Thursday, April 16, 2009

Who Sent You?

In spite of leftist lies and disinformation about the origins of the TEA Party movement, we are not a GOP, Wealthy Corporate America or Rich upper class led group.

Who sent us? Not Who, but What!

Government out of control spending for too many years.

Government taxation, even when labeled as a "tax cut" is bankrupting generations of Americans.

Demcorat, Republican, doesn't matter. Out of control spending and excessive borrowing has to stop. Moving America towards Socialism and away from freedom must stop.

As for the "teabagging" slurs, who originated calling us such in the first place? I do believe it was those who now ridicule and snicker at the movement and use of the term they use.

But, leave it to the filthy minded left to create such inappropriate mental pictures in the first place.

UPDATE: A comment from "Karl," the creator of this video, left in comments.

Thanks for posting my Cincinnati Tea Party video. It was a pleasure to talk with all the patriots at the Tea Party. Those are good people, and they have destroyed the theory that these Tea Parties are the work of some Right-Wing wizard behind a curtain.


No Karl, thank you for making this important record available to all of us. I hope this video makes it across the nation to counter the bogus claims of the Democrats who are trying to dismantle this effort.


Kirk T. said...

Who sent you? A bevy of Right-wing talk show hosts, right-wing organizations, Fox News and the Repubicant Party, thats who. You guys couldn't tie your shoes or feed yourselves without 'em.

LewWaters said...

Poor mini, still brain dead, huh?

Being a Democrat will do that to you.

Too bad you didn't listen to what the people said.

Keep projecting your crap, sonny. America is waking up to you commiecrats and none too soon.

Hope you show up Saturday and introduce yourself.

You don't know how much I'd like to meet you, boy.

Abel Johnson said...
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Abel Johnson said...

Man you are filled with "nice" names for people tonight Lew.

What do you think about this video? This maybe what a few folks are talking about with regard to yesterday being coordinated and not a random grassroots event. Just a thought.

Kirk T. said...

brain dead,commiecrats? And you say liberals are angry and insulting. Sheesh.

Abel Johnson said...

Hey Lew, what is the expected turn-out for saturday in the couv? You think there will be counter protestors like there were in Portland, or is it going to be straight party line?

LewWaters said...

Of course a few GOP hopefuls jumped on at the last minute, but they weren't there in the beginning, as you well know.

Nor are they funding any of this, also as you well know.

But, in typical commiecrat way, you ignore that to create the illusion you wish so you can "remake" America, as homey campaigned to do.

Seems to me, remaking means turning it into what it wasn't, which is why we are showing up.

Still, I love seeing the fear coming from you all as you see true Americans waking up to this coup d'etat and standing up.

Don't worry, though, once you commiecrats are exposed and ousted, we won't send you to any "reeducation camps," we'll just send you out looking for a job!

That alone must frighten the hell out of you, huh?

Abel Johnson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Abel Johnson said...

Frightened? Interesting that you say this. With an advanced degree, I have never been frightened of getting a job. In fact there were times in my life that I have worked several at the same time.

I am not sure about the "GOP just jumping on". They were on from the start, just like the other groups.

I guess a word of caution to you and other teapartiers. Don't get too cocky. The left has been protesting the wars for the past 8 years. They have turned out 10s of 1000s more at a time then you Republicans have and look what they achieved. We are still in Iraq and Afganistan.

The fact that conservatives have absolutely no power in D.C makes it all the more difficult. Good luck though.

Maybe you can ask those Republicans attending why they helped President Bush grow the government, participated in out of control spending and drove up debt. That I am sure the future generations would love to know.

LewWaters said...

Advanced degree, mini? In what, Liberal stupidity?


Yes, minni, a handful of GOP hopefuls have signed on, lately. They were not there in the beginning and even Ron Paul is now trying to take credit due to his "fund raisers" being labeled "tea party's."

Your "advice" is duly noted and considered and filed where it belongs in my round file.

Keep fearing conservative power, son. It may not be in Washington D.C. currently, but it is spread across the nation, hence the left's abject fear of us.

Otherwise, you all would just laugh and ignore us. We know that.

As far as Bush goes, need I remind you that we continually disagreed with the out of control spending, no matter who was doing it?

We want RINO's out of the party, unlike the commies in control of the DNC, who you all embrace.

Angie Lee said...

Perhaps you recall these words, potentially picked up somewhere along the way while in pursuit of that "advanced degree," Abel:

"...accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.'

We are sick and tired of ALL the abuse coming out of Washington, REGARDLESS OF PARTY. We do not deny that Republicans are equally as guilty as Democrats. As I saw on one poster being carried (I think I saw it on the EXTENDED version of the CNN coverage in Chicago, recorded and posted by a BLOGGER rather than the lamestream media):


This has been a back-and-forth-by-Party usurpation of the liberties of We The People for a century. Washington, DC, is littered with con artists, shysters, and thieves. It is time to take a (figurative, of course) fire hose in to clean out the cesspool.

LewWaters said...

Abel/Me is a local leftist operative whose solereason for existence is to parrot and such.

My suspicions based upon interaction over the months on Victoria Taft's blog is that he might have made it into the 8th grade by now.

He surely isn't experienced and I find it doubtful there is any "advanced degree."

He even claimed once to be a Radiologist on sabbatical to impose government healthcare on all.

In fact, he has generated so many lies under all of his aliases, I bet he doesn't even remember what all he claims.

This one is as phony as a three-dollar bill, Angie.

Rip him apart as you see fit, if you desire.

Angie Lee said...

It doesn't really take an advanced degree: I learned the words of the Declaration and the Constitution in 7th grade. I was 11 years old at the time, understanding even then the power behind them, and I have carried them with me for 25 years.

They express an ideal, a duty to oneself and to future generations, that they may enjoy the liberties our Founding Fathers envisioned for ALL citizens of this country.

They are more than just words.

I am suffering ennui when it comes to attempting to help those on the opposite end of the spectrum see what I see. They have neither the desire to listen, nor the will to learn. I know that united we stand and divided we shall fall, but that seems to be the way they want us: Broken, fallen, a ruin.

The left's ability to castigate those on the right and even those of us in the middle is ensured SOLELY through the power the words of those documents embody. Once the foundation they were created upon has been destroyed, they do indeed become JUST WORDS.

Only then will they realize their folly, when even they no longer have the right to speak out about ANYTHING. Just being on the "proper" side at this moment in time does not provide immunity to having THEIR rights stripped away, as well.

LewWaters said...

Angie, our institutions of public indoctrination do not teach Social Studies or Civics as they once did. The pride and thanks we were taught to have for the advantages available to us in America are largely ignored and just the opposite seems to be taught to children today.

The left, who has been desiring a communist nation since early in the 20th century, has successfully infiltrated every level of those institutions of public indoctrination and all levels of political office.

Their purpose has been to "conquer and divide."

Sadly, those that fully support them and do their dirty work will be the ones that lose the most, should the left succeed in destroying the liberties and freedoms passed on to us by our forefathers.

These TEA Parties must scare the beejeezies out of the left as they have gone out of their way to ridicule and counter us.

Angie Lee said...

I've long noticed this about the quality of our schools.

Things I learned a mere 20 years ago (I graduated in 1990, if that gives some perspective) are not taught to my oldest son, now in 11th grade (the year we took US history, "government" in 12th), nor have those things I learned in 7th and 8th grade been taught to my middle son, now in 8th grade. They have learned about history and civics from ME.

Unfortunately, it is not just the social sciences and civics that are found lacking. In 2nd grade, I learned multiplication tables. By 5th grade, my middle son could not do those same tables - until I home schooled him that year, and then he learned them. I learned spelling, grammar, and composition before I ever set foot in a high school - yet they argued with me over being assigned spelling words (we don't have to do that in the REGULAR school). Salvation in that regard (it was motivational rather than intelligence, both of them avid readers and reading at 12th grade levels by 5th grade) came in the form of their reading skills.

During my tour of duty through the schools, we took home economics (we cooked and sewed AND learned home management skills and even etiquette) in 6th, 7th, AND 8th grades. The home-ec lab has been dismantled and is now a teacher's lounge. We had art, drama, wood shop, and swimming classes, drafting, computer programming, vocational skills classes, typing, and agriculture. I took part in ALL of them over the 8 years of middle and high school. My kids have had almost NONE of these - the drafting and wood shops long since gone, the auditorium now used only for high school productions (for money), the pool closed, and most of the others scaled back to "easy A" classes kids take to fulfill shoddy graduation requirements.

I *learned* in school; it tears me up to see my kids deprived of so much that I had been offered that would prepare me to enter society as a productive member and not just a number to justify more state/federal funds to keep the doors open - and later drain those who do decide to contribute rather than just suck up resources.

Kirk T. said...

Aww Blue Lew is all mad. Many aliases? Funny. I guess your whole existence is to parrot the Fox New/Republican/Red State Party Line?

Interesting point that you all missed Lewn, Abel, Angry is that War protestors were turning out 20,000 in major cities. They were also doing it regularly. Not just on holidays.

As for your little pathetic movement, remember that Repubicants lost and Democrats won. You can protest all you want, but those who have been elected don't have to listen to you. Get that straight first.

LewWaters said...

Angie, I graduated in 1966, so you can just imagine how much different your schooling was to mine. We still said the Lord's Prayer every morning with no one having hurt feelings.

Discipline was a major part of our school day.

I showed my own daughters some of my Grammar School pictures I found and they couldn't believe how we sat in neat rows and were dressed as the school deemed appropriate. Not uniforms, but a definite dress code.

Our teachers were World War Two survivors and proud of America and taught us that pride, without resorting to bashing others countries.

They weren't afraid to fail us if didn't learn, either. Our self esteem depended upon our accomplishments, as they should.

LewWaters said...

LOl, mini, using the school's computers doesn't hide your IP address as well as you think it does, son.

Yes, the anti-war dullards did turn out in larger numbers, but then again, we conservatives have to work to support our families.

Then again, face it. You leftists oppose wars because you are scared to death you might have to attend one and secure your own freedoms, not depend on those you hate to do it for you.

Oh, you commiecrats have only won for a short while. Just remember, ya'll lost before too.

America is waking up to your butt buddies intent and will be rejecting ya'll in large numbers very soon, unless you suspend the constitution and install a full communist regime.

Then again, that's why we have the second amendment, right?

In case you forgot, in 2000 and 2004, Republicans won, didn't they? Don't place so much stock in your temporary victory.

Abel Johnson said...

"your butt buddies intent"

Wow, so that is what your cause is about.

I heard some good news today. Apparently President Obama is planning nationwide light rail and high speed rail. As soon as that is done you and your silent minority can ride mass transit to the anti-obama rallies.

LewWaters said...

hee hee, mini, I gave you that just to see you froth a little. I knew you would resist it.

You are so predictable, son.

You may limit yourself to what homey lets you have, I'll keep my freedoms and liberties and go down fighting for them.

Too bad I won't be around when you finally open your eyes and see how you and the rest just threw away the greatest gift ever given to man.

klatu said...

Freedom and President Ronald Reagan Sent me.

PS: Lew did you see the Picture of Nobama and his Comrade Friend Chavez Shaking hands on Drudge tonight. Not to smart. Yep One Term Nobama.

PPS: Lew when is Victoria going to turn her "COMMENT MODERATOR" off?

LewWaters said...

Hey there, Klatu. Yes, I saw that and was wondering when they would embrace and kiss.

Homey seems to be having a gay old time disenfranchising our allies while buttering up enemies. Of course, they aren't his enemies since they think and feel as he does and also hate America.

I didn't know Victoria had comment moderation on, but was wondering why everyone stopped commenting.

I'll have to email her and ask.

Karl said...

Thanks for posting my Cincinnati Tea Party video. It was a pleasure to talk with all the patriots at the Tea Party. Those are good people, and they have destroyed the theory that these Tea Parties are the work of some Right-Wing wizard behind a curtain.


LewWaters said...

Thank you for making it available, Karl. It is an important video that all should see to counter these bogus claims of the TEA Parties not being real grassroots.

The left did the same thing with the Swift Boat Veterans and POWs for Truth in 2004, falsely claiming they were a Republican funded and backed group when in fact, many of the guys were Democrats who opposed Kerry.

We stood up to them then and must continue standing up to them today so that we can pass our freedoms and liberties on to our children.

You did an excellent job on your video. Thanks again.

klatu said...

Hey Lew: grab the picture off my blog if you want it. I brightened it up a bit. That hand shake between the two Communists is real clear.

With Victoria's blog I thought Internet Explorer 8 (which I had but removed and went back to Internet Explorer 7) was blocking her. But I soon realized she had Her Comment Moderator on. I DON'T Blame her. The Trolls are trying to Bite but they can be easily Isolated into siber space. There feelings must be really hurt. LOL

LewWaters said...

I have one of them, Klatu. But will look around as I believe there is more than one.

One troll has come here under two names again. Too bad he didn't realize sitemeter records IP addresses.

Then again, maybe they are gay lovers living together and using the same computer, not that there's anything wrong with that, LOL.

klatu said...

Lew: So "ME" and Abel are the same Socialist? ------ or TWO GAY LOVERS? Hmmmm

PS: I just put a Sitemeter on mine to. I'm curious bout that LEW WALTERS CLOWN. Then there's IKNOWHOWTOSPELL. Are all these Socialists using QWEST,COMCAST,DIALUP???? and do they live in Portland????

LewWaters said...

Klatu, I found it funny when they said Witchywoman and I were the same person, yet Victoria, Kitanis and others saw us standing next to each other in Pioneer Square at the first TEA Party.

Whoever the troll is isn't half as slick as he thinks. Moving around from computer to computer does not modify a persons writing style either.

Then again, made up names show a definite lack of maturity.

Angie Lee said...

Our "buddy" keeps coming to my site EVERY DAY, even though I've posted... what?... ONE entry in the past month?

Isn't that a waste of time? Why not just put it in a feed burner? I guess wasting time matters not to someone who probably hasn't worked in years and has nothing better to do than stalk pages they claim to dislike.

Personally, I think our "buddy" is infatuated: You and I are both blog rolled from their trashy site, Lew. I get hits from all over referred from there - but none leave comments (so maybe those others don't suffer the same level of malignant stupidity, even if they do read at the originating site?).

LewWaters said...

I didn't even know 'he' had a site, Angie. But yes, 'he' seems to live for just projecting its hate of conservatism on various websites.

Then, to top it all off, 'it' thinks posting under Pseudonyms bolsters its point of view.

Kirk T. said...

Bwhahahaha. The Lewnies are figuring out how to use sitemeter. Ever hear of dynamic ip. Besides numnuts, IP addresses especially from comcast use the same set of numbers accept from the last 2, or 3. Sitemeter can't get those. If people use Comcast in Portland odd are the same IP will show. Nice try though. Keep acting like bozos it is amusing.

Angie Lee said...

Site Meter is not the only tracker available - and some DO provide the full IP.

klatu said...

Thanks Abel "ME" Johnson. We will be knocking on your door very soon.

LewWaters said...

Gawrsh, mini, you sound just like a child, which I am sure you are, who has been caught eating cookies and trying to say he wasn't, while you still have a mouthful.

Sitemeter is but one way, as Angie noted.

Then again, I see you didn't deny that you and Abel were gay lovers (not that there is anything wrong with that) living together and using the same computer.

Hmmmmmmm. Possibly an element of truth?

Abel Johnson said...

Didn't you know Lew, "Me" and I are married. What makes you think that "Me" is a man. Maybe you are "Me" masquerading as Lew to start something special.

Good to know that you are supportive of gay couples living together. We will hold you to that.

As for you KLATU, so are you an Lew and Angie going to come knocking on my door? Am I to take that as a threat or something? Takes a pretty big nobody to threaten someone on-line. But you know that.

LewWaters said...

Poor poor mini-abel. You have yet to realize that I have no problem with gays, I just don't support same sex marriage.

Other than that, they may feel free to shove whatever they desire up their rears, doesn't bother me at all.

They won't answer to me, but to a higher power when the time comes and then, he will make judgement, not I.

klatu said...

Abel "ME" Johnson: Well we know you have a Door. Google maps should show us the way. Yea will stop by for Halloween. Hope you have some TEAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Abel Johnson said...

Lew "KLATU" Waters, you are going to wait until Halloween. Won't you have driven yourself crazy ODS by then?

You forget that your IP addresses are revealed as well. Be really careful about your threats. Google takes them really serious.

It is pretty cowardly to say the least. At least have the guts to use your real name.

LewWaters said...

Give it up, mini, you've ben exposed, deal with it.

This is the last comment off subject from you I will allow.

Feel free to express an opposing view, but do it like an adult, even though we all know it will be years before you reach adulthood.

klatu said...

Victoria "Klatu" Taft and now I'm
Lew "KLATU" Waters. That's a Compliment Abel "ME" Johnson. Thank You so much. I'm Hoping I can be accused sometime of Being Ronald "Klatu" Reagan. By the way come over to my BLOG. Lew has a Link also above. I'd like to test out my sitemeter before I Knock on your door on Halloween.

PS: Abel Me--It's no secret my first name is JACK and yours is???

PPS: And like I've said I was sent by President Ronald Reagan.

Abel Johnson said...

OK Klatu "Amiable Dunce" Waters, how is that. Make you happy?

Now why would you wait until Halloween? I know you conservatives like to run around like with sheets on in the night, but seems like a long time away. Is it that you are too much of a coward like most conservatives to appear now. Just curious.

LewWaters said...

Poor poor little delusional mini-abel.

Son, didn't they teach you any American history yet? The Klan, complete with white hoods and dead of night confrontations, were all Democrats.

Now, how about sounding more like and adult? Try actually addressing the subject matter.

You might even get edumakated a little bit.