Saturday, July 03, 2010

Gregoire Ignores High Unemployment While Promoting Illegal Aliens

In yet another stunning example of the failure of the Gregoire regime in Washington State, we now read from the Seattle PI, Gregoire: Congress must address immigration reform.

It is well known that calls for “immigration reform” are little more than calls to extend some sort of amnesty to the millions of people who chose to violate the sanctity of our borders and ignore our laws by sneaking into the country by any means they can. Hence, the use of the often ignored, “ILLEGAL” Democrats and advocates removed as they speak of “Immigrants” or “Aliens.”

Gregoire, in what she dubs the “Feeding Washington tour,” stopped over in the Walla Walla and Yakima agricultural areas where she remarked,

“I’ve seen the need of our farmers. People don’t understand that farm work is not just for anybody. It takes skill, it takes training. For the good of our state, for the good of agriculture, I want to see Congress tackle immigration reform.”

Apparently, some farms in the region are feeling a pinch due to a crackdown by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement on illegal aliens, one claiming they had to import “workers from Jamaica since then under a federal guest worker program.”

Of course, this is where we are usually told that this is work “Americans won’t do,” which in part is true, since tax dollars pay unemployed able-bodied people more to not perform such work. But, does it have to be that way? With high unemployment throughout the state and rambunctious teens out of school for the summer, labor must be imported?

If we have gotten this lazy, isn’t it about time to correct that?

Dan Fazio, labor specialist for the Washington state Farm Bureau says, “The guest worker program is expensive and the paperwork required is extensive, deterring many farmers from using it.”

So, we prefer they instead use people who entered the country illegally and now must work in the shadows and often for substandard wages in harsh conditions? Is that not justifying a secondary slave class, the very thing Democrats claim they oppose?

And, what if they were to receive amnesty? Would that not also be “expensive?”

Fazio adds,
“The agriculture industry has three choices, automate harvests to reduce the need for labor, push for a functional program to bring in workers from another country and offer citizenship after several years, or move labor-intensive farming out of the U.S. Americans need to decide if they want to produce fresh fruits and vegetables in the United States. And we can’t do it here unless we automate it or find a stable work force.”

Isn’t that attitude expressed the very elitism the left claims of those us on the right? Is that not claiming Americans are too good actually get their hands dirty and must use labor from other countries?

And again, with the rising unemployment, many falling off of the unemployment roles and summer breaks for teens and young adults, it seems to me that there is a ready work force sitting idle and being taught they don’t have to work.

And, why is our governor pushing such an elitist position instead of doing what is needed to put Washingtonians back to work?

It makes no sense to me to continue to pay people not to work while crying we have no workers and must import workers from other countries.

This is why I support candidates like David Castillo that believe we must use our own resources before relying on others.

We are told we are a “nation of immigrants.” While our ancestors did immigrate from other countries, they did so in accordance with the law and not all were immediately allowed in, some not at all.

We do not need “immigration reform,” we need “immigration enforcement.”

Once we have our own unemployment numbers drastically reduced, then we could consider a “guest worker program.” But, not until.

Governor Gregoire continues to show she does not place the best interests of Washington Citizens first as she advocates for lawbreakers. Pushing for such an amnesty for ILLEGAL Aliens while voting, taxpaying citizens sit idle and run out of unemployment benefits is irresponsible and contrary to the well-being of Washington Citizens.

We need to elect responsible representatives this November and begin breaking the stranglehold the elitist Democrats have over us all.

David Castillo, for the United States House of Representatives, Ann Rivers for the 18th Legislative District, Brian Peck and Paul Harris for the 2 seats in the 17th Legislative District, Craig Riley and Bill Cismar to replace the two tax happy Democrats currently occupying the seats in the 49th Legislative District are a good start.

We must get our borders and out of control illegal immigration under control if we are to ever come out of this severe recession we are in.

Governor Gregoire should either resign or be recalled. Democrats must lose control of the legislature.

They have been a disaster for Washington State!


Glenn Mark Cassel said...

Starting to have a Mike Lowry(little yasser) flashback there!
And in 85-87 I served in a squadron with one of Gary Locke's cousins. The rest of the family tends to avoid Gary, when and where ever possible.

LewWaters said...

Can't say we thought too highly of Gary here, either. But, Gregoire sure has this state messed up now.