Tuesday, April 13, 2010

GOP Aide and Boyfriend Savagely Beaten, Hospitalized

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s chief fundraiser Alexandra “Allee” Bautsch and her boyfriend Joe Brown were savagely attacked and beaten Friday night after leaving a GOP fundraising dinner in New Orleans. Allee Bautch sufffered a broken leg and her boyfriend, Joe Brown received a broken jaw and nose and a concussion.

Leftists had been protesting outside Brennan’s Restaurant, where the fundraising dinner was held, but attacked the couple afterwards a couple blocks away. Bautsch recalls hearing one of the attackers say “Let’s get them, they have Palin pins on.”

The Hayride blog has several links to local reports, video of the leftist protest and quotes of the leftist vitriol concerning this uncalled for attack.

Substitute “Jew” where you hear “Republican” and we are beginning to look more and more like 1930’s Germany. Und, vast ist Herr Obama doink to calm the nation and his dogs? NUTTINK!!

Don't look for two Republicans being savagely attacked and beaten to make national news. It isn't as newsworthy as Michelle Obama and Jill Biden helicoptering over Haiti.


Yono Senada said...

I always like to play the "what if it were a liberal?" game ... My guess is this story it would make the NYT top fold and the ACLU would be looking into hate crimes and Olbermann would be blaming all of this on Bush -SIR!

LewWaters said...

Reverse it, Yono and there is absolutely no doubt you would read and hear about how "teabaggers" attacked peaceful couple.

What irritates me is Michelle Malkin and others rushing out to tell us to not jump to conclusions, there is no evidence of who actually did it and stuff.

Since when has that mattered to the left?

Even Germany's Der Speigel is running with the story of Black congressmen being spat upon and called the N-word" from a couple weeks ago, even though not one shred of evidence can be produced out of all the tapes made of anyone saying it.

We must begin fighting fire with fire to stop these a-holes.

Mikael said...

This attack, and lack of media attention, just goes to further prove that Conservative Whites being beaten by a group of thugs is ignored.

No one yet knows who committed this cowardly crime, but it doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out it was an anti-White hate-crime. I mean, Whites attacked and robbed in New Orleans! Duh!

FOX News just reported that racial slurs were used against the couple. Where's Jesse 'No-Job' Jackson and his Rainbow Coalition?? Why isn't anyone talking about "stop the hate" here? Because it was only "whitey" who got beaten. Can you say "hypocrisy"? I can.

Check out www.colorofcrime.net for more proof of anti-White hate-crimes that the media ignores..M