Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Happy 100th Birthday To The Boy Scouts of America

From Rees Lloyd,

"To all the Boy Scouts of America who for a century have pledged to honor and serve "God and Country," and to all the adults who have dedicated untold millions of hours aiding those boys to become patriotic American men of honor, thank you for all your service to America, often in the face of fierce and malign adversity, and may you have a "Happy 100th Birthday (Feb. 8, 1910-2010)!"

May the patriotic service to America of your Boy Scouts of America continue for centuries to come, and may all who love America and the values of the Founding Fathers, which you transmit from generation to generation, honor Boy Scouts for that service, perpetually, in an attitude of gratitude, which you Boy Scouts so richly deserve."

I join Rees in wishing you all a Happy Birthday in your 100th year.

I was fortunate enough to have been in the Boy Scouts of America for the 50th Birthday in 1960.

What I learned during my time as a Scout has been immeasurable to me as I became an adult and served in the United States Army in Viet Nam.

Going off to a war isn't what the Boy Scouts are about, though. It is about decent citizenship, protecting the countryside and serving your fellow man. It's about doing the right thing, honesty and bettering our communities.

Enjoy your days as a Scout and hopefully, you will look back fondly as I do today and reflect on what great times you had and how membership in the Boy Scouts of America helped you to become a man.

When someone sneeringly asks you, "What are you, a Boy Scout?" Look them in the eye and reply proudly, "Yes I Am."


Amy said...

I found one of these badges today. I'm really interested to know its story and how it ended up in some woods near my home in England.


LewWaters said...

That would be an interesting story, Amy. I was unaware that any were sent to England, but might have been purchased or brought back by a visitor to America.

My imagination could run wild thinking of how one ended up there :-)

Amy said...

We were out on a treasure hunt with the children and a metal detector. Apart from a few nails and bottle tops that was all we found.

LewWaters said...

Hi Amy, the one in the photo above I still have. I obtained it in 1960 for the Boy Scouts 50th anniversary.

Part of the Boy Scout uniform is a neckerchief worn around the neck and we had the slide to hold it in place.

That I know of, this particular one was only available in 1960, but at .25 cents or so, they were widely available.

Several neckerchief slides were available over the years and many can be found for sale on places like ebay.

Not a lot of monetary value, though. More of a sentimental value to us older guys.

LewWaters said...

I don't know if you are aware of it, Amy, but Scouting originated in England by a British Officer.

The Scout Association

Boy Scouts of America

Amy said...

My son wants to clean it up and keep it. He will love the scouts when he's a little bit older. He's too young at the moment. My two brothers were scouts and we call the piece that holds the neckerchief a woggle.