Monday, February 01, 2010

“Illegal Immigration Journal” -- A Sign Of The (Changing) Times?

Contributed by REES LLOYD

Can you believe that in the Age of Obama (as it is being called by some, while others refer to “Obamanation” as more accurate), dominated culturally by Progressive political correctness (e.g., the Ft. Hood Massacre, the investigation report of which never alludes to the fact that the perpetrator is a native-born Muslim Jihadist) and dominated politically by ultra-liberal multicultural self-declared “Progressives” (including among others Obama, Himself; Lady MacBeth in the State Department and her husband, the former Priapic President; members of Congress including the eighty-one Democrats in the Congressional “Progressive Caucus;” and including, of course, the Portland, Oregon City Council and Mayor Sam Adams, the Men’s Room Smoocher), that in such a situation, there is actually an elected public official with the integrity and courage to establish a website entitled, “Illegal Immigration Journal?”

Well, amazingly enough, it’s true. The public official is Andrew P. Thomas, who is the Maricopa County Attorney in Arizona. His publication uses the name for illegal aliens which is enshrined in American law: “Illegal Immigration Journal,” not some euphemism, i.e., “Undocumented Workers Journal.”

Thomas writes: “As County Attorney, I take all crime very seriously, including crime associated with illegal immigration, which is at high levels in the Southwest. Together we can combat this problem. Education is a key component, which is why I have created this website." He then provides useful information on illegal immigration.

Whether you agree or disagree with Maricopa County Attorney Thomas’ views, he at least has the courage to address publicly what is a major American problem, i.e., non-Americans illegally entering America, the overwhelming majority from Mexico, the overwhelming majority having no interest whatsoever in abandoning their allegiance to their native land or its language and culture, and pledging their allegiance to the United States, exclusively and without reservation.

It takes courage for a public official to address forthrightly the problem of illegal entry into America by non-Americans, i.e., “aliens,” anywhere, let alone a state like Arizona, where so-called “Hispanics” or “Latinos” now make up almost one-third of the population (i.e., 30.2 per cent), which percentage is certain to rise due to the higher-birth rate (twice the rate of non-Hispanics) and the continuing flood of Mexicans into the U.S.

Politicians count votes. Progressives, i.e., ultra-liberal intolerant neo-fascists, are quick to attack as “racist” anyone who publicly opposes “illegal immigration,” or who doubts the wondrous benefits of “diversity” or “multiculturalism.” Fear of being attacked as a “racist” for any criticism of illegal entry into the country in violation of our laws has brought about a case of cowardly lock-jaw on the issue, particularly among but not limited to the political and other elitist classes, i.e., successful business leaders, academics, media, bureaucrats, etc., et al., and ordinary Americans fearing attack as “racists” if they speak views contrary to the Progressive politically correct command. So, it is a manifestation of integrity and courage for County Attorney Andrew P. Thomas to raise the issue publicly in his “Illegal Immigration Journal.”

Indeed, contrast Thomas’ forward-looking act to call illegal aliens by their proper legal name and publicly confront the issue of their impact on America, economically, politically, and culturally, with the backward-looking, stuck-in-political-correctness of the ultra-liberal, self-proclaimed “Progressives” dominating Portland, Oregon who, in the present economic recession continue to operate an Illegal Immigrant Hiring Hall at taxpayer-expense; continue to pour approximately $1.5-million taxpayer dollars into the non-American “IRCO” (Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization); continue, despite overwhelming opposition by the Americans affected, to spend over $80,000 to change the name of 39th Street -- the former street of two-time Nobel Prize Winning scientist Linus Pauling -- to “Cesar Chavez Boulevard” in order to appease so-called “Latinos” who are exploiting Cesar Chavez’ name and work to honor themselves; and who voted for the tax increasing measures 66 and 77 in order to “tax the rich” and job-creating small businesses in order to provide more tax money for more of the same -- and thereby effectively disenfranchised more than a score of lesser-populated, lesser-urbanized counties which voted against those tax-increases.

Do the public sector unions and the politicians they control by their campaign contributions really believe they are only carrying out the “will of the people?” If so, let the taxes imposed by measures imposed by 66 and 67 be collected only in the counties in which the cities voted for them. Wouldn’t that reflect the real “will of the people?”

It must be recognized, that the almost $7-million ($6.8) in campaign funds for those tax increase measures, 66 and 67, were overwhelmingly contributed by public sector unions, acting in their interest, not the public interest. That is, it was unions representing government employees, i.e., wealth consumers living on taxpayer dollars who now have higher salaries, benefits, and pensions then those working in the wealth-producing private sector, which spent millions to effect a greater tax burden on those producing not consuming the wealth, i.e., the taxpayers who provide those higher salaries, benefits, and pensions enjoyed by the government employees. In short, former “public servants” are fast becoming the public’s masters. Moreover, Progressives are heralding public sector unions, which financed the tax-increasing measures 66 and 67 as the strongest component of current Progressivism. Ponder that for a while.

Thus, it takes courage, indeed, for Maricopa County Attorney Andrew P. Thomas to publish his “Illegal Immigration Journal,” whether you agree or disagree with the points he makes. Therefore, with due notice of Progressive political-correctness, diversity, multiculturalism, cultural relativism, and bilingualism, I must say, bilingually:

“Viva el abogado de Maricopa County,” Andrew P. Thomas!
“Viva la lucha contra pusillanimous politicians and elitist liberal ‘Progressives’ who are a cancer in the American body politic, including in particular Portland, and Oregon!”
“Viva los estatos unidos!”
“Patria o muerte. Venceremos!”
Or: “Press 1 for English.”

[Rees Lloyd is an unashamed American patriot, and a career-long civil rights attorney who represented the late Cesar Chavez until his death in 1993 and whose work in anti-racism has resulted in multiple awards, including by the California Assembly and Senate, and numerous African American, Mexican American, Asian American, and Native American organizations, and profiled by such media as the Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Daily Journal, "20/20,""Nightline," and other media.]

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