Saturday, December 19, 2009

China Prospers While America Dawdles

Maybe when the Obama administration gets past their high-fiving, glad-handing, fist bumping self-congratulatory backslapping and giving each other their attaboys for this
Climate Deal reached that all admit falls short of any key goals sought by warming alarmists.

While Obama labels it as a “meaningful and unprecedented breakthrough,” even though non-binding and left many of the 193 countries represented frustrated. For the Obama regime it means “the focus of the climate debate shifts to the domestic stage,” obviously meaning the deal is expected to help ease imposing restrictive measures and outlandish fees and taxes upon the American people through “landmark climate-change legislation” the dictatorial Democratic cartel hopes to impose upon us.

Included within the 3 pages of this agreement:

· The science is settled on Global Warming (Climate Change).
· It's urgent we DO something.
· We agree that the first world will reduce global emissions by 50% by 2050 from 1990 levels.
· We agree that first world nations will buy off the third world nations with at least $30,000,000,000 to help them out because we'll destroy those fledgling economies (not actually stated, but what we know will happen).
· Annex I parties have to be Hans Blixed (inspected).
· Non-Annex I parties will just get to measure their emissions and write it down in a book and tell Hans Blix.
· They may use cap and tax.
· More payoffs for other countries.
· Dollars for a new, never before seen board to determine how much money everyone else has to give to every other country.
· Non-binding.

While it is assumed that passage of future domestic legislation would not put the United States at a competitive disadvantage with other nations, particularly China under this agreement, not seen, or seen and ignored by the Obama cabal is China and their quest for energy and economic stability.

Prior to Obama’s arrival to Copenhagen and interrupting a meeting between Chinese officials and leaders of India, South Africa and Brazil, China was telling all they did not envision reaching any agreement on the climate pact.

I can only believe this had a lot to do with China “seizing on the global recession to gain access to oil and gas resources and supplies,” as explained in a recent article by the Institute for Energy Research.

In the article we see that not only is “China investing in places like Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Venezuela, and Argentina, but it is in the U.S.’s backyard, looking towards usurping the U.S. supply of Canadian oil sands” and “also looking at a possible purchase of leases in the Gulf of Mexico where Devon Energy is looking to sell its U.S. leases.”

While our alleged leaders run around apologizing for our country, seeking restrictive agreements and pushing legislation that will raise our costs of energy and further restrict accessing our own resources, China is taking the lead in investing in much needed energy resources to fuel their economy.

Our leaders look toward more expensive and unreliable wind and solar technologies to fuel our economy while factions of the environmentalists and animal rights groups block such projects as the Calico solar farm in California’s Mojave desert and continue to block wind farms across the nation.

China has limited resources of oil and natural gas; the two resources America has an untapped abundance of. Oil especially remains the best source of energy for the world due to energy extracted and cost, yet we have for decades fallen for the “green” claims of yet un-perfected sources. Our economy greatly suffers as well as national security s we become more and more dependent upon sources that China is now accessing.

My friend, Jane Van Ryan of the American Petroleum Institute wrote on her blog, Energy Tomorrow the “administration has delayed or stopped several initiatives aimed at increasing domestic supplies of energy, including the delay of the new five-year leasing plan that would have set a schedule for U.S. offshore leasing and development.”

As indicated in the IER report above, Chinese banks are fat with funds they are more than willing and able to invest in energy resources to fuel their economy.

Our administration is only too willing to seek agreements that will help push through legislation that will block us from using our own natural resources, raise our energy costs through the roof, further hurting an already struggling economy and harm lower income families.

America, through hard work and diligence, achieved the highest living standard in the world. We pioneered many of the amenities now built in other countries and raised our children to carry forward that ethic. We used our energy resources to fuel the wealthiest economy that became the standard for the world.

We now see the risk of slipping backwards towards a third world country as we become more and more dependent upon others for our basic needs.

The political socialists who just attended this meeting in Copenhagen wasted more energy that imagined, as they required 1200 limousines to ferry them each around, many of which had to be driven in from neighboring countries and arrived in some 140 private jets.

And yet, they want to hold you accountable for turning your thermostat up to a comfortable degree, turning on your lights in your home or driving yourself to work, for those that may still have a job.

It’s long past time we tapped our own resources and rebuilt our country to what our ancestors aspired us to be.


Canuckguy said...

Napoleon Bonaparte once said of China, "Let her sleep, for when she wakes, she will shake the world."

Well, the little fella really it it on the nose.

Canuckguy said...

'hit it'

LewWaters said...

No doubt China is waking up, while America is falling more and more asleep.

What will Obama do once China cuts off is line of credit and calls in their loans?

Kruschev long ago said America would be conquered without firing a shot.

Little did we know then that it would be our own government doing it.