Wednesday, March 18, 2009

White People Lost Their Constitutional Right

The Hon. James David Manning, PhD sees what is happening to our nation and its people. We have not come together, as promised. We have moved further apart than ever.

Obama is not the 'Great Uniter,' he is but a puppet on a leash being led by unseen people behind him who front him for their rapid move towards Socialism, communism, just as Kruschev said many years ago.

Pastor Manning has it right. We must stop the nonsense over Obama and come together as a people, white, black, brown, yellow, whatever. We must once again reform the great melting pot of America and include all this time, as should have been done long ago.

We need to stop being hyphenated Americans and be Americans first, if our nation is to survive.

If you feel, like many do, that America isn't worth saving and standing up for, feel free to exercise your God granted freedom to exit the country and immigrate to the nearest despotic dicatorship your heart desires.


Anonymous said...

Well,technically this nation wasn't designed to be a "melting pot".That was a masonic slogan that came with the Fench Mason's gift in the 19th century.And now,the Majority has been so demonized that they are afraid to speak out against the mystery man because of his skin color.

LewWaters said...

Actually the "the Melting Pot" was the title of a play by a Jewish immigrant from England named Israel Zangwill in 1908.

The concept is what was unique to our country, so many coming together to be of one, while still retiaining their own culture at home.

That some were kept out was very wrong, but once those barriers were removed, some felt it proper to destroy the Melting Pot, which is ripping America apart.

Multi-culturalism may sound good, but that wasn't why our ancestors left their native land to become Americans.

Angie Lee said...

I like this guy. He lost some credibility in my eyes when he went off ranting about Hillary being Madame President, but overall, he's got some GREAT points - especially about how the rift has grown since Obama started running for POTUS. I also like his point about two wrongs not making a right.

THIS guy is a leader - not Barry.

Long-legged mack daddy. Coequal to Satan. Street pimp. LOL

LewWaters said...

While Pastor Manning does get 'over the top' on occassion, I see him doing it similar to what Rush Limbaugh does. As he says, sometimes it takes absurdity to prove absurdity.