Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bisexuals Kicked Off Of Softball Team for "Not Being Gay Enough?"

From Tuesdays Seattle Times

Three bisexual men are suing a national gay-athletic organization, saying they were discriminated against during the Gay Softball World Series held in the Seattle area two years ago.

The three Bay Area men say the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance in essence deemed them not gay enough to participate in the series.

The lawsuit filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Seattle accuses the alliance of violating Washington state laws barring discrimination. The alliance organizes the annual Gay Softball World Series.


The alliance's rules say that each World Series team can have no more than two heterosexual players. According to the lawsuit, a competing team accused D2 of violating that rule.

Each of the three plaintiffs was called into a conference room in front of more than 25 people, and was asked "personal and intrusive questions" about his sexual attractions and desires, purportedly to determine if the player was heterosexual or gay, the lawsuit alleges. The alliance has no category or definition for bisexual or transgender people in its rules, the plaintiff's attorney said.

At one point during the proceedings, the lawsuit alleges, one of the plaintiffs was told: "This is the Gay World Series, not the Bisexual World Series."

Isn't this basically what straights are constantly being accused of doing?

Isn’t it hypocritical to mandate the number of straights allowed to play in the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance, while calling for unlimited numbers of Open Gays be included elsewhere?

Isn’t it wrong to cry about discrimination, when you discriminate yourself?

Shouldn't the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance adopt their own "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy?


Canuckguy said...

According to my algebra
1 bisexual = 1/2 heterosexual
2 heterosexuals = 4 Bisexuals

Therefore having 3 bisexuals on the team does not violate the rule unless of course there is 1 heterosexual present already on the team.

LewWaters said...

To me, Canuck, if you are crying out for equal rights and against discri8mination, why turn around and discriminate yourself?

It tells me it isn't about equal rights at all but special rights and status.

Canuckguy said...

Just doing the discriminatary(sp) math.heh