Monday, January 11, 2010

Chinese Cars & Health Care For America?

Americans have long held a love affair, a genuine affection towards the car. Since its invention, Americans have customized, souped up and embraced the car as an ultimate sign of our free spirit and liberty, moving about as we desire when we desire in a minimum of time.

American cars were once big, luxurious and fast. Maybe not Sports Car fast like a Ferrari or Lamborghini, but built to hold steady speeds for long periods of time.

Of course, they required excessive gas consumption and were known for polluting the air. To combat that we began downsizing the cars, decreasing engine size and with the advent of automotive computers, better managing fuel systems.

Through the 1970’s, American Auto Manufacturers were slow to pick up he trend towards smaller more efficient cars and played catch-up in the 1980’s. Media began touting Imported vehicles as much better, smaller, more efficient and reliable. Japanese manufacturers flooded America with their products, often exempted from some of the more restrictive emissions requirements placed on domestic built cars.

American manufacturers lost part of the domestic market as buyers embraced the imports, even as their prices rose and soon, they too began showing some of the failures and recalls that plagued the domestic manufacturers.

Korea began importing their cars with the Hyundai and Kia and Americans were impressed as the Big Three continued to flounder.

At the same time, quietly, China began producing cars cheaply as they did in many other aspects of manufacturing. Our markets have been flooded with Chinese manufactured goods, many turning out to be unsafe or toxic to the very children they were designed and built for.

It should come as no surprise that China, with their cheap labor and the American Auto Manufacturers continuing troubles, has surpassed the U.S. to take over as the World’s Largest Auto Manufacturer, according the Bloomberg.

As American Auto Manufacturers were begging for government bail-outs, ending in the catastrophic ‘Cash for Clunkers,’ which helped sluggish sales of Asian Vehicles more than American, Chinas sales of passenger cars, trucks and buses rose 92 percent in December 2009. For the whole of 2009, passenger-car sales rose 53 percent for the Chinese.

In spite of these impressive sales figures, we have yet to see a mass influx of Chinese built automobiles. But, with the current administrations folly of indebting America Trillions of Dollars to the Chinese government, will we soon see Chinese Dealerships popping up across America as we saw happen in the 1970’s with the Japanese?

Already our Automotive Magazines are displaying some very nice looking vehicles built in China, such as this April 2009 Road & Track article.

If China sees the American market as one they will enter eventually, could they be denied with them holding the largest portion of America’s foreign debt?

In the meantime, what with the government takeover of two of the Big Three, American manufacturers continue to flounder and produce cars Americans don’t want.

No doubt should the Chinese flood America with their vehicles, jobs will increase as dealerships open, sales staff are hired and mechanics trained to work on and service the vehicles.

Unfortunately, our Medical Profession will probably be inundated with new patients due to buying the cars and inevitably, being involved in accidents.

If the planned takeover of our Health Care System goes as well as the takeover of the Auto Manufacturers has so far, maybe we can count on China to import Doctors and Hospitals too.

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