Friday, April 24, 2009

Lets Release All Torture Photos and News

As the left gleefully looks forward to new revelations from the ACLU's victory on getting more photos released allegedly showing "horrific torture," I propose that all records of torture be relased and let the public compare 'hazing' photos to real torture and mistreatment.

For every older previously not released photo from Abu Ghraib, show one still photo from this video,

As the hate America left cries about alleged instances of torture, recall the following,

Somali girl 'pleaded for mercy' before Islamists stoned her to death for being raped

Taliban Gunmen Murder Leading Afghan Women's Rights Activist

Beheaded girls were Ramadan 'trophies'

To dispell accusations that I support torture, consider the following. A United Nations torture envoy says, "US must prosecute Bush lawyers."

Shouldn't he instead be calling for prosecution of United Nations Peacekeepers and staffers that were merely reprimanded for child abuse and rape?

To me, rape and child abuse is more torturous than alleged incidences of placing womens panties on the head of a terrorist, who would behead those who defend them today.

Let's keep this in perspective and remember who and what we have been fighting for 7 years. Waterboarding is not torture. Beheading a live person, such as civilian Nicholas Berg is!

Obama's weakness and caving in to the far left extremists and hate Bush/America crowd will end up leaving us vulnerable for worse attacks than we saw on September 11, 2001 and will cost more American lives than we saw then.

He has in effect neutered his own ability as Commander in Chief to protect Americans within our own country from terrorist attacks, excuse me, man made tragedies.

Never before has a newly elected president weakened our country so swiftly as Obama and his far left extremists.


Kirk T. said...

Boo hoo Lewnie Lewser. Time to prosecure the Bush Admin!!!

LewWaters said...

Sure thing, butthead, just as soon as you all surrender Clinton.

US President Convicted of War Crimes, Sentenced To 20 YearsDon't be surprised when you discover how many of your precious commiecrats go down instead.

You morons can really get stupid at times and end up biting yourselves in your own asses.

Storm'n Norm'n said...

In reference to "Me said" above, how is it that they cannot defend themselves with objectivity and prudent ideas that result from intelligent discourse? It's very obvious to me that these morons, as you call them, are approproiatly labeled as you said,"morons"...

I wonder sometimes if these morons ever stop to think about their behavior as being abnormal. But I guess I'll have to blame George Bush for leaving some children behind...he missed a few morons!

LewWaters said...

me is just a local child-troll, I doubt even through High School yet.

Typical product of public education unable to think objectively or speak on his own and who defintely hates America and true patriots.

Angie Lee said...

Unfortunately, I think it's going to take multiple additional 9/11's to wake this sleepwalking population of Obamabots up.

If they're looking for population control, they could very well find it - for THEMSELVES - at the end of a radical Islamist's AK-47. They're "infidels," as well, regardless of their political stripe - and I have a hard time believing those Islamic elements will suffer much of their stupidity, over-inflated self-worth, and over-indulgence in instant self-gratification....