Saturday, March 07, 2009

My Thoughts

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Take it for what you will, these are my thoughts alone. I could very well be wrong (probably not, but there is a first time for everything, so we will leave the possibility open).

Joe, like most people, cannot imagine where it will all end....

I can tell you EXACTLY where it will end. As a student of history and of economics (the combination of these my passion) reaching that conclusion is only hard psychologically - who really wants to be smacked in the head with a figurative 2 x 4, right? On the other hand, morons like Rightwingfuckie (whose sole purpose in life is terrorizing people with whom he disagrees) fail to see that they are hitting themselves upside the head; but that is neither here nor there since that little prick deserves whatever brick wall he walks into face-first. So, FUCK OFF, Snarkie.

It will end in revolution, and not a bloodless one, either. There will be significant loss of life, starting with the elderly, the disabled, and any children unable to fend for themselves. The core population that remains will riot for food, and those unable to hunt and gather will starve. They will die with outstretched hand, waiting for the government to put something in it, pat them on the head, and tell them a happily-ever-after bedtime story.

Barack Obama will not make the end of his first term; he will resign due to health reasons. It has been a nightmare, really, watching the life being sucked out of the man this past year, and rather horrifying to see tics writhe across his face. Then we will be stuck with President Asstard, who could not beat his way out of a wet paper sack. We should expect continued grasping and clawing for power by Hillary Clinton, as well as Nancy Pelosi (IMO, the more dangerous of the two).

The corruption of Congress will catch up to the offenders and we will see them start to drop like flies; prayerfully, many will find themselves sitting in prison where they belong. Parties as we know them will cease to exist. The judiciary has as little respect for the Constitution as the other two branches of our government, and We The People will demand restoration of the liberties, rights, and freedoms guaranteed to us within that document - merely to be protected by the government and not endowed by it, contrary to their belief.

The Dollar will fail, Wall Street will implode, and the Federal Reserve with its unsustainable fiat monetary system will collapse. We will resort to barter, become reliant upon ourselves, and extend charity to each other where needed - not for political gain or appearances but because it is the right thing to do. This will be a worldwide phenomenon.

Washington will burn. I am not trying to spin this with a racial bias, but I believe many of these changes will be effected at the hands of Black America - not because they are "susceptible" or "prone" to violence but because they have been promised so much and will be hurt the worst. We must support them in their endeavors, as it will be the only way TRUE equality will ever be achieved.

In the end, we will be a smaller nation - in population, in demographics, in politics, and perhaps even in geography; but in the end, we will be a closer nation, one that has learned the lessons of the past, screamed "enough" to abuse of power, and taken back those God-granted liberties the government of the last century has had no right usurping.

We will prevail, the American spirit impossible to quash, and we will once again remember what it means to be PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN. We have a right to be free, but freedom comes with a price tag. When a person is given something for nothing, they have little appreciation for it; but something earned through sweat, blood, and tears is cherished and treasured.

Our freedom was paid for at terrible expense. Some 25,000 to 50,000 Americans sacrificed their lives in the Revolutionary War as a down payment on protecting that right. Many more have made that sacrifice on our behalf in the years since, to ensure its continued protection. Turning our backs on it now - by not appreciating it or by demeaning it and undermining the core values of the Constitution those individuals had sworn to uphold and protect - is telling them they gave their lives in vain. So many of us in this day and age have no real point of reference, not having paid that price out of our own pockets. Therefore, it is just like that object given for nothing, with little appreciation for it and what it represents: A legacy to pass on from generation to generation.

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LewWaters said...

As a country, we are defintely in deep do do, Angie. Even with training wheels, the current occupants of the White House are clueless.

The damage alredy done by B HO will take generations to undo.

Average American said...

Angie Lee, Although I can see how all of your premonitions could come true, I certainly hope the majority don't. I have no problem with NObama quitting, it would not surprise me at all, I just hope if he does, that Joe Imbiben is way better than I think he is, and we both know better than that. Besides, Piglosi is third in line. Now THAT is scary!

I am hoping and praying that our revolution will be at the polls in 2010. Win back at least the majority of the Senate and hopefully the House too, and we would then be able to survive 4 years of the halfrican. Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Oy. What ridiculous gibberish, though that part about you eating your young is pretty funny.

You sure are scared of brown-skinned people.