Thursday, July 02, 2009

Democrats Applaud 26 Year High In Unemployment

Throughout the Bush administration, Democrats and the state owned media blasted President Bush for unemployment numbers during his entire time in office. A July 3, 2003 AP dispatch began with, “The nation's unemployment rate shot up to 6.4 percent in June.”

Sen. Jon Corzine, D-N.J, then chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee said, “The verdict is in: The Republicans’ multi-trillion dollar failed economic policy is one the greatest disasters for working Americans in a decade.”

In spite of the cries of “failed this and failed that,” Tax receipts were reaching near record highs in 2005 as unemployment dropped as low as 4.8%. Regardless, Democrats began and continue down to this day the outright lie that the Bush Tax Cuts only benefited the wealthy.

In the final days of his administration, the Washington Post ran an article titled Economy Made Few Gains in Bush Years Eight-Year Period Is Weakest in Decades.

Needless to say, every chance available, President Bush was lambasted over the economy and unemployment. Democrats built a fa├žade to present to America outlining how bad off we all were.

One would think, then, that even higher numbers would cause them alarm and we would be told how bad off we still are, right?

If you think so, you don’t know Democrats very well.

The latest numbers are out and unemployment hit 9.5%, in spite of being told it would level off at 8% if we approved Obama’s massive “stimulus bill” earlier in the year.

Instead of more alarm, Speaker Pelosi released a statement saying in part, “Today’s unemployment numbers are another reminder of the years of failure to invest in making Americans the most highly educated and innovative workforce in the world—and years of delay on affordable health care and the clean energy jobs and industries that will sustain our economy for years to come.”

She continues by telling us how much worse it would be without the so called stimulus package, that they first said would prevent this from happening. Then she boasts about passage of the Crap and Tax energy bill that promises massive tax increases and utility increases on the middle class, who was supposed to get a tax break, remember?

We are at a 26-year high in unemployment and what do they want to do to us? Raise our taxes!!!!

Robert Gibbs, Obama’s Propaganda Minister said of the increase in unemployment, “There’s a sense that beginnings of stabilization are taking hold, and hopefully the worst job loss is behind us.” He continued with, “the stimulus plan is working.”

Recall, Democrats cried about a 4.8% unemployment rate and even called any economic recovery during the Bush administration “a jobless recovery.

But now, 9.5% with a promise that it will keep increasing shows their “stimulus plan is working?”

Remember too, when President Bush sent out stimulus checks, they went to us, the middle class, to spend as we saw fit and circulate in the economy.

Where did Democrats stimulus money go? To large corporations, those same large corporations they claim Republicans favor and they abhor.

When the Democrats seized control of both Houses of Congress in January 2007, unemployment was at 4.6% and remained somewhat steady throughout the year. They pushed through their minimum wage increase by May when President Bush signed it into law.

The next month, unemployment numbers began creeping up, reaching 6.8% when Obama won the election and cresting at 7.2% when he assumed control of the government.

And now that it has hit 9.5% and expected to rise above 10% through 2010, we hear how their policies are working and we should pay even more taxes?

With Democrats holding complete dictatorial power over the country now, they can no longer point fingers or blame Republicans. It’s all on them and in such a short time; they are failing to produce anything but more dependency and failure.

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a little tired of the Democrats and their double speak while they push me out of a job and reach deeper into my wallet.

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How's that HOPE and CHANGE workin' out for ya?

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