Friday, December 04, 2009

Democrats Mistreat "Undocumented Guests"

As the entire world knows by now, Tareq and Michaele Salahi stand accused of “party crashing” at a White House Dinner late last month. Secret Service personnel have been under fire since the obtained unauthorized entry into the deepest ports of the affair that evening.

After having photos taken with Rahm Emanuel, a smiling Joe Biden and yes, even the head guy, Barack Obama himself, they excused themselves and exited prior to dinner as there was no place set for them at the massive tables.

How crass and crude of the White House to not set out two more settings for them as they are entitled to. Yes, entitled to. They have every right to stay and partake of the dinner and festivities once they managed to gain unauthorized entry, just as Democrats keep telling us ILLEGAL Immigrants, oh sorry, “undocumented workers” do once they surreptitiously slip across our borders in violation of our laws.

Once here, are we not encouraged to hand over full benefits, food stamps, rent subsidies and medical care to them?

Barack Obama even advocates some sort of amnesty
For ILLEGAL, oops sorry, there I go again, “undocumented workers,” so what is the problem with the Tareq and Michaele Salahi receiving full guest benefits once inside the White House?

Isn’t it probable they try out for reality TV Shows just to feed their family?

White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers has come under fire for them gaining access. If anything, she should be questioned as to why she didn’t have two places prepared for them at the dinner table.

In fact, the entire Democratic Party and Barack Obama should answer why we are supposed to accept and welcome those who circumvent our laws and sneak into the country without following established procedures.

This nonsense of the Salahi’s not having an invitation is meaningless, since neither to those who sneak across our border. They don’t need an invitation to be in the United States, so why must the Salahi’s, or any body for that matter, need an official invitation to attend a White House function?

They posed no danger and underwent more security than do those who sneak across the borders.

Republicans in Congress need to stop worrying about the how of their gaining access to the White House and instead focus on why they were mistreated by not being welcomed and sat at the table.

Fair is fair and if foreign nationals do not need an invitation to enter the United States and receive all the benefits of an American Citizen, why impose a different standard on “undocumented guests” at White House functions, now occupied by those very people who say we must welcome and accept those who sneak into the country?

The term "Undocumented Guests" orginally came from a post by Brian K. Shoemake on his blog,


Storm'n Norm'n said...

What about the illegal aliens...whoops, I mean un-documented, who occupy the White House?

Brian said...

I see you read my article. It appeared in the Las Vegas Review Journal on Dec. 2nd and the Pahrump Valley Times on Dec. 2nd and the Amercian Thinker website. It also appeared in several other newspapers and websites as well as my own blog: It also circulated around the country as an email. Glad you liked it. Brian K. Shoemake