Sunday, January 17, 2010

Obama Speaks At Vermont Street Baptist Church

Before flying off to Massachusetts in a desperate effort to salvage the campaign of Martha Coakley, Barack Obama stopped in at the Vermont Street Baptist Church and gave an inspiring speech to all in attendance and those who watched.

"We gather here on the Sabbath at a time of extreme difficulty for our nation and the world," Obama said, speaking much like a preacher from the pulpit. "We are not here just to ask the Lord for his blessing. We're also here to call on the memory of one of his servants, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr."

Making sure everybody knows he is part African-American, he claimed, "It's that progress that allowed me to be here today," mentioning how the country has progressed, thanks to MLK Jr.

You can read excerpts of his inspirational speech here at LA Times or view the entire transcript here.

Maybe you'll manage better than the poor guy behind Obama's right shoulder.

He had to listen to him.

Video may be seen at Part One, before the poor guy began nodding off, Part Two as he fights it and Part Three, still fighting it.

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