Friday, July 30, 2010

SEIU Compares AZ SB 1070 to Berlin Wall

Who is the fearmonger?

H/T Sweetness & Light

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Buy A Tote For San Fran Nan

I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised to see such an advertisement as below, what with the push to ban on plastic grocery bags, originating in Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco and now spreading across the land.

"I have some exciting news to share. Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently asked me if I would design a limited edition tote bag. With everything Speaker Pelosi has done to move our country forward, I was more than happy to oblige."

"But what makes this tote bag even more special is that every dollar toward its purchase price will be used to support Speaker Pelosi and courageous House Democrats who are under increased attack by those who wish to take our country back to the policies of former President George W. Bush."

No mention of just what material it is constructed from or where it is made, just lay down $65, which is a steal since otherwise without the listed sales code, you would pay $81.25.

No more cheap plastic bags cluttering your recycling bin. Store clerks and shoppers will envy you, seeing you carry your very own Limited Edition, San Fran Nan, Diane von Furstenberg designed tote.

Not recommended for picking up pet waste.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

What Happened to Promises of “Open and Transparent” Government?

All throughout the 2006 campaign, Nancy Pelosi spoke of “draining the swamp,” and cleaning up Congress and government. She even said, “We Will Create the Most Open and Honest Government in History” in a January 2006 release.

In 2008, Barack Obama campaigned on much the same message. Upon inauguration, his White House released a statement, “Change has come to” that contains, “President Obama has committed to making his administration the most open and transparent in history, and will play a major role in delivering on that promise.

We have seen anything but an “Open and Transparent” government since the Democratic cartel seized dictatorial control of America as multi-thousand page legislation was written behind closed doors, votes rammed through before congress could even read them, not to mention American citizens had no chance to read them with either.

Obama blocked access to the White House visitors log for a time and requests under the Freedom of Information Act seemed to have slowed down immensely.

The Associated Press, finally doing a little investigative Journalism uncovered why and has spoken out, Playing politics with public records requests.

Long overdue that the media in America actually does their job!

AP’s Ted Bridis writes,

The Freedom of Information Act, the main tool forcing the government to be more open, is designed to be insulated from political considerations. Anyone who seeks information through the law is supposed to get it unless disclosure would hurt national security, violate personal privacy or expose confidential decision-making in certain areas.”

“But in July 2009, Homeland Security introduced a directive requiring a wide range of information to be vetted by political appointees for "awareness purposes," no matter who requested it

Officials claim that no requests were improperly denied. But, depending on what was uncovered in vetting the requester’s political views, they were delayed, even to members of Congress.

Claims from the White House that they had no indication this was happening fall on deaf ears as emails received by the AP shows coordination between the White House and DHS on some releases.

What was “vetted” is also quite interesting for an “open and transparent” government,
Anything that related to an Obama policy priority was pegged for this review. So was anything that touched on a "controversial or sensitive subject" that could attract media attention or that dealt with meetings involving prominent business and elected leaders.”

Anything requested by lawmakers, journalists, activist groups or watchdog organizations had to go to the political appointees. This included all of AP's information requests, even a routine one for records that had already been sought by other news organizations

As this ‘foot dragging’ policy was coming to light, it was cancelled.

I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting on the real “Open and Transparent” government Democrats promised to seize power, though. Everywhere turned since the Dictatorial Democrats took over, we see stone-walling and obfuscation as more and more of our freedoms are ever so slowing be whittled away.

If only the rest of the media would do their job in actually investigating instead of making excuses, these Democrats ruining the country for generations to come would all be in jail or deported.

America, if we really want change, real change that restores freedom and liberty and gives citizens’ security, as well as rebuild a shattered economy, it has to begin in November 2010.

This cabal in Washington D.C. has to go, they must be voted out and new blood brought in. Democrats and RINO’s who roll over for Democrats every chance must be voted out.

Candidates that show they too will kow tow to the dictatorial Democrat cartel must be defeated in elections.

The only way to really “drain the swamp” is by pulling the plug on these wealthy career politicians that will not even submit themselves to the very policies they force upon you and I.

Let’s Keep America, AMERICA!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Second Amendment Right? Or Paranoia?

On Monday, July 19, 2010 the Columbian posted an interesting blog post on their Political Beat blog, Hedrick brings ‘heat’ to Stranger interview, referencing a video and interview from Seattle’s alternative media, the Stranger, Which Congressional Candidate Brought a Gun to The Stranger Yesterday?

Watching the video, I initially thought, “big deal, the guy has a concealed carry permit and carries a gun.” I admit that reading about the kids’ theater incident sounds a bit contrived and although I strongly support the Second Amendment and concealed carry with the proper permit, and that I wouldn’t carry a firearm into a kid’s movie, he does have a legal concealed carry permit.

Unless the theater bars guns, it is legal to carry, even if not the smartest thing a parent would do with his kids.

But, something didn’t set well with me. Something just didn’t sound right to me.

Admittedly, I do not support Hedrick in his congressional run, even though I supported him in standing up to Brian Baird last August. I even have questions that remain unanswered concerning his service in the US Marine Corps and disability claimed. But none of that entered my mind as I watched the video over and over trying to figure out what did not set well with me.

After a few viewings, it dawned on me what it was. If you didn’t pick up on it, watch again and pay attention towards the end of the video, after Hedrick tells the interviewer that they have a legal right to bar guns on their private property.

He states that he would not be there doing the interview in person, but it would be by phone, had they barred his carrying a gun into the interview.

The second amendment is a very serious right that carries with it grave responsibility. Concealed Carry, under current laws, is a privilege not to be taken lightly. I strongly support both, but also feel such a responsibility must be tempered with some good old fashioned common sense.

Much like holding a security clearance in the Military, having the clearance isn’t enough; you must also have “the need to know.”

As Hedrick even shows in the story about the incident at the children’s movie, it is extremely rare to need to pull a gun if you are carrying. However, the likelihood of actually needing your gun, although slim, can be real at any given moment.

But, to indicate that if you may not carry on someone’s private property, their legal right, you, a candidate for federal office, would not do an in person interview? It would be only by telephone?

Such a comment comes across to me as paranoia, or a young man still trying to prove to himself that he is a man, with little clue what manhood is really about.

I have to believe that he received adequate training in the safe and proper handling of rifles while in Basic Training and AIT, since he did serve a short while in the US Marine Corps, even if he is tight lipped about that service other than making his rank held central to his campaign, but I also wonder if that attitude of “no gun, no in person interview” extends to other venues, such as political forums or school functions with his children?

I wonder because RCW 9.41.280 prohibits firearms “in a public or private school building,” except under some strict exemptions.

To me, given his comment in the video, it would only seem logical that he would not attend school plays or PTA Meetings concerning his own children unless he was armed either.

I can only hope that this is not the case and that he obeys the law concerning concealed carry on school grounds and buildings, leaves it home or properly locked in his car and is there for his children.

There are those that see no problem with his carrying a concealed weapon to an interview. If not for the comment of “no gun, no in person interview,” neither would I.

But, that one little comment, giving us a glimpse into the mind of a candidate for office, leaves me feeling like he might just be too immature or too paranoid to be elected to office.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Who Can Oust Patty Murray?

Patty Murray, dubbed “the Mom in Tennis Shoes” and first elected as US Senator in 1992, is facing another “tough election” in her bid to retain her seat of power. In typical leftist fashion, Murray begins the victim card early by whining of a “tough election” even though she is Washington States senior Senator and holds some very powerful positions in the Senate.

Murray says she “understands voters’ frustration with a struggling economy, prolonged war, complex reforms in health care and the fact that a fix for immigration issues continues to elude Congress,” completely ignoring that she has been part and parcel of the escalating economic problems and growing tension over ILLEGAL immigration that she and her fellow Senators have long ignored.

Claiming “Every time I run, I’m an underdog,” Murray’s $11 Million raised for her campaign war chest isn’t too shabby.

Murray, queen darling of pork laden leftists, is facing 3 viable Republican challengers, Dino Rossi, Clint Didier and Paul Akers and defeating her will be a tough task. But, she is vulnerable, as shown in Rasmussen Polling, giving Didier and Rossi each 48% to her 45% preference by voters polled.

Akers remains close behind her and gaining ground.

After our August 11 primary, only one will be running against her and it is critical, if we wish to unseat Patty finally and hopefully begin returning sanity to our government, that we choose who best can defeat her.

Dino Rossi, twice defeated for governor of Washington State, the 2004 election being an obvious stolen election, enjoys the most name recognition, but doesn’t seem to hold the passion for the run like he once did. His late entry into the race is said to have prevented much fund raising of others as they tried to build campaigns, most of those candidates dropping once he entered and endorsing him.

Clint Didier, former football player and farmer, is gaining in name recognition and is probably the most passionate of the three. However, he has chosen to embrace the foreign policy and other views of well-known politikook, Ron Paul in regards to the ongoing War in Afghanistan and the health reform bill purchased 3,000 shotguns for the IRS.

Paul Akers, inventor, entrepreneur and small businessman, remains the least known of the 3 challengers with the best chance to defeat Murray, seems to have the most ideas, but lacks in the passion shown by Didier and does not have the name recognition of Rossi.

Didier and Akers both shows ties to the loosely knit group known as the TEA Party throughout the state, Didier receiving the well received endorsement of Alaska former governor and vice-presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, while Rossi indicates he can ignore the group and still receive their support in the November general election, leading many conservatives to feel taken for granted.

Both Didier and Akers have held functions of their own in Clark County while Rossi has yet to.

All 3 made appearances at the Republican Resurgence Convention held in Vancouver this past June, Didier leaving suddenly to meet with Mrs. Palin Friday morning in the Tri-Cities area.

Rossi remains far ahead of both Didier and Akers in campaign donations, having raised some $1.4 Million, compared to Didier’s slightly more than $350,000 and Akers’ more than $275,000. Rossi has also spent the least, in part due to his late entry while others were campaigning.

One of these 3 will go on to run against Murray in the general election in November and I can’t honestly say which one I support yet. But, if we are to unseat Murray, as many in the state desire, we must choose who we feel is best suited and support whoever wins the August 17 primary with all we have.

We can expect the Democrats to fight with everything they have to retain Murray in the US Senate seat.

Shouldn’t we throw everything we have towards ousting her?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Once the Oil Flow is Stopped, What Then?

With guarded hopes, testing on the broken oil well in the Gulf of Mexico that has been spewing oil into the gulf for nearly 3 months looks promising so far. Although premature for celebration, all parties involved hope to see the beginning of the end for this nightmare that has affected so many people.

Once permanently capped, what then? The clean-up will be a massive undertaking even when it no longer creates sympathetic headlines and we still have growing energy needs that will need met, if we wish to maintain the current lifestyle.

And, it is not just energy needs as petroleum plays a huge role in our day to day lives that most of never give a second thought to. From food to medical and so much in between, petroleum has contributed to our lives in very positive ways.

But, accidents as the Gulf Well draws negative attention and the effects of such accidents last a very long time. Opportunists jump at the chance to raise allegations against those who provide us with petroleum and even elected officials, who actually have little or no knowledge of the matter, push through legislation that benefit lobbyists who fund their campaigns and in the end, John Q. Public pays with a lowered lifestyle, higher prices and increased taxes. Did I mention fewer jobs too?

Such is the case ongoing now with the poor performance seen from the Obama administration in helping or directing efforts at ending this oil spill. Many feel the oil should never have reached the shoreline to create the environmental disaster now being seen along the Louisiana, Alabama and Florida coastlines, as well as other states along the gulf.

In spite of a lack of concern shown by the administration, they and willing accomplices in Congress were very quick to seize upon the unfolding tragedy to announce a “moratorium” on further deep water drilling, giving no regard as to how such a moratorium would affect an already severely depressed economy or how America’s energy needs will be met.

Obama’s Interior Secretary Ken Salazar stated,

I am basing my decision on evidence that grows every day of the industry's inability in the deepwater to contain a catastrophic blowout, respond to an oil spill, and to operate safely.”

Unstated in the announcement, along with just how our growing energy needs will be met, is that obtaining our own land based petroleum has been blocked now for decades in areas known to contain enough reserves to satisfy our needs while alternative sources are being perfected.

Jack Gerard of the American Petroleum Institute says
It is unnecessary and shortsighted to shut down a major part of the nation’s energy lifeline while working to enhance offshore safety The new moratorium threatens enormous harm to the nation and to the Gulf region. It places the jobs of tens of thousands of workers in serious and immediate jeopardy and promises a substantial reduction in domestic energy production. No certain and expeditious path forward has been established for a resumption of drilling.”

“The 33 now idle deepwater drilling rigs in the Gulf have passed thorough government inspections and are ready to be put back to work. The industry has been working extremely hard on all fronts to enhance safety-and will continue to do so. And the government has already imposed significant, additional safety requirements that are supported by the industry. A resumption of drilling would proceed only under the most intense and vigilant oversight

Gerard also points out, “80 percent of the oil and 45 percent of the natural gas produced in the Gulf come from deepwater areas,” indicating we now have that much less energy sources to meet our needs and you can imagine the number of jobs now sitting idle in the region and throughout the rest of the nation.

Most telling are the words of Larry Dickerson, chief executive of Diamond Offshore Drilling as he quotes many of his employees who ask about “the difference between the auto industry and the oil industry, ‘how come they get bailed out and we get driven out’?”

Left-winged environmental groups, who although they condemn many modern modes of transportation and energy use them themselves, are also known to seize upon such incidents to further their agendas. We can expect to see emails, television and radio ads decrying the damaged costal regions, even though many of them do not lift a finger to help out.

They and even more willing accomplices in Congress will undoubtedly demand punitive measures on the petroleum industry and taxes placed upon their products, all of which you and I, the struggling citizens of America will inevitably end up paying in higher prices to heat our homes, drive to work (for those lucky enough to still have a job) and even to prepare our meals.

A briefing paper has already been made available to the public on steps being taken that will affect all of us in from the above call.

Nick Rahall, West Virginia Democrat and House Natural Resources Chairman has introduced legislation “to firm up safety and oversight of offshore drilling in response to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill,” that would expand government oversight and control of not only offshore drilling of oil and natural gas, but would also include onshore drilling.

To me personally, it appears to be more of just another step toward our government nationalizing the petroleum industry.

API’s president, Jack Gerard released a statement recently stating,
The bill passed by the House Natural Resources Committee today moves well beyond a response to the tragic accident in the Gulf of Mexico, to the point where – if adopted by the Congress – provisions of the legislation will kill jobs, stifle economic recovery and punish an already-reeling Gulf Coast community.”

“The numerous provisions that discourage U.S. oil and natural gas development have the potential to drive investment out of the United States, killing U.S. jobs and harming our economy.”

“We support efforts to ensure safe and environmentally responsible operations, and we are committed to being part of the solution. But we cannot forget that oil and natural gas demand is growing and that it is critical to every sector of our economy. Any policy changes must bear that in mind. We can protect the environment without jeopardizing our economic security

In the meantime, there are still thousands of oil wells throughout the Gulf of Mexico and elsewhere off of our shores operated by foreign nations that the legislation would not affect. They are drilling to meet their energy needs while we idealistically think we can do without energy.

Our dependence upon foreign oil is growing at an alarming rate, which ultimately will leave us prone to more attacks, both physical and economic. So called “alternative sources” are still not capable of meeting our basic energy needs.

The shortsightedness of the current administration seizing upon such accidents for political opportunism is stripping our nation of our defenses, while devastating our economy.

We remain optimistically guarded that this tragic accident at the Deepwater Horizon Oil Well will be soon permanently sealed and that in time, the Gulf Coast will recover.

But, if the region is not allowed to recover and continue supplying our energy needs economically, can we remain a nation of free people much longer?

What then?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Washington State Congressional Candidate Jaime Herrera Says, “Trust Me”

Jaime Herrera, the Republican establishment backed candidate for Washington State 3rd Congressional District, has put together her first ever TV Ad.

Jaime Herrera for Congress TV Ad -- "Trust" from Herrera Campaign on Vimeo.

A very nicely created ad that paints her in a very positive light. However, even though she says “Put trust in people,” it is common knowledge that such ads are designed to enlist trust in her in order that voters will send her back to Washington D.C., where she spent many years before returning to gain the 18th legislative district seat she will now be vacating.

Trust is a very fragile thing and hard to gain. It is something that must be earned, regardless of who desires it and the main way someone earns it is to be up front and honest with people, especially voters. Has Jaime been being honest with us? You should judge for yourself.

Jaime has been under fire for some time for her co-sponsorship and voting on HB 1329, a bill that many say would have forced childcare centers into a public union. Jaime maintains, “The bill I supported is not compulsory. It doesn’t violate my own standards.”

Yet, when the bill was being actively debated, we find;

January 29, 2010, the Seattle Times wrote, “The Seattle Times Editorial Board opposes House Bill 1329, a project of the Service Employees International Union to organize owners of child-care centers under labor law.”

“THE House of Representatives in Olympia has passed a bill that could force the owners of child-care centers into being represented by a union. This is an improper application of labor law.”

Also on January 29, 2010, KOMO News wrote, “Some daycare owners are claiming the unionization of the industry would jeopardize the quality of care given to the state's children.”

“The criticism comes as some state lawmakers are pushing the plan to bring unions to daycare.”

“Candi Doran owns the Little Orca Learning Center in Mukilteo, and she's quick with her opinion about joining a union.”

"I will not be forced into paying people I do not believe present quality to the public," she said.

“Doran has owned the daycare for 18 years, and resents the Service Employees International Union and its attempt to force daycares to join and pay dues.”

Much earlier, April 9, 2009, The Tacoma News Tribune wrote, “But the fundamental problem with HB 1329 is that it amounts to a political payoff to an especially aggressive union. The actual welfare of the children involved is a secondary consideration.”

January 27, 2010, the Everett Herald said, “This measure, House Bill 1329, stirred much controversy in 2009. It passed the House but died after the majority there rejected changes made by the Senate.”

“House Democrats expect the outcome will be different this time because they are apparently willing to accept revisions pushed by senators a year ago.”

“One of those would drop the bill’s requirement for collective bargaining at small centers where aid is received for one or more children. The Senate wants participation to be voluntary.” Showing that when first co-sponsored by and voted on by Herrera, it indeed would have made joining the public union compulsory.

On February 4, 2010, the Yakima Herald wrote against HB 1329, saying, “Of course, it's important to note the biggest beneficiary of the unionizing efforts. Surprise -- it's the Service Employees International Union. As an added bonus in the House measure, union dues would be automatically deducted from the state's payment to the center. How convenient.”

“Large child-care systems that have 10 or more centers would be exempt, along with national nonprofits, such as YMCAs. Centers run by Native American tribes are also excluded.”

February 8, 2010, the Family Policy Institute of Washington released a post claiming, “In 2007, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) approached child care centers (not home day care centers) in Washington about joining the union. After learning that the union would not disclose how much membership was going to cost or specify the benefits that the centers would receive, they declined.”

They also wrote, “What resulted was House Bill 1329, which has already passed the House of Representatives and has moved to the Senate for consideration. Although unclear, it appears that this bill would compel all child care centers to become part of a union if one person from 30% of the centers says they want to join. Therefore, if there were 100 centers with 5,000 employees, 30 signatures (one from 30 different centers) could compel all 5,000 employees to become union members.”

Jaime has also repeatedly said that her sponsorship and votes for HB 1329 were “the result of concerns voiced by members of the day care industry in her district.”

However, looking through the House Bill Report we find that those speaking in support of it before Commerce and Labor were Kim Cook, Megan Price, and Barbara Tristan, Service Employees International Union; Lucinda Young, Washington Education Association and American Federation of Teachers; Diane Gaile, Mariah Collaborative Arts Center and Washington Educators for Early Learning; Molly Boyajian, League of Education Voters; and Kim Gilligan, Washington Educators for Early Learning.

Opposed were Tom Emery, Love and Laughter Learning Center; Ginger Still, Kid’s World Childcare; Candi Doran, Little Orca Learning Center; Colleen Hill, Country Kids Playhouse; Kim Pressell, Middleland Kiddie Korral; and Margo Logan, Washington Parents for Safe Child Care.

In testimony before the House Ways & Means Committee, those testifying in support were Adair Dammonn, Service Employees International Union 925; and Lucinda Young, Washington Education Association.

Those opposed were David Foster, Washington Child Care United; Tom Emery, Washington Child Care Alliance; and Amy Bell, YMCA of Washington.

Yet, Herrera’s campaign manager, Casey Bowman sent out a memo emphasizing that support of the bill “was at the request of the small business owners of day care centers.”

Jaime now says she is “right of center,” and that “she’ll cast votes for the benefit of her district first and with her political party second.” However, she indicated that her vote for HB 1329 was an “outlier vote,” meaning something she doesn’t usually do.

Who she was placing first in her support and votes for HB 1329 remains a mystery as testimony shows the childcare centers were opposed to the bill.

Equally troubling is that she said to the Columbian’s Kathie Durbin, “Not once have you heard me criticize Brian Baird’s performance in Southwest Washington,” but in forum after forum, she readily stood up and criticized the very Republican Party she hopes to vote her into the office being vacated by Democrat Brian Baird.

In the video Jaime claims she will stand for “fiscal sanity.” But, during the special session held by the legislature this year, she abandoned the Republican Party once again and joined the tax and spend Democrats in Olympia in raiding the last $229,000,000.00 from our Rainy Day Fund. On this vote, she says, “In my mind, it was raise taxes or take money from the rainy day fund. And I’ll choose taking money from the fund over taxes every time.”

We still ended up with historic tax increases and additional taxes AFTER raiding the Rainy Day Fund and now we are facing another $3 Billion budget shortfall, with no buffer in the Rainy Day Fund to help. Win or lose, Jaime won’t be there to haggle over the next slate of tax increases Olympia will try to shove down our throats.

Trust is a very fragile and precious thing to ask for and must be earned. We place our trust in honest people.

It doesn’t look like Jaime Herrera has been being very honest with us.

Rep. Bachmann to Start House TEA Party Caucus.

From Congresswoman Bachmann's web site: "Today, U.S. Representative Michele Bachmann filed paperwork to start a House Tea Party Caucus to promote Americans’ call for fiscal responsibility, adherence to the Constitution, and limited government."

Copy of letter sent HERE

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Clint Didier Shoots Himself In The Foot

Even though I remain undecided as to just who I would like to see win the nomination to face off against Patty Murray in the general election, It is with great sadness that I have to say Clint Didier’s name has fallen completely off of the list.

I was initially impressed with Clint, especially when he approached me outside of the Hilton the evening of the Lincoln Day dinner to thank me for serving in Viet Nam, having seen my Viet Nam Veterans cap I often wear.

Although undecided, I have been leaning towards him, in spite of him previously saying on his twitter page, “Just finished meeting with Ron Paul. What an inspirational leader! Makes me want to fight harder for Liberty!”

The looniness of Ron Paul is well known and seeing Didier describe him as an “inspirational leader” disturbed me immensely, but I continued to give Clint the benefit of doubt.

I can no longer hold that benefit of doubt as Clint has now come forward repeating Ron Paul’s claims of “Afghanistan is not a war, but a conflict” and “we should never have gone in there without a formal declaration of war.”

Audio of KUOW’s “The Conversation” with Ross Reynolds interview with Clint Didier HERE

Just as wrong as Ron Paul remains to be over this, since Congress overwhelmingly authorized going after the terrorists in Afghanistan, in the shadow of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks that murdered nearly 3,000 innocent civilians and considering that groups like Al Qaeda and other radical Jihadists had been steadily attacking American interests for over two decades at the time, Didier is way off base as well, in my estimation.

We often hear Ron Paul worshippers proclaim him to be heir apparent to the legacy of Ronald Reagan. They cite Reagan’s withdrawing from Lebanon after over 200 Marines were lost in a terrorist attack there, but they ignore Reagan’s own words of,

“In the profound sadness that fell over the whole country in the aftermath of the Beirut bombing, I had to decide what to do next in Lebanon. Not surprisingly, there was new pressure in Congress to leave that country. Although I did my best to explain to the American people why our troops were there, I knew many still didn't understand it. I believed in - and still believe in - the policy and decisions that originally sent the marines to Lebanon.”


Didier brings up Paul’s notion of using “Letters of Marque and Reprisal” as viable alternative, ignoring that every other nation banned them in the mid-1800’s and that we are signatories to the Geneva Conventions, that forbids the use of mercenaries in warfare by nations.

Didier says in this regard, “So we put a bounty on their head through letters of marque and reprisal” adding it should be “One Billion Dollars.”

How disconnected from reality can he and Ron Paul be? Money isn’t what radical Jihadists are after. They are religious zealots misguided by their misinterpretation of the Qu’Ran and the false belief that God is on their side in this.

Last I recall hearing there has been a $50 Million bounty on Bin Laden with no takers that can get close enough to him.

Then again, since he says, “put a bounty on their head,” is proposing that for each one?

As a Viet Nam veteran, I remember well as congress pulled the plug on us, after tying out hands for so many years with ridiculous “rules of engagement” and losing over 58,000 of my fellow Veterans and we abandoned that struggling ally to fall under the darkness of communism for far too many years.

Didier and Paul, perhaps without even realizing it, are advocating just such a repeat scenario.

We have lost well over 1,000 of our Troops in Afghanistan and many more in Iraq, Troops who went off to war to protect our freedoms and fight to free people in a foreign land. Walking away and leaving the job unfinished once again would totally invalidate their sacrifices, as was ours by not finishing the job in Viet Nam.

Didier and Paul think it reprehensible that we did not formally declare war, ignoring the congressional vote authorizing the war, but abandoning friends in need to their fate of oppression seems not to bother them.

Another quote from Ronald Reagan, from a July 1975 Reason Magazine Interview,
“Once you are going to commit yourself to a combat role and you’re going to ask young men to fight and die for your country, then you have a moral obligation as a nation to throw the full resources of the nation behind them and to win that war as quickly as possible and get it over with…”

Sorry Clint, I still admire your football career, your devotion to your community and appreciate your shaking my hand to thank me for serving, but I cannot get behind any candidate that falls into league with Ron Paul or can treat the sacrifices of our Troops so cavalierly.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Do We Need Any More Reason to Seal The Border?

It remains alarming that the flood of ILLEGAL aliens is allowed to continue through our porous borders. Cries of poor disadvantaged people seeking a better life are only a portion of those coming across.

Drug dealers, gang members and even some suspects of radical Islamic terrorism have made their way through too.

And now, we read Mexico thwarts Hezbollah bid to set up South American network

Mexico foiled an attempt by Hezbollah to establish a network in South America, a Kuwaiti newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Hezbollah operatives employed Mexicans nationals with family ties to Lebanon to set up the network, designed to target Israel and the West, the Al-Seyassah daily said.
According to the report, Mexican police mounted a surveillance operation on the group's leader, Jameel Nasr, who traveled frequently to Lebanon to receive information and instructions from Hezbollah commanders there.
Police say Nasr also made frequent trips to other countries in Latin America, including a two-month stay in Venezuela in the summer of 2008.

Nasr was living in Tijuana, Mexico at the time of his arrest, the report said.
Ask yourself just why would a Hezbollah leader be setting up a terrorist network in South and Central America, headquartered in Tijuana, just across the border?

It is long past time both parties stopped the bickering back and forth and pushing for granting another amnesty, which would have given any terrorists that may have already snuck across the border, legitimacy.


Tuesday, July 06, 2010

"I Fought for You!"

May we never forget the sacrifices our men and women who serve in the Military have made so we may have the freedoms so many take for granted today.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Have a Safe and Happy 4th of July

I hope everyone enjoys our Independence Day celebrations in your community. But please, remember, stay safe so you can enjoy next years as well.

Alcohol and driving do not mix nor does Alcohol and fireworks. Be sure before you set any off that they are a safe distance away from your home and people, especially small children.

It only takes a split second for an accident that will forever alter your or someone else's life to happen.

Please be respectful of others after the public ceremonies this evening. You may be feeling good after you get home from the ceremony and public display of fireworks, but do we really need to hear them still going off at midnight and at 1 A.M.?

Not everybody has Monday off from work.

Above all, remember why we even celebrate the day and let's hold our freedoms and liberties our forefathers fought and died for in higher regard. They are precious and unprecedented and we should not allow any politician to threaten them "for the collective good."

Have a safe and happy 4th.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Gregoire Ignores High Unemployment While Promoting Illegal Aliens

In yet another stunning example of the failure of the Gregoire regime in Washington State, we now read from the Seattle PI, Gregoire: Congress must address immigration reform.

It is well known that calls for “immigration reform” are little more than calls to extend some sort of amnesty to the millions of people who chose to violate the sanctity of our borders and ignore our laws by sneaking into the country by any means they can. Hence, the use of the often ignored, “ILLEGAL” Democrats and advocates removed as they speak of “Immigrants” or “Aliens.”

Gregoire, in what she dubs the “Feeding Washington tour,” stopped over in the Walla Walla and Yakima agricultural areas where she remarked,

“I’ve seen the need of our farmers. People don’t understand that farm work is not just for anybody. It takes skill, it takes training. For the good of our state, for the good of agriculture, I want to see Congress tackle immigration reform.”

Apparently, some farms in the region are feeling a pinch due to a crackdown by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement on illegal aliens, one claiming they had to import “workers from Jamaica since then under a federal guest worker program.”

Of course, this is where we are usually told that this is work “Americans won’t do,” which in part is true, since tax dollars pay unemployed able-bodied people more to not perform such work. But, does it have to be that way? With high unemployment throughout the state and rambunctious teens out of school for the summer, labor must be imported?

If we have gotten this lazy, isn’t it about time to correct that?

Dan Fazio, labor specialist for the Washington state Farm Bureau says, “The guest worker program is expensive and the paperwork required is extensive, deterring many farmers from using it.”

So, we prefer they instead use people who entered the country illegally and now must work in the shadows and often for substandard wages in harsh conditions? Is that not justifying a secondary slave class, the very thing Democrats claim they oppose?

And, what if they were to receive amnesty? Would that not also be “expensive?”

Fazio adds,
“The agriculture industry has three choices, automate harvests to reduce the need for labor, push for a functional program to bring in workers from another country and offer citizenship after several years, or move labor-intensive farming out of the U.S. Americans need to decide if they want to produce fresh fruits and vegetables in the United States. And we can’t do it here unless we automate it or find a stable work force.”

Isn’t that attitude expressed the very elitism the left claims of those us on the right? Is that not claiming Americans are too good actually get their hands dirty and must use labor from other countries?

And again, with the rising unemployment, many falling off of the unemployment roles and summer breaks for teens and young adults, it seems to me that there is a ready work force sitting idle and being taught they don’t have to work.

And, why is our governor pushing such an elitist position instead of doing what is needed to put Washingtonians back to work?

It makes no sense to me to continue to pay people not to work while crying we have no workers and must import workers from other countries.

This is why I support candidates like David Castillo that believe we must use our own resources before relying on others.

We are told we are a “nation of immigrants.” While our ancestors did immigrate from other countries, they did so in accordance with the law and not all were immediately allowed in, some not at all.

We do not need “immigration reform,” we need “immigration enforcement.”

Once we have our own unemployment numbers drastically reduced, then we could consider a “guest worker program.” But, not until.

Governor Gregoire continues to show she does not place the best interests of Washington Citizens first as she advocates for lawbreakers. Pushing for such an amnesty for ILLEGAL Aliens while voting, taxpaying citizens sit idle and run out of unemployment benefits is irresponsible and contrary to the well-being of Washington Citizens.

We need to elect responsible representatives this November and begin breaking the stranglehold the elitist Democrats have over us all.

David Castillo, for the United States House of Representatives, Ann Rivers for the 18th Legislative District, Brian Peck and Paul Harris for the 2 seats in the 17th Legislative District, Craig Riley and Bill Cismar to replace the two tax happy Democrats currently occupying the seats in the 49th Legislative District are a good start.

We must get our borders and out of control illegal immigration under control if we are to ever come out of this severe recession we are in.

Governor Gregoire should either resign or be recalled. Democrats must lose control of the legislature.

They have been a disaster for Washington State!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Obama, "Great News, Unemployment is Only 9.6%, not 15%"

In defending his failed stimulus package, Barack Obama, off teleprompter obviously, tried to paint a rosey picture of economic recovery by stating, "unemployment's at 9.6%, but it's not 12 or 13 or 15."

If you recall, we had to have his stimulus package to prevent unemployment from exceeding 8%.

Maybe he should get off of the golf course long enough to visit counties in Washington and Oregon where unemployment has settled around 14% for much of the time since his stimulus package passed.

Longer version of the video at Real Clear Politics