Thursday, May 06, 2010

Students Sent Home From School For Displaying American Flag

Read more at Students Kicked Off Campus for Wearing American Flag Tees

Ask yourselves, why such a fuss over Cinco De Mayo in America, but it is largely ignored in Mexico? If Mexico largely ignores the day, why are students in America chastised for displaying American Flag memorbelia on the 5th of May?

For those who felt offended at American students wearing Red, White & Blue clothing and honoring the American Flag, if you think what Mexico offers is better, please exercise your freedom to cross the southern border, legally or illegally, your choice, and help them create the Mexican Paradise you think exists there.

As a Veteran who went to war under that flag, I served alongside Mexican-Americans, Cubans who barely spoke English, Blacks, White, Indians, whatever ethnicity exists in America. We did not fly any other flag and we all fought under the same flag, the American Flag.

How dare any of you cry "it's disrespectful" to display any variant of the American Flag inside of America, just because it is the 5th of May and you think it is a day to honor in Mexico.

Enjoy the 5th of May and whatever created celebrations you desire on May 5, but do not decide America ceases to exist on that day.

If America offends you that much, maybe you are living in the wrong country.


Canuckguy said...

Well that takes the cake.
At least common sense eventually prevailed but it is a worrisome sign of the political correct times.

Hot Sam said...

The cultural equivalent of celebrating Cinco de Mayo would be Japanese-Brazilians celebrating the Seventh of December by wearing the Ensign of the Imperial Japanese Navy in ParanĂ¡ and drinking sake.

The response in Morgan Hill would be equivalent to a public school in ParanĂ¡ sending kids home who were wearing gold and green t-shirts with "Ordem e Progresso" printed in blue.

Idle Pen Pusher said...

You're following us into self-loathing. Normally we follow you into these inanities.