Sunday, March 21, 2010

GOP Leaders Apologize For Racial Slurs That Did Not Happen

If there was ever any wonder as to why the GOP remains a minority party and only held the majority for a short period, this bogus incident and GOP Chair Michael Steele’s willingness to grovel is a prime example of why.

American citizens are incensed over this Democrat seizure of our healthcare system with a majority opposed to what is being done and how it is being done. Since last summer, Patriotic Americans have stood up to politicians at town halls and every meeting voicing our opposition to it.

In return we are called racists, traitors, malcontents and you name it by leftist Democrats.

Efforts to express strong opposition have been ongoing, right up to the last minute as Tea Party activists once again massed in Washington D.C., Saturday, March 20, 2010 to make our voices heard.

It should be no surprise that once again members of the Congressional Black Caucus accuse them of racism.

John Lewis (D-GA) claims that as he walked through the throng of protestors, someone called him a “n----r.”

Emanaul Cleaver (D-MO) claims he was spat upon as he too walked through the middle of the protestors and a protestor was arrested. Capitol Police stated no arrests were made and today Cleaver is showing how kind-hearted he is by not pressing charges against the imaginary person never arrested.

Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN) says he heard the word n----r fifteen times.

Even Barney Frank, openly gay and forever victim, claims someone called him a “faggot.”

Needless to say, leftist media runs with this without any effort at verification at all, the goal being to marginalize American citizens exercising their free speech to speak out against government, as so many leftists have done for decades now.

Disappointing is to hear Republican National Chairman Michael Steele, Amy Kremer who organized the protest and House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio all condemning the racial slurs because they did not happen!

Yes, we condemn such slurs even when directed at us. No one has condemned the lefts use of the sexually provacative word “teabagger” in applying it towards Tea Partiers and some have even used it on the floors of congress in denigrating American citizens.

For years, we have been called ‘white trash,’ ‘honkeys’ and ‘crackers’ with no comdemnation forthcoming from within the ranks of leftist Democrats.

But, a bogus charge by Black Politicans, many racists themselves, of having racial slurs hurled at them is isnatntly accepted as truth and condemned by the GOP, even though it never happened?

See for yourself in this video and pay attention to the Black Politicians walking through the crowd with cell phones raised, recording what went on themselves. Then ask, where are their recordings backing up their charges?

Saying I am disappointed at GOP leadership apologizing for this incident that never happened would be a gross understatement. They should have stood up and exposed the lies and this pitiful use of the race card where nothing racial occurred.

America has moved far beyond the 1960’s when this sort of racial unrest was common. And yes, we are not perfect and racism still exists in pockets.

But shouldn’t we deal with those pockets instead of fabricating incidents of racism?

The weakness of the GOP in apologizing for slurs that did not occur is as reprehensible as falsely claiming they did.

As long as GOP leaders sheepishly remain neutered out of fear of being called a racist, this nonsense and play on white guilt will continue and the GOP will remain in obscurity.

Chairman Steele, Representative Boehner, if you don’t have the balls to stand up to this chicanery, step aside and allow those who will actually fight for American citizens step in.

Shame on the Congressional Black Caucus for fabricating such a claim.

Shame on the GOP for apologizing over something that did not happen and not exposing the lies.

Grow a pair, or step aside.


Unknown said...


I never thought you to be a racist. It is absolutely ludicrous that you say the slurs never happened. I think you are under estimating the Tea Party.

LewWaters said...

Alex, the video shows no slurs. If you notice, the Congressmen are even holding their cell phones up to record what was happeneing and none have released any recording of the slurs.

This is the oldest race card trick in the book that is supposed to cower the opposition.

I'm all for rooting out real racism and dealing with it. But, we don't need manufactured racism to push a political point.

By the way, I am a Tea Partier. I have met Blacks at the parties and should someone pop up withany sort of racist comment, they are distanced.

Personaly, I'm more concerned that plants from ACORN (or whatever their new name will be) would be sent to stir up troubles by being the very ones to utter such tripe and blame it on Tea Partiers.

Unknown said...


Do you think the incidents against Democrats (window breaking) aren't really happening?

LewWaters said...

Being as though there is a photo of a shattered door glass, I won't say it isn't happening.

However, who did it isn't known and it is automatically being blamed on the right.

Don't you find it odd that this sort of thing seems to just pop up out of the blue when Democrats aren't really all the popular at the moment?

You know, like Baird's death threats last year that were actually written off as not credible by the FBI days before any town halls were held?

In all fairness, there are crazies everywhere, both left and right. And, we do have Rahm Emanuel's words of "never let a crisis go to waste."

The question isn't actually whether or not it is happening, but just who is really behind them.

It wouldn't be the first time politicans set up such actions.

LewWaters said...

Alex, can you explain why Republican Eric Cantor's campaign office in Richmond Virginia being shot at overnight isn't considered newsworthy?

Rep. Cantor's Richmond Campaign Office Shot at Overnight

Is this what Obama was calling for when he said, "If They Bring a Knife to the Fight, We Bring a Gun?"