Sunday, February 21, 2010

Deb Wallace Withdraws, Reportedly Points Finger At Herrera

A surprising announcement from Clark Counties Democrat candidate for the Washington State Third Congressional District seat being vacated by Brian Baird says she is withdrawing from the race.

Deb is the current top fundraiser from Clark County, which makes this announcement all the more surprising.

First in making this known was Politics is a Blood Sport, a noted Democrat blog spot and apparently based off of a report received from a Vancouver For Peace mail list.

The email release stated,

“Deb Wallace just announced her withdrawal from not only the 3rd congressional race, but also her seat in the state legislature when it expires in January. She has not yet announced her endorsement for the 3rd race, but she is endorsing somebody named Monica Stonier (the last name I'm not sure) for her state spot.

I attended our neighborhood clubhouse where Deb had reserved for this. (She's lives in Pinebrook as I do.) I thought she'd talk about her race against Baird. Instead she said she was withdrawing so that the best Democrat would win. She said Jaime Herrera, R, looks like the candidate for the Repugs and Deb said Jaimie is often absent at the legislature and others press her vote.

Deb did not have an answer when I asked what she'll do. She supports Monica S, a pro-choice woman for the 17th District.”

Of particular note is the words credited to Deb Wallace above, “Jaime Herrera, R, looks like the candidate for the Repugs and Deb said Jaimie is often absent at the legislature and others press her vote.”

Ignoring the blatant slap at Republicans, if true about being absent and having others press her vote, this could have Jaime Herrera facing an ethics investigation, according to Clark County Politics.

The announced withdrawal has been confirmed now in both the Columbian and the Olympian, neither including the comment about Herrera’s having others press her vote.

In her release, Wallace states, “We cannot let the 3rd Congressional Seat go to an anti-choice, anti-health care Republican. We must come together and support a Democrat who will keep the people at the heart of their mission to serve,” a misrepresentation of Republicans and indicating that the slaughter of the unborn is of utmost importance to Ms. Wallace.

This also leads me to suspect the Democrat Party machine, although they did not pressure Wallace in dropping her bid, according to Wallace, has decided to throw the support behind multi-millionaire Denny Heck, a former Democrat Representative noted for his polarization.

In his initial announcement, Heck said, “I’m personally a little tired of politics by shouting.” Yet, in a 2003 interview when asked about partisanship in Olympia, he replied, “I’m probably part of the problem. I’ve played partisan politics for keeps. I believed in the punishment side of the reward/punishment equation when it comes to internal self-discipline.”

Do we really need more polarization? Even Vulnerable Democrat Senator Patty Murray is now saying, “What worries me about inflammatory language is, it drives us further apart,” in a February 21, 2010 Columbian article.

As this field begins to thin it is more apparent to me than ever that the only real choice for true reform and real representation of Wa. 03 will be David Castillo.

Unlike Herrera, he is not a party insider being manipulated by Washington D.C. insiders nor does he face allegations of ethics for having others press his vote. He is not a heavy partisan who helped set this current recession in movement in a previous occupancy in the House in Olympia that admits to heavy partisanship, but whines about being tired of it today.

We have a unique opportunity to elect a man to send to Washington D.C. who will actually represent us and not the party machine. The candidate who will stand his ground and draw others from across the aisle to his view.

Let’s begin actually bringing America back together.

Let’s elect David Castillo, Washington State Third Congressional District.


Toni said...

Goodness! Someone recently reaffirmed the thought 'politics is a dirty game' to me in response to a local issue but this race seems to prove the words true! 'Repugs'? That is the best they could come up with? If the political decisions and actions weren't so devastating to everyone locally and nationally watching the junior high school tactics would make for a better than fiction reality show! How come they haven't done one yet? Dem vs US?

Hope your candidate from the 'repug' party has the backing he needs and is truly a conservative and constitutionally based candidate! We face some of the same shenanigans here...

LewWaters said...

Toni, not only are facing leftist Democrats who ish to retian the seat, we also have the GOP Party Machine to contend with that is fronting a young inexperienced woman (from Legislative Aide to state legislature to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2 years).

She is inexperienced enough that she actually called my house 3 times the evening of Feb 9 to "clear some things up" with me since I openly oppose her.

Of course, the promised explanation in email of her anti-conservative pro-union vote to force unions on childcare centers in the state still has to be received.

I keep plugging away against the same old politics that we are so fed up with.

Reality Bytes said...

Wow, if Lew Waters is so opposed to Jaimie Herrera, then I'm going to have to look at her again, it sounds like she makes "Decisions" instead of "Policy". We need more of "that kind" of "leadership" in this country, instead of "just" falling in lockstep and "towing the party line", as is the mindset of people such as Lew Waters. One thing for sure, there is no way I can support David Castillo after reading this blog!

LewWaters said...

LOL, RB, just how long have you been in the employ of the Herrera campaign? ;-)

Seriously, you don't really expect people to fall for that lame old liberal tactic, do you?

Why not be honest and support Jaime's numerous votes and positions that run counter to conservatism? Why not just say you never even considered supporting David?

Regardless, you and others should appreciate the recent write-up all candidates received from the Seattle PI's Joel Connelly on the candidates forum held last Thursday in Longview.

Of Castillo he wrote, "He is considered an underdog to State Rep. Jaime Herrera on the Republican side of the fence. But he was by far the most articulate and engaging of GOP candidates on stage Thursday night."

Of your girl Jaime he wrote, "the young legislator came across as super-serious, self-possessed and somewhat scripted. She brought to mind memories of Tracy Flick, the student body politician played by Reese Witherspoon in the movie 'Election'."

The race is on for a wide open U.S. House seat

I guess you're right, though. Reality does bite and if you Cowlitz ditz's succeed, the district will remain in Democrats hands.

Tell Keath and the others I said hi.

Reality Bytes said...

Actually Mr Waters, I am not a "Jaimie Herrera Insider", and therefore don't know who "Keath and the others are", therefore your statement makes YOU look like a FOOL!

Face it, YOU can't deal with the fact that Jaimie Herrera MIGHT be able to make decisions based on LOGIC rather than Policy, and a simple minded pinheaded such as YOURSELF can't deal with a Politician who THINKS instead of REACTS!

You REALLY ARE a moron AERN'T YOU Mr. Waters!

LewWaters said...

LOL, RB, but you really are amusing.

It is not I than cannot face anything but you that worship Jaime Herrera and think she has what it takes to win this election honestly. Should you succeed and watch as she goes down in dismal flames, I expect that you will then rant about people such as me that tried to warn you and exposed her anti-conservative leanings instead of seeing that a pretty face is the least of what is needed in a candidate.

And, as I said, you once again show that none of you can support, justify or explain her very questionable actions & judgement displayed in the legislature, you can only depend on childish insults that even my grandsons could best.

As for her "thinking instead of reacting," she did not show any of that last Thursday, did she?

Perhaps we can win this seat should people such as yourself begin thinking with what little brain you have left instead of your Johnsons.

Reality Bytes said...

Now Lew,

Let's not get THAT personal, talking about "Johnsons" was uncalled for. I understand that YOU republican Homophobes are in reality "Girlymen", but THAT door is CLOSED for me, PLEASE refrain from such talk when it was not appropriate, you don't even know if I am gay[I'm not], but even if I was, we have NOT been properly introduced. Wheres your sense of COMMON DECIENCY Lew?

LewWaters said...

Obviously, you haven't a clue that a "Johnson" is.

I'll give you a little hint, it has absolutely nothing to do with Gay.

Your rant was for naught.