Monday, June 01, 2009

Outrage Over Abortion Doc Murder, Ho Hum Over Soldiers Murder

By now all know of the heinous murder of abortion doctor, George Tiller in Wichita, Kansas by a nutcase. Pro and anti-abortion people have expressed righteous anger.

Attorney General Eric Holder was quick to dispatch the U.S. Marshals Service to protect “appropriate people and facilities around the nation.”

It should be noted this is the first murder of an abortion doctor in 11 years. That neither condones nor justifies the act, just some perspective.

Those opposing abortion face a backlash of unknown proportions as pro-abortion forces now line up to take advantage of this heinous crime, which was immediately condemned by all legitimate anti-abortion protesters.

Another murder happened just today, June 1, 2009 and the disparity of outrage or national headlines screams loudly.

A United States Army Soldier was gunned down and murdered outside an Army Recruitment Office in Little Rock, Arkansas and a second wounded.

Where is the quick condemnation from the anti-war left? Where is Obama's rapid condemnation of this heinous murder? Where is the Attorney General's mobilization of US Marshal's to protect Recruitment Facilities?

Recruiting Offices are not armed and not fortified as many abortion clinics are.

Is the silence because the alleged murderer this time is a converted Muslim?

Or, is the life of United States Soldier unimportant to the Obama agenda?


Toni said...

I deliberated how best to address this on my site last night but decided that it would be better handled by folks like you and Michelle Malkin's site. Honestly I am so thoroughly disgusted with the blatant and disrespectful attitude from the top down in this administration towards all things 'patriotic'! I decided because I'd not had a chance to really 'watch' the news on all the channels, or, really comb the mainstream media I was not in a position to write a defensible post that would not be all about 'emotion' and 'perspective'as opposed to real journalism.

You and Michelle have captured it perfectly. I am just disgusted with the Commander and Chief. He has failed, and is failing, his military on a daily basis. Now US Embassy's around the world are encouraged to include/invite their counter parts from Iran to attend July 4th festivities. Hamburgers and Hot Dogs all around. Imagine the kind of fireworks that can create?

I have decided to be aggressive in a campaign to change his house by firing the politicians up for reelection in 2010. I am starting a PINK SLIP Day, Nov 2, 2010 campaign. I want to get that concept out there so people will have it on their minds.

Of course, our prayers are with the families of both soldiers needlessly targeted by a homegrown terrorist; for their unit and for their friends. I hope the President had the good sense to at least call their families privately to give them his sympathies. The one thing about Bush that always warmed my heart was his utter and heartfelt love of the troops. He went out of his way to show them how proud and grateful he was to serve them as their COMMANDER AND CHIEF! I bet they miss that big time!

Angie Lee said...

This is what happens when people are forced to vote between "the lesser of two evils" and the greater of those evils happens to be a wolf dressed in sheep's clothing: A fancy suit, an infectious smile, and a teleprompter loaded with all the right words.