least beat severely with a baseball bat.

There is little difference, comparing ethnicity to "disability," because SOMEONE is ALWAYS going to find a way to turn it into a handicap. Like my husband and children, being Deaf - there is always going to be some dingleberry who thinks that makes them "inferior" just like some have done to people based on the color of their skin.

I understand that there *IS* racism in today's society - but it is nowhere near as rampant and destructive as some would have us believe, and it happens all the way around and not just at the hands of whites.

If we all pretend to be "colorblind" or even if we actually did come to that point in society), can you imagine the LOSS we would ALL suffer, ties to rich and vital heritages - even in all their controversy but all their contributions?

No. We are black, white, yellow, red, and brown but we are ALL Americans and we need to start acting that way.