Monday, April 19, 2010

How $Green$ Is The Green Movement?

For some time we have heard about all of the concern several Environmental Groups have in saving the earth, curbing pollution and stopping Global Warming. I first began hearing the cries coming mostly from bleeding heart liberals back in the 1960’s.

Who would have thought that such “grassroots” groups, opposed to big business would themselves become very wealthy big businesses?

Not only do we see massive hypocrisy as they travel the globe warning others of the hazards of not following their word in private jets and being driven to seminars in luxurious gas guzzling limousines, or own mansions like Global Warming guru, former Vice-President and failed presidential candidate Al Gore’s, that uses more electricity in a month than a whole city does, now we see through public records just how much “Green” money they rake in every year and how well paid their CEO’s are.

With all the cries over CEO pay being too high, do you ever wonder why such leftists are not criticized for their wealth? With the pending Cap & Trade coming our way soon, most likely to be “Rahmmed” down our throats like Obamacare was, it’s easy to see who will be able to afford $7.00 a gallon gasoline and double the costs to heat and light our homes.

Our friends at Freedom Action have looked through IRS Form 990’s for such Environmental and other “non-profits” and assembled an ad, that you may see here, showing us just how “Green” these Environmental big businesses and their CEO’s have become with our dollars.

From that ad we see,

Alliance For Climate Protection raised $88,303,373 and paid CEO Cathy Zoi $330,280

Environmental Defense Fund raised $125,425,925 and paid CEO Frederick D. Krupp $474,596

National Wildlife Federation raised $94,573,828 and paid CEO Larry J. Schweiger $345,004

Natural Resources Defense Council raised $107,999,911 and paid CEO Frances Beincke $432,959

The Nature Conservancy raised $856,246,824 and split $592,298 between CEO’s serving part of year, Stephanie K. Meeks $386,348 and Mark R. Tereck $205,950.

Pew Center On Global Climate Change raised $1,338,294 and paid CEO Eileen Clausen $335,099.

World Resources Institute raised $21,224,697 and paid CEO Jonathan Lash $385,388.

World Wildlife Fund raised $151,560,547 and paid CEO Carter Roberts $509,699.

From where I sit, it appears that Green has gotten VERY Green, especially in their wallets.

Lest you think I am jealous of their wages, I have no real objection to what they make. But isn’t it hypocritical that these same groups would decry what others make and use the false cry of manmade global warming to do so?

Isn’t it fear mongering to label others as polluters and making obscene profits, when it is they who jet around the world and have expensive vehicles at their service to ferry them to and fro?

While there may have been legitimate concerns within these groups back in the days of the dope smoking hippies, it is obvious that the real concerns now is growing their funding and collecting fat paychecks.

With all the charges of “Corporatism” flying about, isn’t it odd to read of how many movements became themselves corporations and willfully received large donations from the very corporations they were vilifying?

A couple years ago, Christine MacDonald, formerly of Conservation International penned a book, “Green, Inc.: An Environmental Insider Reveals How a Good Cause Has Gone Bad,” that reveals her disillusionment with the movements “wanton nepotism, executive salary bloat, and an all-too-cozy relationship with corporate donors.”

A quote from the book posted at the New York Times Blog, Green Inc. says,
“Why must conservation leaders make more than 99 percent of U.S. taxpayers? Once they get used to such lavish pay, doesn’t it follow that fundraising — to keep those salaries coming — would trump their core mission?”

I couldn’t agree more.

We conservatives don’t need lavish luxuries and massive salaries to keep our areas clean and conserve resources. We believe in balance and that would include using resources within our own borders denied us, forcing us to rely on foreign often hostile towards us.

Next time you are approached by someone seeking donations to “Help Keep Mother Earth Green,” stop and think if it is really the Earth you are keeping Green, or some fat cat liberal CEO.

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