Saturday, May 30, 2009

President Bush, You Didn’t Learn A Damn Thing

Ever since the controversial 2000 election between former V.P. Al Gore and Texas Governor, George W. Bush, the Democrats and the leftist cabal within our country and even abroad spewed the most vitriolic hatred towards a sitting President I have ever heard in my 60 years. Save for a very brief time after September 11, 2001, President George W. Bush has been the most maligned President in my lifetime, if not the history of our nation. Even W. semi-acknowledges this with a little witticism he repeats often now that he is out of office. He tells of while walking his dog Barney in his Dallas neighborhood,

“We’re walking down the street and the little fella’ sees this unbelievably manicured garden, and there I was, former President, with a plastic bag on my hand, picking up that which I had dodged for eight solid years.”
While worth some chuckles, more truth is revealed there than not. Case in point, I issued a challenge a few years ago for all those claimed Bush was a Media Sweetheart and received a pass to link to or produce any positive article on President Bush from any of the more mainstream media, print or TV. The only one ever produced was when he was declared Time Magazines “Person of the Year” in 2004. As he prepared to leave office, many moonbats were gravely disappointed that he wasn’t handcuffed and being ‘frog-marched’ out of the White House. In fact, a highly partisan group,, has renamed itself to and is still lobbying heavily for prosecutions of the former two-term President and his administration, helped along by several Democrats in Congress eager to criminalize opposing the Socialist Democrat takeover of America. For the first time in our history, a sitting President came under merciless attacks by former Presidents of the opposition Party, Jimmy Carter, one-termer elected in 1976 and defeated in 1980 and unarguably the worst President in our history, labeling Bush over and over as “the Worst President Ever!” Over and over, the sleaziest President we ever had, two-termer B.J. Clinton joined Carter in abandoning the historic practice of former Presidents not openly criticizing sitting Presidents and heaped on the hatred towards President Bush. Throughout the presidency, Bush could do nothing right. From fighting the War on Terror to the lack of local Democrat response to Hurricane Katrina and the flooding afterwards, Bush was blasted for inadequacies and ineptitude. Democrats accused him out “outing a CIA agent,” who wasn’t really “outed.” He was accused of lying to rush us in to an unnecessary war in Iraq for his oil buddies. When gas prices skyrocketed, it was his fault. When people who overstepped their abilities and failed to pay mortgages they couldn’t afford, it was his fault. When some old lady lost her dentures, it was his fault. Bridge failures were his fault. On and on the onslaught proceeded against him. Washington D.C. showed its venomous side as he was booed when handing over power and responsibility to Barack Obama, undoubtedly also a one-termer. The country is as bitterly divided as ever and maybe even more so as more and more of our liberties disappear under the Obama administration and he causes more and more jobs to be lost. Those of us who mostly supported President Bush are still ostracized even by moderates in the GOP who share no love for Bush and place blame on him, as do the Socialist Demokrats. Over half of the country voted for President Bush in 2004 and we supported and defended him, even as we also expressed disagreement with some of his policies. Over all, we felt he was the better man to lead the country. So, it is with a great deal of shock and surprise to read that former Presidents George W. Bush joined with B.J. Clinton for a lovefest recently where both appeared together on stage at the Metro Convention center in Toronto, Canada. Looking like one big mutual admiration society, Bush praised the work of Clinton's foundation, and Clinton praised Bush's work to increase funding for HIV/AIDS care. Even more shocking to me is to read they have been “friends” for a “couple of years” now. That means, when B.J. was joining in the blasting and undermining of the Bush administration, THEY WERE FRIENDS!! I’m sorry, I realize I am but a simple blue collar American and Veteran, and not really politically savvy to understand this, but since when do friends publicly blast friends and try to undermine their every effort? It might be nice for Bush to play ‘kissy kissy’ with ol’ B.J., but that leaves millions of Americans who do not care much for what is going on under the Socialist Demokratik Regime currently in complete and total power in a lurch. You may get re-invited to White House events or Washington D.C. parties, but we are still out here in the trenches fighting this communist takeover of America. Your “Friend” helped set this in motion. For whatever reason, Bush feels the need to return to the ‘cone of silence’ in regards to being critical of the Obama cabal, a luxury he wasn’t afforded. Bush must see the slide of America into another target rich environment for terrorists and the move to Socialism. How could he not? Personally, although I admire George W. Bush for his steadfastness and firm hand while president, I feel very disheartened by Bush’s embrace of Democrats, who continue to demonize his every move and us along with him. We have been let down, sold out and left in the lurches by this move of Bush’s. President Bush should realize how the left continues to look upon him as he also tells another little quip of a man meeting him on the street and being told
“Has anybody ever told you look like George W. Bush?” Bush replies, “It happens all the time.” The man says, “It sure must make you mad.”
Apparently not. What happened to that spine? Where did that steadfastness and firm hand go? Why do Republicans continue to kiss up to neo-com Demokrats? Didn’t you even comment on the vitriol that surprised you when you entered office, falsely thinking Demokrats would work with you as they did in Texas? Don’t be too surprised that when the Demokrats start obtaining their indictments to criminalize your administration and imprison even you, that the support you had has vanished. We may be too busy protecting our own families, freedoms and liberties from a “Civilian National Security Force” All I can do is say Thank God we still have Dick Cheney, possibly the last member of the Republican Party with a pair of balls.

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witchywoman said...

I am not going to down President Bush. No I don't understand it either. He was always confusing and never really was a solid conservative. One of the things that made it hard to support him. Which at the time none of us did enough of.

I stand by him as someone that protected us.

"Bush was asked about President Barack Obama's moves to normalize relations with Cuba. "I didn't appreciate it when my predecessors criticized me," he said, with an unspoken shout-out to his partner on stage, adding he didn't want to criticize Obama."

Maybe not, but Obomba desperatly needs to be called on the carpet. He is getting too many passes while the past president was put through the mill.

This current administration is on the fast track to Communism. It needs to be said. We as solid Republicans do need to speak up and use our voices. The middle of the road Republicans are not going to do it.