Thursday, April 16, 2009

Speakerette Pelosi Reacts To the TEA Parties

Depending on tired campaign slogans, Pelosi spreads disinformation in hopes of countering the growing anti-tax movement.

Her cry of “failed Bush policies” are laughable. Our economy was moving along steadily, inspite of war on two fronts and growing. The Stock Market was at all times highs and unemplyment at record lows when she and her cabal of socialist Democrats seized congressional power in January 2007.

As they began dismanting our liberties and pushing their sodcialist agenda, our economy began faltering.

Don’t forget that our current situation was brought on by the failure of two Democrat based mortgage giants, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which Democrats denied were in trouble back in 2003 when Bush tried to regulate them and again in 2005 when McCain tried.

While some in the RNC may support the TEA Parties, they are not sponsoring us. We are grassroots, much more than the ACORN and instilled rallies that often use paid professional protesters to appear outraged.

The left’s backlash to our backlash is predictable and manufactured to keep American citizens deluded to the truth of what Democrats stand for today, dismantling a strong America and rebuilding a copy of the failed Soviet Union.

Pelosi isn't deluded at all. As usual, she and the left must spread lies and deceit to counter us. We threaten their socialist takeover and to fight us, they resort to their normal disinformation.

Ignore them and continue fighting for our liberties.


Abel Johnson said...

Grassroots? So you have Fox News providing free advertising. The Republican Party, Freedomworks, Americans for Prosperity and other Astroturf orgs doing turn-out. (Don't forget, I check all those websites and get their emails too). Not to mention that Russ Walker Oregon FreedomWorks Chief was present at the teabagging rally giving interviews to the media. Grassroots this hardly is.

Over at Victorias blog she posted several corporate sponsors. They provided funding--no?

Now, it is clear you hate Pelosi, but she is spot on in her statement. There was an attempt to cover it up, but I think the jig is up.

LewWaters said...

Well, well, well, dis-abel, you are actually stupid enough to visit my blog and leave a comment?

I didn't think you could get more dumb, but then I have to remember you are a liberal moron.

Even a dullard like you can see that our rallies are not corporate funded.

You worry about "free advertising?" What do you call the Obama fawning/anti-Bush crap spewed all these years on ABC, CBS, NBC, the New York Times, The LA Times, the Chicago Times, CNN and so on?

Your "evidence" once again is as ignorant as you are. Megyn Kelly reported on Two that announced their intent to attend to Fox.

That she wasn't informed of 9 others who said they would be in attendance disproves your claim!

Some coordination between the GOP and Fox when Kelly wasn't informed as was your liberal apologist site seems to have been.

I love it when you ninnies embarrass yourselves and shoot yourselves in the foot.

Even stretching as you try, you prove yourselves the fools we all know you commiecrats are.

Abel Johnson said...

Well, well, Lew-nie, you are foolish enough to respond with absolutely nothing.

I guess you couldn't answer to Freedomworks, Americans for Prosperity and the GOP involvement as astroturf. But I expected as much. Maybe they can get you some talking points so you can do a better job at selling us on the idea.

Abel Johnson said...

btw--what did you think about the Portland Trailblazers having quadrupal the turnout in the square that you teapartiers had? Shows that most Portlanders care more about the Blazers then your cause. And that was during work hours.

LewWaters said...

Try acting like something more than the typical liberal idiot, dis-abel.

I address what I want, when I want. Goading doesn't work. Go back to moveon and tell them they need give you something better.

If you ever say anything worth responding too, I might do so.

As for your Pelosi crack, I remind you of, "We are Americans, We have the right to participate and debate any administration."

Ya'll set the tone.

LewWaters said...

I don't follow the Blazers, they bore me.

What do you think of the well over 5,000 who showed up, ON A WORK NIGHT?

Keep sitting there trembling, son, we is growin'

Kirk T. said...

"We" needs to learn how to speak backwater. 5000??? What a joke. But really, 5000 teabaggers having a meeting is good comic relief. I just hope the FBI got all your license plates so they can keep track of you RW extremists.

Kirk T. said...

I am surprised that a coward like yourself hasn't turned off comments over here yet. You repubicant clowns can't seem to take the truth very well. Tune out reality and turn on FOX news. They sure did a great job doing PR for you dimballs.

LewWaters said...

Y*A*W*N, mini-me.

Pitiful, son, just pitiful. Even a braindead liberal moron like you knows better.

But, you don't know how happy you and made me by making the mistake of posting comments here. I've been waiting for some time and now that you have, I have what I wanted.

Your disinformation and lies isn't working, son.

klatu said...

Abel ME Johnson

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