Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Bush Gets Blamed for Al & Tipper Gore's Split

Unbelievable! Is there anything the left won't attempt to pin on Bush?

CBS's Katie Couric "report" on the Gore split includes the comment, "It's been ten years since that oddly public passionate kiss at the Democratic convention. That was followed by Gore winning the popular vote for President but losing the electoral vote. Family friend Sally Quinn says that may have done the marriage irreparable harm."

See Real Clear Politics for the video. Further comments at


Hot Sam said...

They've kept the details quiet, so this probably involves an affair or alienation of affection. After all, he's a rich, busy guy flying all over the world. The National Enquirer will get to the bottom of this!

The marriage was probably over a long time ago and, like Bill and Hillary, they stay "together" for appearances. Clinton, Gore, Edwards... every aspect of their lives is a sham.

LewWaters said...

It's really sad when we have to depend on tabloids like the National Inquirer to find out what is happening with these public officials.

But, with the lamestream media not doing their jobs any longer, that is what we have.