Sunday, January 17, 2010

"Obama Is Not Martha Coakley In Drag"

As Democrats pull out all the stops and present a full court press trying desperately to salvage the race for the open seat in Massachusetts once held by the Kennedy Klan, we see the icon of the Massachusetts Democratic Party coming forward today speaking against Scott Brown, “It was a personality contest. Mr. Brown is not running as a kind of people committed conservative that he is and that he has the right to be. He’s running as a nice guy.”

Asked about how the outcome of this race could affect Obama's popularity, Frank said, “The fact that he was doing better than she in a personality contest?--Nothing. Obama is not Martha Coakley in drag, and what I thought happened was that this became, as I said, a personality contest.”

Is there a reason everything with Democrats has to carry a sexual connotation?



Yono Senada said...

I just love Bawney Fwank. What a class act. /s/

LewWaters said...

Don't you mean, Bawney Fwank is a Crass Act? ;-)