Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pro-American Patriotic Squirrel

Cemetery workers at Mount Hope Cemetery in Port Huron, Michigan were stumped at the disappearance of small American Flags placed on graves of Veterans buried there.

Cemetery superintendent Ron Ceglarek solved the mystery when he noticed a squirrel detaching the flags and carrying them up a tree for its nest.


Perhaps the next Protester who defecates on our flag better watch his rear, or answer to a Patriotic squirrel.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Stewart Rhodes, Founder of Oath Keepers

OATH KEEPERS is a group of Military, Veterans, firefights and peace officers who will honor their oaths to defend the Constitution who will NOT “just follow orders,” will stand for liberty, and will save the Republic, so help us God. Their motto is: "Not on Our Watch!"

Oath Keepers, Guardians Of The Republic.

President Bush, You Didn’t Learn A Damn Thing

Ever since the controversial 2000 election between former V.P. Al Gore and Texas Governor, George W. Bush, the Democrats and the leftist cabal within our country and even abroad spewed the most vitriolic hatred towards a sitting President I have ever heard in my 60 years. Save for a very brief time after September 11, 2001, President George W. Bush has been the most maligned President in my lifetime, if not the history of our nation. Even W. semi-acknowledges this with a little witticism he repeats often now that he is out of office. He tells of while walking his dog Barney in his Dallas neighborhood,

“We’re walking down the street and the little fella’ sees this unbelievably manicured garden, and there I was, former President, with a plastic bag on my hand, picking up that which I had dodged for eight solid years.”
While worth some chuckles, more truth is revealed there than not. Case in point, I issued a challenge a few years ago for all those claimed Bush was a Media Sweetheart and received a pass to link to or produce any positive article on President Bush from any of the more mainstream media, print or TV. The only one ever produced was when he was declared Time Magazines “Person of the Year” in 2004. As he prepared to leave office, many moonbats were gravely disappointed that he wasn’t handcuffed and being ‘frog-marched’ out of the White House. In fact, a highly partisan group,, has renamed itself to and is still lobbying heavily for prosecutions of the former two-term President and his administration, helped along by several Democrats in Congress eager to criminalize opposing the Socialist Democrat takeover of America. For the first time in our history, a sitting President came under merciless attacks by former Presidents of the opposition Party, Jimmy Carter, one-termer elected in 1976 and defeated in 1980 and unarguably the worst President in our history, labeling Bush over and over as “the Worst President Ever!” Over and over, the sleaziest President we ever had, two-termer B.J. Clinton joined Carter in abandoning the historic practice of former Presidents not openly criticizing sitting Presidents and heaped on the hatred towards President Bush. Throughout the presidency, Bush could do nothing right. From fighting the War on Terror to the lack of local Democrat response to Hurricane Katrina and the flooding afterwards, Bush was blasted for inadequacies and ineptitude. Democrats accused him out “outing a CIA agent,” who wasn’t really “outed.” He was accused of lying to rush us in to an unnecessary war in Iraq for his oil buddies. When gas prices skyrocketed, it was his fault. When people who overstepped their abilities and failed to pay mortgages they couldn’t afford, it was his fault. When some old lady lost her dentures, it was his fault. Bridge failures were his fault. On and on the onslaught proceeded against him. Washington D.C. showed its venomous side as he was booed when handing over power and responsibility to Barack Obama, undoubtedly also a one-termer. The country is as bitterly divided as ever and maybe even more so as more and more of our liberties disappear under the Obama administration and he causes more and more jobs to be lost. Those of us who mostly supported President Bush are still ostracized even by moderates in the GOP who share no love for Bush and place blame on him, as do the Socialist Demokrats. Over half of the country voted for President Bush in 2004 and we supported and defended him, even as we also expressed disagreement with some of his policies. Over all, we felt he was the better man to lead the country. So, it is with a great deal of shock and surprise to read that former Presidents George W. Bush joined with B.J. Clinton for a lovefest recently where both appeared together on stage at the Metro Convention center in Toronto, Canada. Looking like one big mutual admiration society, Bush praised the work of Clinton's foundation, and Clinton praised Bush's work to increase funding for HIV/AIDS care. Even more shocking to me is to read they have been “friends” for a “couple of years” now. That means, when B.J. was joining in the blasting and undermining of the Bush administration, THEY WERE FRIENDS!! I’m sorry, I realize I am but a simple blue collar American and Veteran, and not really politically savvy to understand this, but since when do friends publicly blast friends and try to undermine their every effort? It might be nice for Bush to play ‘kissy kissy’ with ol’ B.J., but that leaves millions of Americans who do not care much for what is going on under the Socialist Demokratik Regime currently in complete and total power in a lurch. You may get re-invited to White House events or Washington D.C. parties, but we are still out here in the trenches fighting this communist takeover of America. Your “Friend” helped set this in motion. For whatever reason, Bush feels the need to return to the ‘cone of silence’ in regards to being critical of the Obama cabal, a luxury he wasn’t afforded. Bush must see the slide of America into another target rich environment for terrorists and the move to Socialism. How could he not? Personally, although I admire George W. Bush for his steadfastness and firm hand while president, I feel very disheartened by Bush’s embrace of Democrats, who continue to demonize his every move and us along with him. We have been let down, sold out and left in the lurches by this move of Bush’s. President Bush should realize how the left continues to look upon him as he also tells another little quip of a man meeting him on the street and being told
“Has anybody ever told you look like George W. Bush?” Bush replies, “It happens all the time.” The man says, “It sure must make you mad.”
Apparently not. What happened to that spine? Where did that steadfastness and firm hand go? Why do Republicans continue to kiss up to neo-com Demokrats? Didn’t you even comment on the vitriol that surprised you when you entered office, falsely thinking Demokrats would work with you as they did in Texas? Don’t be too surprised that when the Demokrats start obtaining their indictments to criminalize your administration and imprison even you, that the support you had has vanished. We may be too busy protecting our own families, freedoms and liberties from a “Civilian National Security Force” All I can do is say Thank God we still have Dick Cheney, possibly the last member of the Republican Party with a pair of balls.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Some Gave All

As another Memorial Day weekend descends upon us, we are reminded of why we hold the day. As we hold barbecues and travel to other places for the first long weekend of the summer, tributes and memorials will be held all over America to honor those who never came home from all of the wars we have fought in.

We are reminded of such heroes as Audie Murphy, Alvin York, Charles Lindberg, Eddie Rickenbacker, Jimmy Doolittle, Ira Hayes, George S. Patton and many more.

Politicians invoking memories of battles from long ago give speeches.

Flags are lowered to half-mast as names are still being added to memorials for our war dead.

Sadly, all too many just hold barbecues, enjoy the beach or just enjoy a long weekend, never giving a thought to so many who sacrificed all so that others could live free.

Little attention is given to the names on memorials other than those who have received notoriety from politicians and the media. War has claimed many in our history that are largely forgotten by all, except those that loved them when they went off to war.

Names like SSG Robert Pilk, Sgt Scott Stanton or Pfc. Otis Platt are unknown to nearly all of America. Yet each gave their all in Viet Nam paying the ultimate sacrifice.

SSG Pilk and Sgt Stanton lost their lives due to enemy action. Pfc. Platt lost his preparing a truck for inspection, drowning after slipping off of the hood while washing it. His death can be no less tragic than the others.

Pfc. Garfield Langhorn, who preceded me to C Troop 7/17th Air Cav, threw himself on a grenade to save others and was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, posthumously. America hasn’t produced a braver man, but America doesn’t know Pfc. Langhorn. Only his family, loved ones and those who he saved recall him and will pay homage to his memory this Memorial Day.

Hundreds of thousands have gone off to war for America only to never return. World War One cost us over 53,000 and World War Two cost over 400,000 Americans, our bloodiest war ever.

Without the sacrifices of these brave people, the world would not have been freed from the oppression of the Nazi’s, Fascists and Imperial Japan.

Since World War Two, America has sacrificed over 100,000 more, with women’s names being added to the list more than ever before. Women who performed arduous tasks before they were permitted in combat roles have sacrificed their all too and remain even more forgotten than thousands of faceless men who paid the ultimate price.

Women like 1Lt. Sharon Lane, who died from wounds suffered from a rocket attack on the hospital where she was caring for the wounded in Chu Lai Viet Nam.

38 women serving in the W.A.S.P. gave their lives during World War Two ferrying Military Aircraft to our men. Their role has been largely underrated and mostly forgotten until recently as their service 65 years ago is finally being recognized.

Women are on the front lines in today’s War on Terror and several have given their lives as well.

We cannot diminish the sacrifices of our sisters in arms who gave all any more than we would our brothers in arms.

Over the years we have had citizens of other nations cross our borders and serve in our Military during war. From Canada, Mexico, the Philippines and all over, many not even of our country have came and sacrificed on our behalf, seeing that America has been the true beacon of freedom for all of mankind.

As you slap your burgers on the grill and pop open a cold one, take a few moments to remember those unknown who took the bullets for all of us in order to keep us free. Remind those around you that they too owe these families and loved ones a debt that can never be repaid.

Reach out to Veterans from all wars and give a simple thank you for their sacrifices. They too gave a full measure and deserve the thanks of our nation.

Mourn those we lost, but be thankful too. For without them, we would not have the free holidays we enjoy and could be living under an oppressive dictatorial regime.

Take just a few moments Monday to give thanks. After all, it is but a Pittance of Time.

It is the Soldier, not the minister
Who has given us freedom of religion.

It is the Soldier, not the reporter
Who has given us freedom of the press.

It is the Soldier, not the poet
Who has given us freedom of speech.

It is the Soldier, not the campus organizer
Who has given us freedom to protest.

It is the Soldier, not the lawyer
Who has given us the right to a fair trial.

It is the Soldier, not the politician
Who has given us the right to vote.

It is the Soldier who salutes the flag,
Who serves beneath the flag,
And whose coffin is draped by the flag,
Who allows the protester to burn the flag.

by Charles M. Province

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Obama Urges Liberals To Honor Veterans This Memorial Day

In his weekly radio address May 23, 2009, Barack Obama reminded all Americans of Memorial Day and why we have it, to pay homage to those who fought and died to grant us the freedoms and liberties we have long enjoyed.

I find it ironic that he feels the need to remind the country of this as so many of us have been steadfastly supporting and thanking our Troops for a long time now. We have stood behind them and supported them in their mission, even as Obama carefully tried to denigrate their mission while acting as if he really appreciated those same Troops.

In full confidence I say that the vast majority of conservatives have never swayed in our support, while liberals have tried to walk a fine line in claiming they “support the Troops, but not the war,” a canard to make them feel better after the shameful way they treated returning Veterans from Viet Nam years ago.

That leads me to believe this address was directed at his fellow liberals who usually miss no chance to denigrate what our Brave Troops do and stand for.

In his address he said,

Our fighting men and women – and the military families who love them – embody what is best in America. And we have a responsibility to serve all of them as well as they serve all of us.”

Yet, hasn’t it been Obama’s own party who during the past 8 years has used every trick they can muster to minimize their mission, calling it a failure and lost? Is that how Democrats are “responsible” in their homage to our Troops? Comparing them to Nazi’s, accusing them of cold-blooded murder, abuse and being broken?

He also says,
“…we must also do our part, not only as a nation, but as individuals for those Americans who are bearing the burden of wars being fought on our behalf.”

Does that include slashing defense spending while these Brave Troops are fighting a war?

Does that include invalidating their sacrifices by closing down Guantánamo with no feasible plan on what to do with those terrorists held there and considering bringing them into civilian courts where slick ACLU attorney’s will pull every legal trick imaginable to have them exonerated?

Most hypocritical is where he said,
That is what Memorial Day is all about. It is about doing all we can to repay the debt we owe to those men and women who have answered our nation’s call by fighting under its flag. It is about recognizing that we, as a people, did not get here by accident or good fortune alone. It’s about remembering the hard winter of 1776, when our fragile American experiment seemed doomed to fail; and the early battles of 1861 when a union victory was anything but certain; and the summer of 1944, when the fate of a world rested on a perilous landing unlike any ever attempted.”

Yet, he has no qualms highjacking the June 6 D-Day Commemoration to further his own Socialist Healthcare plan.

He is correct when he said,
It is about recognizing that we, as a people, did not get here by accident or good fortune alone.”

Many have sacrificed much and others sacrificed all to give us that freedom and liberty that he slowly is removing. What did he sacrifice?


He served no time in the Military, even during peace. Many of his Cabinet selectees also have never served any time or made sacrifices either. He has sacrificed absolutely nothing to get where he is today and no, I do not believe he arrived there by accident, either.

Obama ended his address with,
And that is a lesson I hope all Americans will carry with them this Memorial Day weekend and beyond.”

Most Americans have been, Mr. Obama. Where have you and the Democrats been these past 7 years we have been at war?

Wasn’t it you who sat in a Church for 20 years listening to a hate-mongering preacher who had no qualms shouting out “Goddamn America?” Oh, that’s right, you never heard any of that.

Hasn’t it been you who aligned yourself with a Domestic Terrorist now teaching college who, on the very day we were attacked savagely by radical Jihadists, had an article published regretting he had not done more bombings in opposition to our Military during Viet Nam?

Wasn’t it you who swore an oath to uphold the United States Constitution, yet refuses to clear up the claim from your own party members and members of your fathers Kenyan family that you were not born in America and may not even be eligible for the office you now hold?

Was it not you, who as a candidate canceled a planned visit with wounded Troops at Landstuhl Army Hospital in Germany when it was learned you could not take your press photographers in with you?

Was it not you who made campaign promises to push off gays on the Military with no regard as to how those who do fighting might take it or feel about it?

Is it not you who is applauding the very leaders who preach hate for America and wish to deny their own citizens the freedoms we hope to continue enjoying?

Was it not you, who as a US Senator, continually referred to the Troops mission as “another tired and failed policy?”

Wasn’t it you who called for a Civilian National Security Force, that's “just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded” as our Military citing, “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set?”

Was it not you who once faulted The Warren Supreme Court for its failure to “break free from the essential constraints in the U.S. Constitution and launch a major redistribution of wealth?”

And now, you feel we need reminded to pay respects and homage to those who sacrificed their youth and lives for our freedoms?

Conservatives have been all along and standing up to you liberals who denigrated those very Troops. We don’t need reminded of their sacrifices and in many cases, our own.

That leaves me believing this whole address is intended to remind liberals that they too need to pay respects and put on the front of support, while Obama craftily dismantles our liberties in order to instill his Socialist agenda.

When it comes to “Honor the Service of the Troops and Their Families,” Barack, we have been.

Where were you and your fellow liberals?

Obama Tries To Highjack D-Day Invasion

I find it disturbing that the Obama administration has selected June 6, 2009 as the “kick-off” date for a hard push to implement his ill-thought out healthcare plan. At a time Americans should be looking at commemorating the Normandy Invasions that eventually freed Europe from the grip of Nazism they are being encouraged by the Obama administration to “gather to launch our grassroots campaign for health care and watch a special message from Obama.”

On June 6, 1944, 2500 American Servicemen sacrificed their lives in the bid to free Europe from that oppression. Nearly 2,000 Servicemen from other Allied Nations who joined in that effort also sacrificed their lives. It is not a day to be taken lightly by those of us who honor our Veterans and their sacrifices. Nor is it a day to be prostituted out for political gain.

I think it no coincidence that Obama, or his handlers, chose this specific day to kick off their plan. The very wording contained in the email from David Plouffe indicates the careful plotting to liken this effort to the Normandy Invasions.

Remember this date: Saturday, June 6th, 2009. We will look back on that day as the moment when the fight for real health care reform began in your neighborhood.”

“These gatherings on June 6th are just the beginning of a battle between those who fought and believe in change and those who would protect a broken status quo. The stakes for our country could not be greater.”

“…no matter what this effort requires of us, if we work together we'll be ready to face it and persevere

The email in its entirety is produced below.

Obama has time and again shown he is willing to prostitute any and every thing in his push towards Socialism and this high jacking of the commemoration of the Normandy Invasions is just one more example of the careful crafting he and his people use to lull unsuspecting Americans into their lair of deceit.

I am left wondering if this Fairy Tale Health Care is so advantageous to America, why do they continue the hard sell? Why the need for such subliminal messaging as likening it to the D-Day Invasion of Europe 65 years ago?

How hypocritical as Obama Urges Americans to Honor Veterans on Memorial Day he is willing to highjack the memory of the greatest Military Invasion in our history that freed several nations from oppression for his political gain!

The email as received from David Plouffe, of Organizing for America, a project of the Democratic National Committee.

Remember this date: Saturday, June 6th, 2009. We will look back on that day as the moment when the fight for real health care reform began in your neighborhood -- perhaps even in your own living room.

On June 6th, in thousands of homes across the country, we'll gather to launch our grassroots campaign for health care. We'll watch a special message from the President. We'll build the teams and draw up the plans for winning health care reform the same way we won the election: Building support one block, one neighbor, one conversation at a time. And we'll put those plans into action.

These kickoffs are so crucial that President Obama will join confirmed hosts and attendees on a live conference call.

There's no prior experience required. We'll send you the details for dialing into the President's call and provide you everything you need to make your meeting a success.

After the election, people gathered at over 9,000 meetings across every state to set priorities for health care reform. Our voices were heard. Now the race is on to make sure Congress produces a plan that reflects the President's call for reduced costs, guaranteed choice, and quality care for all.

To make that happen, we need to build a groundswell of support in every district and every state, and we have no time to lose. All summer we'll be reaching out to our neighbors, knocking on doors, serving in our communities, and building a grassroots network strong enough to win.

These gatherings on June 6th are just the beginning of a battle between those who fought and believe in change and those who would protect a broken status quo. The stakes for our country could not be greater.

Some call this strategy pie-in-the-sky. They say we'll never have enough volunteers to make a real impact; that you need insiders and Washington lobbyists to make a difference. But you and I know firsthand how wrong they are. Starting June 6th, it's once again time to show this country how bottom-up change is done.

Please sign up today to host or attend a kickoff near you.

These kickoffs will be both effective and fun. You'll meet likeminded supporters in your neighborhood, share stories, enjoy good company and a shared mission, and know that no matter what this effort requires of us, if we work together we'll be ready to face it and persevere.

I look forward to joining you and the President to chart our course.

David Plouffe
Organizing for America

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Proof Republicans Are Un-American?

In what is undoubtedly the most skewed polling and reporting of any poll I have seen to date, The Washington Monthly and some nondescript blog site, Unknown News quote a DailyKOS poll on secession from the United States.

From that poll we see claims of “only 62% of self-identified Republicans answered that the United States should remain a nation.”

Only 62%?”

We Republicans are identified as using our “alleged hyper-patriotism as a bludgeon against all opposition,” but since ONLY 62% of those who responded to this DailyKOS Poll who claim to be Republicans wish to keep the country intact, we are now “un-American.”

Of course, DailyKOS is about as far left as one can get and their respondents who identify themselves as Democrats answered in the positive by 91%. Or, as the far leftists state it, “wish to remain American,” as if Republicans don’t desire to be Americans.

Of course, not asked is who wishes to remain as traditional Americans instead of Obamaniacs.

I hate to inform these leftists, but Republicans are American and are opposing their efforts at changing America into the Union of Socialist States of America, in the pattern of the failed former Soviet Union. That isn’t an American, but just more of the neo-com Democrat Party destruction of the America that was a beacon of hope to oppressed people the world over.

Strange in this “assessment” of Republicans, besides the “ONLY 62%” figure, is the breakdown of those who they claim desire to secede. Here we see 12% definitely wish to secede and 26% unsure. To achieve there “OVER one-third” figure unsures are lumped in with definites to reach 38%.

And again, that leaves “ONLY” 62% opposed. That it is a majority number means nothing to the neo-com left. They see it as proof that they can now claim Republicans are un-American.

It is the single most egregious example of skewing a poll, undoubtedly an online poll as well, I have ever seen.

The Washington Monthly says, “It's funny what three months of a Democratic president will do to one's sense of patriotism.”

I am left wondering how that sense of Patriotism from the neo-com left would poll during the Reagan years or if George W. Bush were still president.

After all, I don’t recall conservatives threatening to leave the United States should Obama win in the 2008 elections, as did several neo-com celeliberals.

I still wait for them to pack up and leave and allow us to restore America to its greatness.

Not revealed until the final sentences of the Washington Monthly article on this is that they are tying it to many states move to “declare sovereignty.”

Many falsely assume that movement is a first move toward secession. It is not. All it desires to do is reaffirm states rights as described under the 10th Amendment.

Don’t fall prey to the neo-com lefts misuse of skewed polling as they try to convince more of you that you need to join in with their socialist nonsense.

All they are doing is rebuilding the failed Soviet Union to replace the free America we used to have.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Patronize White Owned Businesses

As the economy slides down into repression and may slide further and further in depression, it is time that we took care of our people and patronize only White owned businesses.

More and more of our people are ending up unemployed and facing poverty. We have the real power to do something, to use the money we spend every day to solve our problems. We have to believe that White businesses are just as good as everybody else’s.

So often, we make purchases and decisions and aren’t even mindful that there is a need to support our own. Now, I’m reaching out and making sure we know that we have an option when we look to make a purchase.

We can no longer take us for granted. When we go to our establishments, it’s almost like we’re doing a favor. That ought to be a given for us.

Do the above words anger you and make you think I’m being a racist? Are you incensed at reading such words today?

If so, good, you ought to be because I see the statements as racist too.

However, the words above are not mine but those of a group of Blacks in Atlanta and Chicago who are growing what they call an “Empowerment Experiment,” encouraging other Blacks to shop only in Black owned businesses.

You can read the story at Couple's ‘buy black’ experiment becomes a movement where you will also see the words I wrote above are rewrites of actual statements made by these people.

Personally, I think we are all free to shop wherever we desire, as long as we can meet the price. Individually, I also feel people should have the freedom to select an establishment by whatever criteria they choose, even if they decide to follow racial lines.

But, to come out and encourage others to follow suit based solely on race is what got Southerners in trouble years ago and accused of being racists.

As you can also see in the article, the couple that is behind this are lauded for their effort, not condemned or scolded by the AP. Even the Chairman of the economics Department at Morehouse College, a Gregory Price, claims it is a “sound idea.”

Any book on Price’s reaction if we were to begin a “Shop only whites” movement? Of course that would be racist. But, a “shop only Blacks” movement is “a sound idea.”

I thought the idea all along has been to bring us together, to unite us a people, even with our differences. Isn’t that what Democrats said as they coerced people into voting for Obama? Wasn’t he supposed to be the “uniter?”

Then why are we further apart than ever?

As I said over a year ago in my post, Martin Luther King “HAD” A Dream, Dr. King dreamed of
“one day on the red hills of Georgia the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood,” and “that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character,” and “one day right there in Alabama, little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers.”

How will that ever happen if we continue to return to segregation by excluding our peoples from each other and applauding it?

UPDATE 1: Students across the country that belong to the Kappa Alpha fraternity are being "asked" to drop their annual "Old South" festivities due to the "insensitivity" of Whites celebrating their heritage. 'Old South' frat targeted over Confederate event.

How insensitive of the following women:

UPDATE 2: Joyce Johnson, former president and CEO of the nonprofit Black Equity Alliance says "I GOT FIRED FOR BACKING WHITE MIKE"

It appears that "encouraging" Blacks to shop only Black establishments isn't enough. Now they had better endorse and support ONLY Black candidates too.

Just more "Chains you can believe in!"

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Saving The Economy: Petroleum or Pot?

It was with more than a just a little amusement that I read the recent article, “A budget cure: Marijuana taxes?” which makes the claim,

“In this desperate economy, some argue that legalizing and taxing marijuana could plug multibillion-dollar holes in federal and state coffers.”

Potheads have for decades been using every angle they can to gain legalization for their habit, but this is a new one, to me.

According to California “medicinal marijuana” retailer, Daniel Stein,
“Cannabis is good for the economy. It’s been here the whole time, but it’s had a bad rap the entire time.”

There are many arguments on pot, both pro and con, with both sides putting forth legitimate views. But, could it really be an “economic boon?” Especially when at the same time, smoking tobacco, a legal product, is being demonized and undergoing restrictive bans on its use?

The article makes the claim that the
“American marijuana trade is $113 billion annually” and “the federal government and the states were losing almost $42 billion a year by keeping marijuana illegal.”

No argument from me on the amount of money flowing from pot sales, we all know it is a highly profitable trade. But, do you honestly believe the average pothead would be willing to give up growing their own or buying it on the street corner in order to pay higher prices to increase treasury receipts by taxing it?

As everyone knows, tobacco was just hit with outrageous tax increases, supposedly to fund children’s health care. The unexpected consequence of receiving those funds is how many smokers will quit, decreasing the amount of funding for the programs. Anti-smoking groups know this and boast they will force smokers to quit with high taxes, defeating the announced reason for such massive increases in taxes.

Why would it be any different for marijuana? Should it be legalized, why shouldn’t it carry similar high taxes as does tobacco and even alcohol? Why would potheads be willing to pay outrageous taxes when they can grow their own or continue buying it off the black market?

I have little doubt that states would crack down on growers and black marketers, negating any savings on decreased law enforcement and possibly having the same affect, decreased use of marijuana by current potheads.

Jon Gettman, a senior fellow at George Mason University's School of Public Policy claims,
“federal and state treasuries would gain more than $6 billion annually if marijuana were taxed like alcohol or tobacco” and estimating another savings of “$8 billion in legal costs.”

While legalizing pot and taxing it looks good on paper, I imagine the reality of it is entirely different when looked at as a “budget cure.”

I remain astonished that while we look to creating new taxes by legalizing marijuana, we completely ignore a ready resource that would not only increase tax receipts measurably, but create a multitude of additional jobs, unlike legalizing marijuana, and without any tax increases.

A recent study commissioned by the American Petroleum Institute found that removing the bars on drilling and refining our own known pools of petroleum
“could generate more than $1.7 trillion in government revenue, create thousands of new jobs and enhance the nation’s energy security by significantly boosting domestic production.”

That is $1,700,000,000,000 compared to $6,000,000,000. And, with the added benefit of putting people back to work in good paying jobs drilling, researching, refining, constructing refineries, drilling platforms and several other collateral job increases associated with creating our own energy.

API President and CEO Jack N. Gerard said,
“This study underscores how the oil and natural gas industry can enhance America’s energy security and help solve our economic problems by increasing production of our nation’s vast oil and natural gas resources. The U.S. oil and natural gas industry supports more than six million jobs, and more drilling for oil and natural gas will mean more energy for America, more well-paying jobs, and trillions of dollars of much-needed revenues that will help federal, state and local governments pay for critical services.”

Ask yourself; just how many high-paying jobs do you think legalizing marijuana and taxing it would create? Maybe a handful? Compare that to estimates of millions of good paying jobs, jobs that each would be paying the current level of taxes that the Treasury doesn’t receive right now because of high unemployment.

We also have the added benefit of decreasing our dependence on foreign oil, which legalizing and taxing pot does not contribute to at all.

API also commissioned a poll by Harris Interactive and discovered that
“61 percent of Americans who voted in the 2008 presidential election support access to offshore oil and natural gas resources. Only 26 percent of those polled opposed exploration and development of those resources.”

A “pro-pot” site proclaims poll numbers as high as 44% approve of legalizing pot and 52% opposed.

Yet, our media especially appears more favorable to legalizing pot then drilling our own petroleum, while Obama admits “Legalizing pot won’t grow the economy.”

Ironically, his administration put the blinders on and seem inclined to reinstate the ban on offshore drilling.

While I am not totally against legalizing marijuana and taxing it and can even admit it might help a little, putting the joint down and drilling our own known sources of petroleum and even discovering new sources, will go a lot further in helping the nation than passing around a legal doobie.

We also have the potential of more incapacitated drivers should we legalize pot, a consequence that drilling our own petroleum does not carry.

To me, it is just common sense to drill and use our own resources to help the economy long before we consider legalizing marijuana in hopes of helping the economy.

As Alfonso of Machosauce Productions says in his video, RINO's and Eggrolls, “all the countries the liberals want us to imitate drill their own oil.” So, why don’t we, America?

I urge you to contact your Senators and Representatives and even the White House and demand they lift the bans on drilling our own petroleum. If you don’t know how to contact them, just enter your zip code at and you will be linked to their email addresses.

You can join in the fight for economic freedom and energy independence by placing this widget on your own blog or home page.

Join me in becoming independent, not high.

Obama's Peculiar Sense of Humor

As we all know, resident Obama attended the annual White House Correspondents Dinner Saturday, May 9, 2009 and drew some laughs as most other Presidents have. A usually lighthearted dinner where the media celebrates their own self importance, the festivities have begun masking vitriol against any critical of the Obama regime as ‘humor.’

Troubling is that resident Obama chuckles as alleged comedian, Wanda Sykes, spews forth not only misrepresentations, but hateful words against Rush Limbaugh, perhaps one of the more vocal critics of the Obama cabal.

In the video below, pay attention to Obama as Sykes sputters her venom towards Limbaugh,

Limbaugh has stated he desires the Obama Socialist policies to fail so America will succeed. For 8 years, we heard every sort of mention for President Bush to fail, but that never drew calls of treason or hopes of Bush’s critics “kidneys to fail.”

That Obama finds the comments humorous is disturbing and shows his lack of class and suggests he agrees with Sykes.

If we really need to be so critical, perhaps we should start with Sykes herself and inform her it isn’t “oxycotton,” but OxyContin.

I wonder if resident Obama would chuckle as much if it were suggested Sykes’s inability to properly pronounce the name of the drug was due to her “rather robust lips?”

I am confident such a ‘joke’ would not draw laughs, but charges of “racism” from the leftist Obama cabal.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Political Terrorist Attack On America

For nearly three decades, America and America’s interests abroad have been under attack from radical elements of extremist Islam, culminating in the horrific attacks of September 11, 2001 and 3,000 innocent people being murdered.

Each successive attack often came without warning; catching the victims off guard and causing much damage and lives, in spite of our best efforts at gathering intelligence on this band of radicals.

For an even longer time, America has been under assault by another group of radicals who desire to eliminate our freedoms and liberties and replace them with government control and restrictions. Life, Liberty and pursuit of happiness to them mean what they deem necessary or worthy for the American citizenry.

Much less bloody that radical Jihadists, this group of terrorists is no less brutal or controlling of those they seek to overpower and dominate. They do not follow any Holy Book but instead follow another book they hold in reverence, the writings of Karl Marx, a 19th century socialist philosopher and as considered by many, the father of modern communism.

The only problem for this Domestic Political Terrorist group has been the American people and the Republican Party, who will not knuckle under to them and who continues to stand up to them, for the most part. Seeing the power of this Political Terrorist group increasing, many within the Republican Party abandoned the base and “crossed the aisle” to join forces with the Terrorists on the other side as they trumped up accusations and vitriol against a Republican President they made unpopular by their incessant assault upon him, his character, his family and his ability to lead us through the worst radical terrorist attack ever upon our soil.

Yes, I am speaking of today’s Democratic Party, the party of attacks. The party of big government. The party of ever increasing taxes. The party of hate and discontent. The party of class warfare. The party of socialism and eventually, communism.

Television shows began broadcasting the left’s message almost from the time TV’s popularity began. The movie industry also released movies showing how great and grand socialism was and actually disparaging the very people who have defended America, Veterans.

Losing control of the House of Representatives for the first time in 40 years, 1994 came as a shock to them. The narrow victory of President Bush in 2000 sent them over the edge and set off their all out assault on America and the Republican Party as they cannot fathom that many people simply don’t agree with their views of government control.

Through an unprecedented campaign of vitriol and usurpation of a sitting president and members of his party, helped greatly by spineless members of the Republican Party, total control of the government was once again seized by 2008. Instead of ending the assault this only gave them cause to increase the attacks and prevarications leveled.

We now see government under the Democrats deciding who will run private corporations and what products they will manufacture. We see banks coming more under government control as they too are directed by government as to what their practices may be.

Advertisements are released, as this one against the Republicans over Credit Card Companies. They tell us how the Republicans are blocking reining in the Credit Card Companies and many people fall for it.

What they don’t tell you is that in 2008, Credit Companies donated to Democrats over Republicans by a 56% to 44% margin.

The Democrats also don’t tell you that this legislation passed in the House 357-70 and that Democrats hold a great majority in the Senate, guaranteeing passage with their near filibuster proof majority.

They also don’t tell you that even once this measure passes and these so-called restrictions are placed on consumers, easy credit may begin drying up, but card holders will still end up head over heels in debt to the credit card companies, contributing to economic troubles still seen.

Could we expect anything else from those who think borrowing trillions of dollars from foreign nations will get us out of debt to them?

Aided by groups such as, Socialist Democrats are attempting to steamroll a bill they refer to as “Universal Healthcare,” scaring citizens into believing they receive no medical care under Republican administrations, but will under the Democrats.

Again, the truth of their intent is hidden in the vitriolic assault upon any who disagree with the political terrorists.

Political Terrorists have spared no effort at the ‘Greening of America,’ a thinly disguised effort at Socialistic control.

This terrorist attack on America is seen no clearer than the attacks on Rush Limbaugh and on Miss America runner-up, Carrie Prejean. Their only crime being thinking outside the groupthink and publicly expressing their thoughts.

In the case of Carrie Prejean, the assault upon her is due to answering a question on same-sex marriage in an honest way and stating she feels marriage should be between a man and a woman.

In return, she is referred to as a bitch, homophobic, assaulted over breast implants and wearing a bikini and now, even her parents divorce when she was a small child is drug into the fray. Free thought and expression is stifled in communist countries and as seen with Ms. Prejean, no longer tolerated in America under these Political Terrorists.

The Christian God is ridiculed and forced into hiding by these Political Terrorists as they impose their secularism on schools and the public sector, yet they also declare Islam Day.

Don’t mistake this for me condemning all of Islam, as I do not. Mainstream Islam is not the ones responsible for the terrorist attacks around the globe, but a small minority from the fringe takes that responsibility.

But, where is a ‘Christian Day,’ or even a ‘Judaism Day?’ Why only Islam? Do they not realize that Islam is even more critical of homosexuality than are Christians?

Political Terrorists seek only power with little regard for individual freedom and liberty, the cornerstone of America’s success and creation. They desire us to be their servants as they dole out what they say we may have, as seen in Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea and which brought about the fall of the Soviet Union and East Germany, where the public had little, but the government had all.

Radical Jihadists attack to strike terror in the hearts of people and be able to impose radical views of Islam on all.

Political Terrorists strike terror in the hearts of American citizens to grab total and unrelenting power over the once free nation.

Unless you stand up, you will be witnessing the unprecedented destruction of the last vestige of freedom and liberty for mankind. America has been a beacon of hope for the world. The “Hope and Change” offered by the Political Terrorists is anything but.

Our Military can and will fight the radical Jihadists, but only we can fight the Political Terrorists. Ignore the premature cries of the Death of the Republican Party. Conservatives, you have become disillusioned with GOP leadership, but come back and take your stand to reclaim the Republican Party. That will be easier then building a new party while the Political Terrorists reform America into a Communist Nation.

We are the party, not the moderates and liberals who got into power. We can effect the needed change and defeat the Political Terrorists, including those who sit under the GOP flag.

Every generation has stood to fight for our freedom and liberty. We must continue that fight and defeat the Domestic Political Terrorists that currently have a strangle hold on America.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Left-Winged Students Try To Ambush Condi

Condoleezza Rice, cool as a cucumber, faces a small group of Left-Winged students from Stanford who try to hit her with a series of "difficult" questions about torture, Abu Ghraib, Guantánamo Bay and US foreign policy under George W Bush.

She calmly puts the "pantywaists" in their place.

Partial transcript and story at UK Telegraph. Don't expect to see this on any American Evening News

Under My Bus, The First 100 Days

Friday, May 01, 2009

Why Do We Need A “National Council for a New America?”

It is with a certain degree of trepidation that I reviewed the latest brainchild of Virginia Representative and Republican Minority Whip, Eric Cantor’s National Council for a New America.

Billed as a “Grassroots Caucus to Serve as a Policy-based Forum for Thoughtful Dialogue With the American People,” I am first struck to see it is not grassroots at all!

The American Heritage Dictionary defines “grassroots” as “People or society at a local level rather than at the center of major political activity.” This “grassroots caucus” is comprised of “Congressional leaders with a national panel of experts.”

Where is that anything remotely related to “a local level?” A true grassroots movement or forum would be initiated by those of us at the local level, not originating from Congress.

Calling this idea a A Blueprint for our Conversation with America brings memories of the ill-fated 1994 Contract With America introduced by former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich and promptly abandoned by Republican moderates once they were swept into power in the 1994 elections.

I am uneasy reading, “this is not a Republican-only forum. While we will be guided by our principles of freedom and security, we will seek to include more than just our ideas.

That notion is exactly what propelled us into the minority, as those across the aisle have no intention of embracing our ideas or values. Time and again they have shown they only desire us to embrace their ideas and abandon our core principles.

The Republican Party slipped into minority status and near obscurity due to abandoning our core principles and adopting those of the leftist Democrats too much. More of that will not return America to the path away from socialism fomented by the Dictatorial Democrats. Watering down the conservative message to be politically correct loses elections.

The backbone of the Republican Party has been conservatives in the pattern of Ronald Reagan, not the moderate wishy-washy pattern of John McCain. As the GOP abandoned and even ridiculed conservatism, many of us moved away from the GOP and they began losing elections.

Meghan McCain, daughter of Senator John McCain, twice failed presidential candidate, has been making a name for herself by advocating suicide for the Republican Party by suggesting even more moves left into liberalism.

Isn’t one socialist liberal party enough?

In spite of much opposition from moderates, Ronald Reagan swept the 1980 election against liberal Democrat Jimmy Carter. He restored America’s pride in our selves. He stood strong and didn’t waiver or cower.

Since he left office as one of America’s most popular Presidents, the GOP has steadily abandoned his principles, while bragging of their association with him.

Too many are still waiting for a resurrection of Reagan, which isn’t going to happen. We have had candidates that truly are in the pattern of Reagan, but those very ones desiring another Reagan scoffed and ridiculed them.

President George W. Bush, possibly the most hated President ever in spite of his strong stand, wasn’t a strong conservative. Still, he stood by his values and led America through a very turbulent time, taking the fight back to those who have been attacking us for three decades.

From the beginning of his first term, he came under constant brutal assault by the Socialist Democrats, and moderate Republicans stood back and allowed it. They did not come to his defense nor did they stand with him much of the time.

Bush too made the mistake of reaching out and trying to work with and include Democrats, who promptly twisted his every move to portray him and the GOP as out of touch and irrelevant. The GOP shrunk back in fear and allowed our party to face such assaults.

Forming a new group suggesting dialogue with the left is just more of the same that caused the GOP to lose power.

For 8 years the Democrats carried out a strong and focused attack on our ideals and values, much like the Bolsheviks did to unseat the Czar of Russia and form the now failed Soviet Union.

We do not need to embrace such people and engage them in dialogue. We need to expose them for what they are!

We need to strengthen and fortify those areas were they attack us, including gays and evangelicals. We can accept we have gays and still oppose same-sex marriage. We need not be lock step as the Democrats are.

Evangelicals are a strong part of conservatism, but not all conservatives are religionists, myself included. We can maintain a strong belief in our view of God, but need to stop running for office as an extension of any church.

I was embarrassed for a lady at a recent Executive Board meeting for Republicans in my District as we sought to strategize for candidates to run against an incumbent Democrat Representative. Almost apologetically, she rose and asked if some potential candidates Mormon religion would constitute a problem, recalling the mass opposition to Mitt Romney over his belonging to the Mormon Religion.

While I did not support Romney and still don’t, his religion never entered into my position, nor should it for others in the GOP.

Many Gays also embrace conservatism and have been the subject of attacks by the left for thinking on their own. Leftist bloggers intentionally target those Republicans they feel are gay because they may not fully support the Gay Agenda.

When attacked, as Florida Representative Mark Foley was, Republicans shirk away and allow our people to be muddied.

We have allowed the Democrats, who have opposed Civil Rights for Blacks for decades, to highjack the work of Republican Everett Dirksen and defeat Democrat filibusters and pass Civil Rights for Black Americans in the 1960’s.

When told that we have no Blacks in Congress, we do not remind them that it is they who ridicule those Black candidates we put forward and drag them through the mud, as they did Justice Clarence Thomas, Condolezza Rice, Michael Steele, Alan Keyes and several others who were either nominated or ran for election.

Black Americans have a long history with the GOP of old, but we have sat back and not created waves and allowed so many to become convinced that it was Democrats who freed them while Republicans opposed their Civil Rights.

That, my friends, is how the Democrats have engaged us in dialogue or reached over to us. In other words, they have not. In return, we play nice as they slash at the very jugular vein of America and work diligently to recreate the failed Soviet Union in America and embrace those who hate America the most.

No, we do not need a “New America.” There is nothing wrong with the “Old America” that stood up strong and proud against enemies and raised living standards to the highest known in history and corrected wrongs.

We do not need a “New America,” but a return to “America.”

Whatever Happened To Selecting The Best?

With the news of the planned retirement of Justice David H. Souter, B HO now has the privilege of selecting a replacement for his lifetime seat on the United States Supreme Court, our highest law in the land.

Those nominated for this seat should be the best and the brightest our country has to offer since their position is a lifetime appointment and it falls upon them to properly interpret our laws and constitution in legal matters.

That makes it all the more preposterous to read in today's Washington Post, "The list is heavy with women and minorities, because the last three justices confirmed to the court were white men."

Even more incredulous in that statement is how the leftist reacted to the nominations of women and minorities made by President Bush, one prominent United States Senator referring to them as "neanderthals."

And now, they have the audacity to complain, "the last three justices confirmed to the court were white men?"

Missing from the list of possibilities is Federal Judge Janice Rogers Brown, a Black woman nominated for federal judge by President Bush and who Democrats fought and opposed for over two years!

How ironic that those who condemn the use of racial profiling in law enforcement, embrace it for a lifetime selection to the highest court in the land!