Sunday, June 28, 2009

Where Are The Jobs?

You were promised "change you can believe in," but what have we gotten?

We have soaring deficits projected for years ahead,

And unemployment of American citizens rising to near record levels,

This "change we are supposed to believe in" reminds me a little joke I heard many years ago.

A country Preacher is baptizing a man in the river. He dunks him under the water and pulls him back up asking him, "Do you believe?"

The man says, "no, not really."

The Preacher dunks him back under and holds him down a little longer before pulling him back up and asking, "Do you believe now?"

The man answers, "No, not yet."

The Preacher dunks him back under and holds him down for a long time before raising him back up. The man comes up, sputtering and spitting water while shouting out, "I believe, I believe now."

The Preacher asks him, "And just what is it you believe?"

He answers, "I believe you are trying to drown me!"

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