Saturday, May 16, 2009

Proof Republicans Are Un-American?

In what is undoubtedly the most skewed polling and reporting of any poll I have seen to date, The Washington Monthly and some nondescript blog site, Unknown News quote a DailyKOS poll on secession from the United States.

From that poll we see claims of “only 62% of self-identified Republicans answered that the United States should remain a nation.”

Only 62%?”

We Republicans are identified as using our “alleged hyper-patriotism as a bludgeon against all opposition,” but since ONLY 62% of those who responded to this DailyKOS Poll who claim to be Republicans wish to keep the country intact, we are now “un-American.”

Of course, DailyKOS is about as far left as one can get and their respondents who identify themselves as Democrats answered in the positive by 91%. Or, as the far leftists state it, “wish to remain American,” as if Republicans don’t desire to be Americans.

Of course, not asked is who wishes to remain as traditional Americans instead of Obamaniacs.

I hate to inform these leftists, but Republicans are American and are opposing their efforts at changing America into the Union of Socialist States of America, in the pattern of the failed former Soviet Union. That isn’t an American, but just more of the neo-com Democrat Party destruction of the America that was a beacon of hope to oppressed people the world over.

Strange in this “assessment” of Republicans, besides the “ONLY 62%” figure, is the breakdown of those who they claim desire to secede. Here we see 12% definitely wish to secede and 26% unsure. To achieve there “OVER one-third” figure unsures are lumped in with definites to reach 38%.

And again, that leaves “ONLY” 62% opposed. That it is a majority number means nothing to the neo-com left. They see it as proof that they can now claim Republicans are un-American.

It is the single most egregious example of skewing a poll, undoubtedly an online poll as well, I have ever seen.

The Washington Monthly says, “It's funny what three months of a Democratic president will do to one's sense of patriotism.”

I am left wondering how that sense of Patriotism from the neo-com left would poll during the Reagan years or if George W. Bush were still president.

After all, I don’t recall conservatives threatening to leave the United States should Obama win in the 2008 elections, as did several neo-com celeliberals.

I still wait for them to pack up and leave and allow us to restore America to its greatness.

Not revealed until the final sentences of the Washington Monthly article on this is that they are tying it to many states move to “declare sovereignty.”

Many falsely assume that movement is a first move toward secession. It is not. All it desires to do is reaffirm states rights as described under the 10th Amendment.

Don’t fall prey to the neo-com lefts misuse of skewed polling as they try to convince more of you that you need to join in with their socialist nonsense.

All they are doing is rebuilding the failed Soviet Union to replace the free America we used to have.


Angie Lee said...

It shouldn't be long - chronologically, anyhow. We (as a whole) usually come to our senses after just a short time:

Depending how much damage they do in the interim.... I think chances of a conservative being elected next time around are VERY high.

LewWaters said...

If there is a next time, Angie. What is going in this country today is very scary and reminiscent of 1930's Germany and how we all saw what was happening in Communist nations.

Free speech is dead at Notre Dame

merengue said...

'If there is a next time' - I can't tell you how many times I've said that to family and friends. My fear is that what I see is a complete power grab and with the help of ACORN and the Ministry of Propaganda (US Press) our voices will be silenced. Been there, seen it before . . . Cuba, Venezuela, etc.

OregonGuy said...


We're too stupid. We don't believe in Science. They do.

If we were smarter, we'd understand Science, and then we'd join in with their plans to End Unsustainable Things that they can show you--with a certainty of a Captain Queeg "that there must have been another key"--that if we don't stop people from doing what they want, the world will come to an apocalyptic ending.

We need to find balenz. And to find balenz, we need people who understand Science.

And Republicans are anti-Science.

Rightwingsnarkle said...
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Ms Calabaza said...

Merenque and Lew:

I agree ... sadly. I hope we have a "next time" . . .