Sunday, January 24, 2010

Open Letter To President Obama

You, perhaps more than any man in modern history, have a chance to be not merely a "good" president but a GREAT one. A spirit of "hope" and desire for "change" brought you to the highest office in the land. Yet in the past year, much has been squandered. In a few short months, your potential for being a good leader, let alone a great one, has been replaced by the near certainty that you will leave office as the worst. You promised us change and instead gave us more of the same... on steroids.

Contrary to what is being whispered in your ear, we do not desire a Big Brother to take control of every aspect of our lives. We wish to be left alone, to succeed or fail according to our own motivations and based upon our own efforts, to live the American Dream. We want you only to protect our right to do so, secure in the knowledge that we are safe from invasion - from without OR within. The American Dream is not a one-size-fits-all proposition and forcing many, a few, or even ONE to abandon its pursuit threatens achievement by all. This nation was established as a Republic rather than a democracy. This was not accidental; it was done intentionally to ensure individual rights and freedoms.

It saddens me to say, your "advisers" do you no favors. They serve their own self-interests, short term though they may be, riding the coattails of "the first black president." They understand that their names will be attached to yours through history by fiat but in the end, it is YOU left holding the bag. When your programs fail, you will be remembered as the man who tried to destroy America. When they succeed but fail in the future - and rest assured, they WILL fail, as proven repeatedly throughout history - you will be remembered as the man who actually DID destroy America. Either way, those other names will be forgotten while yours remains, leaving an unpleasant taste in the mouth upon being uttered.

Perhaps you think doing what is truly right for America instead of pursing an illusion of utopia and "social justice" will prevent your being reelected, but consider another alternative. Protect the foundations upon which this nation was built and made it great rather than undermining them and your place in history will be secure, regardless of reelection, as one of the greats. We The People - whether Democratic, Republican, or some flavor of independent - will proudly stand behind and beside a leader who defends our lives, liberties, and pursuit of happiness. Your job is to protect the rights of EVERY American citizen, not to redefine and dole them out according to whatever the group screaming loudest at any given time thinks equitable.

These rights are the bedrock of our society and replacing them with quicksand notions of social justice being promoted in accordance with ever-changing societal mores ensures that, in the end, none has any. Somehow, I do not think that was the intention when people stepped into voting booths across America and pulled the lever for "change you can believe in."

It is time for you to become not President Barack Obama, Democrat, but Barack Obama, American. Take my hand and, together, we will find ourselves on an amazing adventure.

A Conservative Constituent


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Angie Lee said...

Hey, Lew, they like your blog!

Can't say as though I blame them, I like it, too!


LewWaters said...

What can I say but Thank You, Angie and Vijay.

Yono Senada said...


a lot of us like Lew's blog. Lew's a pretty nice guy also.

this is a great letter. Too bad it will end up in Obama's circular file.