Thursday, June 17, 2010

Is It Any Wonder The Left Labels Tea Parties As Racist?

Despite knowing for a fact that Tea Parties are not racist in our protests or attendance at events, some, a very small some, goes out of their way to ensure that label is hung around our necks. Although their numbers are extremely small, they supply just what the left looks for to falsely paint the movement as racist.

A good example of this would be a post placed up on the We The People website in an effort to taint Washington States 3rd Congressional District candidate, David Castillo.

Candidate for Congress makes Spanish available on his website
Posted by Donald Sampelton on June 16, 2010 at 12:00am

Most of us live in America, we go to work, come home to our families, enjoy the evening and go to sleep. We repeat this many times a week and hundreds of times a year.

We don't go to work because we want to, but because we must to provide for our families.

I have been put out of work 4 times in the last 8 years not because of lack of work, but because the employer could pay someone else less to do the work. ( and they could not speak English )

I happened to stumble across this YouTube video that really expresses my views on people in this country that are not able to speak or read english. They want this freedom we all love but with it comes a price. If they won't take the time to learn our language, how will they ever understand our values.

Now this Congressman put's his website on the internet with a Spanish option. We really need to go back to basics here if we are going to go forward.

Whoever did these YouTube videos must also be upset but at least they brought some humor into it.

Check out these videos and comment. This Candidate for Congress that is in Washington State is a good example of what we don't want in Congress.

David Castillo is American born to America parents. He’s served in the United States Navy and held sub-cabinet level positions in the Department of Veterans Affairs and Department of Homeland Security. And now, because he included a link to Google Translate on his webpage, which only translates a small portion of his webpage, he somehow is not qualified to run for congress?

That he advocates e-verify and bringing back the SAVE Act for passage means nothing, just that he provides a link to Google Translate to a drop down box for Spanish. What about the other languages within the drop down box? There’s Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Hebrew, Yiddish, Norwegian, Dutch, German, you name it.

His Issues page translates over to Spanish, telling them in their original language his stand on Illegal Immigration.

Here’s a little news flash for Mr. Sampelton, ILLEGAL ALIENS MAY NOT LEGALLY VOTE.

We have several naturalized American Citizens within our country who are still trying to learn our version of English. They may legally vote and many do.

We have the Republican Hispanic Assembly which just might contain some of those naturalized Americans that come from Spanish speaking countries.

Does it escape him that making a portion of his website in their original language might make it easier for them to discover who and what Castillo stands for? Yes, they are learning English, which to others coming to America legally, it one of the more difficult languages to learn.

Most Hispanic people hold conservative values from their culture. Do we just ship them off the Democrats to keep voting for them? Do we not want conservative people of all groups joining us voting for conservatives and conservative values?

Apparently Mr. Sampelton is more comfortable with trying to keep his lily white hands pure; exactly the opposite of what conservatism is about.

Both of David Castillo’s Republican opponents have similar views on securing our borders and dealing with Illegal Aliens. One is even being billed as the “Latina” in the race, but no one seems concerned that she is labeled as such, which would also appeal to Hispanics.

I don’t which opponent is behind taking such cheap shots at David, but apparently they know they cannot hold a candle next to him when it comes to experience, knowledge and ability to hold the office they seek.

So, they resort to such cheap shots.

David Castillo is clearly the best conservative candidate we have had in many years in Washington States 3rd Congressional District. He is the best bet we have in converting the seat held by now retiring Brian Baird back to Republicans.

Listening to him at events or forums, he clearly has a better command on the issues and offers ideas that make sense and would help get our country going again.

He enjoys broad Tea Party support, in spite of efforts by a fringe within to paint him as otherwise. He has received numerous conservative endorsements, including from FreedomWorks, several Republican leaders and conservative citizens.

See for yourselves at David Castillo for Congress.

Let’s ignore the cheap shots and actually run a strong conservative that will win this time, David Castillo.


Anonymous said...

It is worrisome to see politicians who have jumped on the band wagon with their patriotic or ethic theme but don’t have any real experience or substance.

Herrera may have some experience but in my opinion lacks greatly the substance and I don't like her voting record or funding issues. I definitely give Hedrick the respect I give all of our armed forces. I highly respect our marines but I wouldn’t vote for my own brother is all he had going for him was being in the forces and held the title of American hero.

We need a candidate with the whole package and I see that in David Castillo; Navy Vet, Constitutional Conservative, Homeland Security, Government Experience, Private Sector experience, Christian values, and humble. I also respect the fact he is not running on a ticket of ethnicity.

We don’t need more rock stars, or career politicians. We need David Castillo in Congress.

LewWaters said...

I completely agree with you, Patriot.

As much as I like Hedrick, especially the gutsy confrontation with Brian Baird last year, I am troubled by some of his claims on his service.

As a Viet Nam Veteran myself, my ears perk up when I hear any Veteran stating he cannot discuss his service due to it being "classified" or "secret."

All jobs in the Military are needed to complete a mission, regardless of some may feel theirs was menial. No one should ever be so ashamed of their service to invent stories as to their service.

We have had too many elected officials from both parties who stretched their service accounts to be elected recently and voters deserve better.

I have not seen or heard any such stretching with Castillo.

In my estimation, he remains our best bet to secure the 3rd CD seat.

witchywoman said...

So what if I want to read it spanish? That is really grasping at straws and a feeble attempt at a character assasination. Why not instead try and find out why Herrera sided with the Union’s on child care? That is a real issue.