Sunday, February 14, 2010

Black Children Are An Endangered Species

It appears using the race card to send out a message isn't considered appropriate, when it is against the left. Such is the case with the above billboard found in Atlanta, Georgia.

The billboard, part of an anti-abortion campaign, targets Blacks as they "accounted for the majority of abortions in Georgia in 2006," even though they remain in the minority.

Rev. Johnny Hunter, national director of the Life Education and Resource Network says, "It's ingenious. This campaign is in your face, and nobody can ignore it."

Cheryl Sullenger, senior policy adviser for Operation Rescue said, . "Abortion in the black community is at epidemic proportions. They're not really aware of what's actually going on. If it shocks people ... it should be shocking."

Leola Reis, a spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood of Georgia says, "The language in the billboard is using messages of fear and shame to target women of color. If we want to reduce the number of abortions and unintended pregnancies, we need to work as a community to make sure we get quality affordable health care services to as many women and men as possible."

Spelman College professor Beverly Guy-Sheftall calls it "a gimmick," saying, "To use racist arguments to try to bait black people to get them to be anti-abortion is just disgusting."

Accusations of the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger’s involvement in what was known as The Negro Project elicited the comment, "Many black people don't know who Margaret Sanger is and could care less."

SOURCE: Associated Press through Fox News.

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